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EDIT- Owner Review- Salomon XA Pro 3d Ultra- Alex

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  • Ray
    OK Alex, This looks a lot better. Still a long way to go. Go through this and then repost again here. Ray ***Backpacking Background: EDIT: we have a 100 word
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      OK Alex,

      This looks a lot better. Still a long way to go. Go through this and then repost again here.


      ***Backpacking Background:

      EDIT: we have a 100 word limit on the bio's. Can you tighten this up a bit?

      ***Product Information and Specifications:

      EDIT: need the size of the shoes being review listed. US Men's xx

      ***MSRP: $120.00

      EDIT: as Salomon does not list the MSRP this needs to just be: N/A

      ***The Salomon XA Pro 3d Ultra trail runners

      EDIT: Salomon spells it as 3D (cap) so all of yours should be the same way.

      *** (They do offer a Gortex version as well.)

      EDIT: we don't share what else they have, just review what we have, so this should be cut. (Plus Gore-Tex is spelled wrong.)

      ***They have a drawstring lace system that tightens around my foot in a way conventional laces just cant.

      EDIT: can't

      Comment: Why can't regular laces tighten the same for you? They are going through the exact same points of contact. I have a few pairs of these lacing styles and it is just faster in my opinion. By the way they are called the Quick-Fit lacing system.
      *** The soles bare the Salomon brand,

      EDIT: The soles "bear" the Salomon "logo" or "name"

      *** I was surprised at the traction, figuring that only Vibrams can handle that well. I do feel that the soles are a bit softer and more flexible than a Vibram, and that could be good at first but perhaps bad for longevity.

      EDIT: we do not compare the item being reviewed to other brands. You can say that you were surprised at the amount of traction, just don't speculate on whether or not it is a good as Vibrams

      ***The Salomon XA Pro 3d Ultras have preformed above my expectations

      EDIT: performed

      *** I have pushed these shoes on rocky terrain where every step can result
      in the end of your trip

      EDIT: We keep everything in the first person, no "you"s, just "me" and "I". Here is my canned explanation.


      "When you tighten the laces on the boots, you pull the shoestrings in an out and upward motion. Then you tie it with a double knot and you are ready to go down the trail."

      This is a very common way to write, but in doing so we just said what "other people" would do, not our self. This is projecting our thoughts onto the reader. We do not know how other people tie their shoes. We keep away from "you" and "your" in our writing.

      We are writing a review of "our" gear based on "our" experiences. So we need to keep it in the first person. Here is how it should look;

      "When I tighten the laces on the boots, I pull the shoestrings in an out and upward motion. Then I tie it with a double knot and I'm ready to go down the trail."

      ***Field Testing:

      Call this Field Data, or Field Conditions but not Testing as this is a review and not be confused with the actual testing we do also.

      ***It was 4:15 am in the morning when I turned into the Barr Trail parking lot. To my disgust the 50+ capacity lot was not only full of cars, but also what appeared to be the largest group hike expedition I have ever encountered. I was forced to turn around and park about a quarter mile down, then hike back up to the trailhead up amidst the
      masses of people who embark to conquer this mountain. Pikes Peak claims to be
      the second most visited mountain on Earth, Mount Fugi being number one. The
      begining of this trail is a series of steep switchbacks climbing the face of
      Mount Manitou. At 4:30 am this morning, there was a light show of head lamps
      projecting the trail for those of us coming up to see.

      EDIT: we are not supposed to write our reviews as trail journals or trip reports. We ask that the locations and pertinent data be given. Trail conditions (rocks, sand, mud, etc.) the elevations and temps/weather (rain, snow, sunny, etc.) Then the actual "review" part tells how the shoe worked for you. Take a look at this to see what I am talking about:

      *** My Asolo hiking boots had been destroying my feet

      EDIT: My "other" boots or, My "old" boots, no brand names please

      ***These shoes took zero time to break in, and you can hardly tell that they are on your feet at all.

      EDIT: the "your" thing again. Please look for all instances of this.

      *** I did 26 miles (48.86 km) with an elevation gain of 7,800' (2,377 m). 13 miles (20.93 km) up and 13 miles (20.93 km) down.

      Edit: you can round off the km to the nearest whole number.

      ***Literally in mid step, I can pull them from the pocket, clamp down on the
      plastic handle, and stuff them back into the pocket.

      EDIT: You should explain what the pocket is you mention here, in the Product Description section, as the reader has no idea what you are talking about unless they own a pair.

      ***I also found that the soles of the shoes held there own

      EDIT: "their" own

      OK, I am going to stop for now as this is getting a bit long and let you go through it again. Fix the edits I have given and look at the rest of it considering what I have said so far.
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