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EDIT - Kelty Grand Mesa 2 - David Willoby

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  • richardglyon@att.net
    David, Welcome to BackpackGearTest.org, and thanks for your Owner Review. This is a good start at a first OR, and as your editor I look forward to working with
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 28, 2012
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      Welcome to BackpackGearTest.org, and thanks for your Owner Review. This is a good start at a first OR, and as your editor I look forward to working with you to get it ready for posting. We usually discourage starting with a complicated piece of gear such as a tent, but I won't suggest that you need to re-think your selection.

      That said, we will need considerably more detail in two sections, and a bit more in a third. Your backpacking profile should give the reader a good idea of your style: average pack weight, shelter type, difficulty of trails, solo or in a group are all things to consider. I suggest that you read the bios of some of our experienced reviewers (Ray Estrella, Nancy Griffith, Kathy Waters come to mind) and fill out your profile. Bear in mind that we have a 100-word limit.

      For each of the trips in your Field Use section, please provide temperature, location (the "North Carolina Smokey Mountains" are a large place – be specific), elevation, and temperature range. Other information that might be useful include tent sites (near water, on forest duff or hardpacked dirt, etc), and how much gear you had and how much of it fit in the tent or vestibule. Reasoned estimates of altitude and temperatures are OK.

      Next, you need to add some more of your observations on the tent, preferably in a separate section entitled "Performance," "Observations," or something similar. You've touched on set up, waterproofing, condensation, and capacity; your readers would also be interested in wind-worthiness, what you stored inside the tent, whether you used the ground sheet, whether the guys were necessary. The goal is to provide as complete a picture of this tent as possible.

      I have relatively few specific edits, so I'll go ahead and give them to you. My edits below are in standard BGT format:

      EDIT (all caps) – required change
      Edit (initial cap) – suggested change or request for clarification
      Comment – just that, no change required

      After revising you need to do two things. Post the html version of the Report in the Tests/Owner Reviews folder on BackpackGearTest.org, and post the plain text version here, with "Repost," the product name, and your name in the subject line, and with a tinyurl link to the html version in the body of your message.

      Cheers, Richard

      <<Number of poles: 2 ea. 9 mm DAC Press-fit Poles>>
      EDIT: Delete the "ea." Or spell it out "2, each . ." [Beware of abbreviations! Remember that we have readers all over the world.]

      <<Vestibule area: 6 sq ft (0.6 sq m)
      Packaged Size: 7 in x 20 in (17.8 cm x 50.8 cm)>>
      EDIT: Listed or measured? If listed, supply your own as well.

      <<All of the seams are factory taped, and the floor is bathtup-style to add
      additional protection for surface water.>>
      Edit: protection against surface water [or "protection from surface water"]

      <<To me, it's a great mix of lightweight, durability, and a price point that
      doesn't break the budget. >>
      EDIT: break my budget [This is a frequent EDIT, called "projection." BGT wants your own impressions and observations only, and your budget differs from others' budgets.]
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