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Owner review Nevados Sandfish

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  • Passemariech
    Dear BackpackGearTest this is my first text report test Sincerely Laurent Passe January 24, 2012 TESTER INFORMATION NAME: Passe EMAIL: passemariech@aol.com
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      Dear BackpackGearTest

      this is my first text report test


      Laurent Passe

      January 24, 2012


      NAME: Passe
      EMAIL: passemariech@...
      AGE: 41
      LOCATION: Rexburg
      GENDER: m
      HEIGHT: 5' 11" (1.80 m)
      WEIGHT: 168 lb (76.20 kg)

      I grew up in France by Paris. I have bcen camping and backpacking since I was a kid, in the Alps and the Pyrenees and ocean coast in particular, but also in the South of France and other areas. Three and a half years ago, I moved to Rexburg, Idaho, U.S.A., this gave me the amazing opportunity to discover some new environments: the Western American wilderness, the arid lands, and the snow. It also gave me the opportunity to do more training in rock-climbing, ice-climbing and mountaineering. After my experience in the French military, I thought they had the best gear available as well as the highest quality, but since I arrived here, my hiking friends have opened my eyes to different, but sometimes more efficient, technology and equipment for hiking and outdoor activities in general. I adapted my style and and I am learning more about the various types of environments and weather in this area.

      Manufacturer: NEVADOS American Sporting Goods Corp.,
      Year of Manufacture: N/A
      Manufacturer's Website: http://www.trailspace.com/gear/nevados/
      MSRP: US$ 44.95
      Weight: 21.16 oz (600 g) (size 10)
      country of origin : China
      Serial number : V6436MGCR Other details: different colors dark chesnut or gold buglight brown or burgundy or green Size 7 to 13


      Nevados Sandfish Outdoor Water Shoes feature mesh and synthetic leather
      upper in a casual outdoor style with a round toe and textured rubber toe cap. A ghillie
      lacing system wih an elasticized lacing toggle. Removable EVA molded midsole.
      Durable solid rubber traction outsole. Elasticized tongue for snug fit.

      Fit: True to Size

      Insole: EVA

      Outsole: solid rubber outsole

      Upper: Leather or Mesh upper and rubber sole

      Locations: Mountains of North and Eastern Idaho
      Locations description: springs, rivers mountains and plateau
      Weather conditions: warm weather from 64°F (18°C) to 100°F(38°C)
      The main purpose of these shoes is to be able to be worn at any time, in water areas and under different weather conditions (at the end of spring and throughout summer). They did a good job during all this time, in all the different areas I went through. At lower temperatures, like 59°F (15°C), I changed shoes, because the nights were getting cooler. My Nevados shoes are green. It is an easy slip-on style with a nylon upper with a protective rubber toe cap and quick pull elastic lacing. My main concern was about the protection of the feet and grip in any situation : in water or on ground. I was surprised by the adaptative quality of these shoes. I had a good balance and a good stability and grip to the ground whether it was dry or wet. In the water, I had a good grip and I never fell off thanks to the shoes. The cushioned, supportive footbed and rugged rubber traction sole take me anywhere I want to go. I have been using these shoes for three years now in different situations and I still am. The combination of the lightness of this sandal with the support and protection of this athletic shoe made me confortable and no injuries.
      The next step, I decided to hike. So, the lead of hiking and outdoor footwear Nevados draws pushed me to take on some others challenges. I did in some conditions in the mountains and dry desert. I did do high venture hiking but from some basic hikes, it is steel good and appropriate.
      easy to clean
      Covers the whole feet
      Light weight
      shoes with a good grip
      let the feet breathe

      below a certain temperature, the shoes do not keep your feet warm

      This report was created with the BGT Report Generator.
      Copyright 2012. All rights reserved.

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