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  • Ray
    Hi Steve, Thanks for your review. I have a lot of edits. Please go through them all and repost when done. Ray ***HAMMOCK GEAR BURROW [20* F] TOP QUILT EDIT:
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      Hi Steve,

      Thanks for your review. I have a lot of edits. Please go through them all and repost when done.



      EDIT: this needs to be exactly as the manufacturer named it. Hammock Gear 20*F Burrow TopQuilt. Look for all instances please.

      ***MSRP: US $249.00

      Comment: why is your MSRP $20.00 higher? Ah, because of the sewn-in footbox. You need to point this out.

      ***Measurements: 74 x 50 in (188 x 127 cm)

      EDIT: are these the listed or the actual? Then need the missing one.

      ***Quilt Loft: 2.5 in (6 cm)

      EDIT: is this the listed or the actual? Then need the missing one

      ***The Hammock Gear Burrow is a Top Quilt, often referred to as a (TQ).

      EDIT: no parenthesis for the TQ and no caps for top quilt

      ***It is designed much like a traditional sleeping bag, but it moves the insulation that would normally be placed on the back to the front and sides of the quilt and it has no zipper.

      Comment: not really. It "removes" the insulation and the bag that holds it, along with the hood and zipper.

      ***The bottom insulation is generally compressed under the weight of the sleeper

      EDIT: "With a sleeping bag" the bottom insulation is generally compressed under the weight of the sleeper

      *** Hammock Gear designs the Burrow in several base models known with dual names. They are as follows: the Summer Burrow or [40* F], the Three-Season Burrow or [20* F] and the Winter Burrow or [0* F]. They have also recently introduced a new model known as the [50* F], a lighter weight summer bag. In Celsius the just mentioned names would convert to 4 C, - 7 C, - 18 C and 10 C respectively.

      EDIT: please just stick to the product that you are reviewing. We don't want a list of the company's other products.

      *** My Burrow is the base 20 F (-7 C) but it is filled with 900 fill down, and Hammock Gear rates it at 15 F (-9 C).

      EDIT: according to the site the base model is 900. In fact I don't even see 800 listed. And they say on one page that with 900 it is rated at 20 F and on the other show a variable rating with 900 of 20/15 F.

      ***Hammock Gear designs their top quilts with the hammocker in mind, but often sell to weight conscious ground dwellers that are looking to cut ounces or grams.

      EDIT: weight-conscious ground-dwellers

      *** I don't have to cinch the hood around my face like I would with a traditional sleeping bag because I can simply pull the TQ over my face if necessary

      Comment: doesn't that fill your quilt with condensation moisture?

      *** and I use insulation below me in the form of an Under Quilt.

      EDIT: no caps for under quilt

      *** However, nearly every Hammock Gear Burrow is custom made for the individual that receives it.

      EDIT: if there are "stock" items they aren't custom. Custom gear refers to something individually made to order.

      *** When I first started hammocking, like most I used a sleeping bag.

      EDIT: please delete "like most". This is about you, not others.

      *** In fact most hammock campers that do use traditional sleeping bags use them in an unzipped manner, much like a top quilt.

      EDIT: please delete or reword to talk about "you".

      ***This is particularly true for the hammock camper as air flows around the body while suspended in the air, and they need some sort of bottom insulation to keep them warm at night.

      EDIT: change to first person please.

      ***Oddly enough the concept holds true for the ground dweller as well, and they generally use some kind of bottom insulating material to keep them warm. This fact has also caused many a gram counting backpacker to trade in their traditional sleeping bag for a quality lightweight top quilt.

      EDIT: same thing, make it about you or delete it please. You need to remember that you are writing a "personal gear review", not an article about the pros and cons of quilt use. (I did write one for another publication and it is kind of nice to cut loose once in a while;-)

      *** on the Tennessee Cumberland Plateau winter.

      EDIT: "during" winter (or "in" winter)

      *** In over a year of using this quilt I've had two evenings that I experienced some coolness, but in both those instances if was from beneath me

      EDIT: "it" was from beneath

      ***In my case it happens to be a Hammock Gear Under Quilt

      EDIT: they spell it UnderQuilt

      *** to keep me warm with lofted down encircling me an entire360 degrees.

      EDIT: need a space before 360

      ***There are certainly other techniques used to keep hammocker's warm from below when they are using the Burrow.

      EDIT: no "they", all about "you" dude.

      *** To compare I have two go-to Montbell bags for when I have to go to the ground. From my first use with each of them I have always noticed minimal loss of down. Granted, the shell materials are not the same,

      EDIT: we do not compare gear. Please delete this.

      *** As I searched my archived from field trips

      EDIT: my archived "pictures" or "photos"

      *** I can see myself purchasing a summer weight version without the sew footbox sometime in the future.

      EDIT: sewn
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