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EDIT: Owner Review - MSR Miox Water Purifier - David

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  • Ray
    Hello David, Welcome to BackpackGearTest and thank you for your Owner Review, it is a very nice first review. (I have one of the MIOX units too.) Your initial
    Message 1 of 3 , Sep 13, 2011
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      Hello David,

      Welcome to BackpackGearTest and thank you for your Owner Review, it is a very nice first review. (I have one of the MIOX units too.) Your initial edits will follow. They will take the following format;

      EDIT: must be changed
      Edit: should be changed but will be left to your discretion
      Comment: just that or something to think about

      When you have made the changes please repost here with REPOST added to the subject line. Include your name also please.

      Some very helpful information may be found here;

      Please notice the form that the review should take in the "Examples", you may also wish to browse the reviews of other experienced members for examples of the proper form.

      A helpful tool is the Mentoring Program that teams new reviewers with experienced veterans to help get them through their first review(s). If you'd like more assistance or guidance with the process you can request a mentor by sending an email to the mentor coordinator, Jenn, at mentor@...


      ***Cascade Designs MSR Miox Purifier

      EDIT: it is spelled with all caps, MIOX. Please correct all instances.

      ***Listed weight with batteries: 3.5 ounces (99g)

      EDIT: need a space between the number and the "g" please correct all instances of this as there are a lot of them.

      ***Extra salt and free-chlorine test strip quantities will vary with trip durations (10 test strips and test strip container weigh .5 (14.17g) ounces plus .5 ounces (14.17g) of salt

      EDIT: when writing fractional unit please put the zero before the decimal point, and really the metric equivalents should go after the imperial units. "0.5 oz (14.2 g)"

      ***MSRP: 139.99

      EDIT: Need the dollar sign, and as we are not the only country to use dollars it should be US $139.99

      *** The device produces an oxidant solution that, when mixed with potentially
      contaminated drinking water, kills viruses, bacteria, Giardia, and Cryptosporidium.

      Comment: you may want to share that MIOX stands for MIxed OXidents

      ***The salt and water chambers are separated by a 3/8th (9.53 mm)
      diameter screen

      Edit: they prefer that we round off the numbers so 9.5 mm is sufficient

      ***After salt and water are applied in their respective chambers,

      EDIT: I think "placed", "put", or "loaded" is the word you want instead of "applied"

      ***The in-a-nutshell operation instructions could read: put salt and water in their chambers, close lids, shake, open water chamber, click button and watch it fizz for a few seconds. When done fizzing, add the few drops of produced solution to the water supply. Test water if needed.

      Comment: you forgot, cough and wipe eyes… ;-)

      *** Elevations have varied from about 300 feet (91m) ASL to 9000 feet (2743m) ASL.

      EDIT: if you want to use ASL you need to spell it out at least the first time with the abbreviation in parenthesis. Then you can use it the rest of the time. Most of us don't bother as any elevations outside of Death Valley and a couple others are going to be above sea level.

      Temperatures have ranged from 0 degrees F (-18C) to 95 degrees F (35C).

      Comment: you don't need "degrees", just 0 F (-18 C) to 95 F (35 C) works fine.

      ***Like all water treatment methods, the Miox has its strengths and weaknesses

      EDIT: Unless you have used every method it is best to qualify that by saying, Like all water treatment methods "I have used"

      *** A little verification adds a great deal of comfort with your drinking water when you're miles into the backcountry.

      EDIT: We keep everything in the first person, no "you"s, just "me" and "I". Here is my canned explanation.


      "When you tighten the laces on the boots, you pull the shoestrings in an out and upward motion. Then you tie it with a double knot and you are ready to go down the trail."

      This is a very common way to write, but in doing so we just said what "other people" would do, not our self. This is projecting our thoughts onto the reader. We do not know how other people tie their shoes. We keep away from "you" and "your" in our writing.

      We are writing a review of "our" gear based on "our" experiences. So we need to keep it in the first person. Here is how it should look;

      "When I tighten the laces on the boots, I pull the shoestrings in an out and upward motion. Then I tie it with a double knot and I'm ready to go down the trail."

      *** Fortunately, the indicator LEDs warn you of these types of issues.

      EDIT: warn "me"

      *** On a trip to Denali, Alaska, we were dependant on glacier fed streams
      that were almost as much silt as they were water.

      Comment: Got milk? ;-) (Been there, drank that.)
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