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EDIT/Approval – OR – Granite Gear Air Zippsack – Gail Staisil

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  • Michael
    Hello Gail, Thank you for your Owner Review, your edits will follow. They will take the following format; EDIT: must be changed Edit: should be changed but
    Message 1 of 1 , May 4, 2012
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      Hello Gail,
      Thank you for your Owner Review, your edits will follow. They will take the following format;
      EDIT: must be changed
      Edit: should be changed but will be left to your discretion
      Comment: just that or something to think about

      "Water-resistant: While the Air Zippsack is touted as being water-resistant, I would suggest it is even a step beyond that. The "bathtub" construction of the bag means no seams can leak when set on a wet surface."

      Comment – Here you say that the Zippsack basically is better than water-resistant, but later you say…

      "I have had some moisture infiltrate through the Zippsack but this is to be expected as they are only water-resistant."

      Continued comment – I understand where you are going here, but these two statements seem to conflict with each other and they're in the same "Water-resistant" heading, which may be confusing to others. May I suggest that you reword one or the other enough so that they appear more compatible?

      "MSRP - NA"

      EDIT – there is a price range listed for these on the manufacturer's website for the size you are reporting on. Please add the price range of "$17.95 - $24.95." You can even say that the price depends on the size ordered, but this way the reader will at least have an idea going in.

      "The Zippsack is made out of 30-D Sil Cordura Nylon Rip-Stop"

      Comment/edit – Just checking – the website makes no mention of the Air Zippsack being made out of Ripstop. Saying only "30D Sil-Nylon CORDURA" and "Waterproof YKK Zipper". Is yours different since they do not make the white colored version now or did they change the material at some point? I would remove the "Ripstop" word for consistency with the website, if that is the case. If yours is made with a weave you recognize as Ripstop, you could describe that separately in the material section if you desire.

      EDIT - Please remove the hyphen in 30-D as it should be 30D which is the standard for 30 denier and consistent with the mfg website.

      "In addition, I have also utilized the Air Zippsacks on multitudes of day hike excursions to hold my rain gear, hat and gloves"

      EDIT- "multitudes" seems wrong here and I can't find it listed in Webster's. I would say, "on a multitude of day hike excursions" instead since multitude is already a plural word and doesn't need the "s" on the end.

      "Elevations have ranged from over 600 ft (183 m) to 14,000 ft (4267 m) and temperatures ranged from a low of -31 F(-35 C) to about 95 F (35 C)"

      EDIT – please add a space after the "F" here "F(-35 C)"

      "Not only has it made my life much easier, it is a true quality product."

      Edit – I would change this to "it is truly a quality product" to avoid making it seem like "true quality" is possibly another manufacturer or brand, as in a "True-Quality" product…

      Under the "Pros:" heading, you list "Very Durable"

      EDIT – for consistency, please use lower-case "d" for durable.

      That's it! Feel free to up load when you're ready and don't forget to delete the test file version.
      Your folder can be located at Reviews – Stuff Sacks – Compression Sacks – Granite Gear Air Zippsack

      Or at this link

      Have a great day
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