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EDIT - Bailey Glen Crushable Fedora - Rusty Gaidzik

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  • richardglyon
    Well done, Rusty. I think one more round and we ll be there. Please note that in second Owner Review and all Test Reports a photo is required. I think one in
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 31, 2011
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      Well done, Rusty. I think one more round and we'll be there.

      Please note that in second Owner Review and all Test Reports a photo is required. I think one in this OR would really helps a reader's appreciation of the product, so consider adding one.

      Here are your edits in the standard format:

      EDIT: required change
      Edit: Suggested change or request for clarification
      Comment: Just that; no change required

      After revising, Repost again, as you did this time.

      Cheers, Richard

      <<Weight: 5.47 Ounces (155 Grams)>>
      Edit: No need for the initial caps; I'd make it "ounces" and "grams."

      <<-Felt - 90% wool and 10% Fur>>
      Edit: Same – change "Fur" to "fur"

      <<90% and 10% makes for a pretty reasonable insulator for colder hikes. >>
      EDIT: 90% wool and 10% fur make [add the nouns; plural verb]

      <<I understand these kinds of felt hats can be pressed back into the original shape for a small fee, however I have never perused this as I find the slight bends in the brim add character.>>
      EDIT: pursued this [spelling. "Perused" means "read."]

      <<The brim is wide enough to provide adequate protection from sun and rain, and short enough to be compact and practical unlike those large straw hats that are popular in this area.>>
      EDIT: the large straw hats [I have no idea what is popular in your area and changing the adjective eliminates any need to guess.]

      <<My hat size is 23 ½ inches (59.7 cm). >>
      EDIT: US hat sizes are based on radius not circumference (6 7/8, 7, 7 1/8 etc). Either "my head is 23 ½ inches around" or "my hat size is [whatever it is]" You can figure your hat size by dividing the 23.5 in by pi (3.14)]

      <<So I was surprised when their large fit me. The XL might fit a little but the large is just fine. There sizes go all the way up to XXXL so there is a hat for even the biggest head.>>
      EDIT: "The XL might also fit" or "The XL might fit a little better."
      EDIT: Their sizes go all the way up

      <<is in my opinion cheap and inadequate for a $70 hat that is otherwise fantastic.>>
      EDIT: The only prices BGT allows in its reviews are the manufacturer's MSRP. If you can't find that on Bailey's web page, change to "a relatively expensive hat." If you can find it, add it to the product details.

      <<This has caused a light brown stain in that area of the hat, which is more or less unnoticeable and doesn't bother.>>
      EDIT: doesn't bother me.

      <<The Glen Crushable Fedora is stylish, practical, and affordable compared to other felt hats. >>
      EDIT: BGT doesn't allow comparisons (we call them shoot-outs) even if as informal as this. Either "compared to other felt hats I've worn" or simply end the sentence after "affordable."

      <<The main drawback is the poor quality of the inside strip of material that grips the head. With minor maintenance this is not an issue. It is water repellent and handles the rain well. It even resists most stains.>>
      Edit: The antecedent of "It" is uncertain. "The hat is water repellant"
      EDIT: This is the first time you mention these praiseworthy traits. Please add some detail about your experience with water and stain repellency.
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