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  • Ray
    Hello Alex, Thanks for joining the team here at BackpackGearTest.org and for submitting your first review. Your review has fallen to me to edit so I will be
    Message 1 of 3 , Sep 6, 2011
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      Hello Alex,

      Thanks for joining the team here at BackpackGearTest.org and for submitting your first review. Your review has fallen to me to edit so I will be with you for the rest of the way as we get through it. It needs a lot of work, but roll with it and it will get easier down the road. Let's start with my basic spiel.

      Some very helpful information may be found here;

      Please notice the form that the review should take in the "Examples", you may also wish to browse the reviews of other experienced members for examples of the proper form.

      A helpful tool is the Mentoring Program that teams new reviewers with experienced veterans to help get them through their first review(s). If you'd like more assistance or guidance with the process (and I highly suggest you do) you can request a mentor by sending an email to the mentor coordinator, Jenn, at mentor@...

      Should you choose to get a mentor tell me and we will put this edit process on hold until your mentor helps you refine the review.

      If you want to go for it alone I will start with some edits now. They will take the following format;

      EDIT: must be changed
      Edit: should be changed but will be left to your discretion
      Comment: just that or something to think about

      When you have made the changes please repost here with REPOST added to the subject line. Include your name also please.


      The first thing that needs to be addressed is the form of your review. It is supposed to be your words describing the shoes and reviewing how they worked for you. You post a list of features that does not really make sense as there is no description of what they mean or do. I highly suggest that you look at some footwear reviews of veteran testers/reviewers for an idea of what is expected.

      Later in the Field Conditions you list the field data (good) along with talk about the shoes in each trip. How about pulling that information out and using it as the basis of the Review section (which is missing)? Work on that yourself and I will give some edits of the first part of your review in the mean time.

      ***salomon xa 3d ultra 2 Trail running shoes

      EDIT: I do not see a shoe by this name. Are they XA "Pro" 3D Ultra 2?

      ***Height: 6'4" (1.93meters)

      EDIT: need a space before "meters" or better yet just "m" (1.93 m)

      ***City, State, Country: Tucson, AZ, USA

      EDIT: please spell out the state for the benefit of our international readers

      *** From 100 plus degree days in the desert to winter snowshoeing
      while in Colorado over the holidays. I explore all available elevations from
      the desert floor around 2000', to the 14ners of the Rockies.

      EDIT: you need Metric (or Imperial) conversions for all measurements, weights, distances, temperatures, etc.

      EDIT: 14ers (no "n")

      ***Year of Manufacture:Â not listed on website

      EDIT: just put the year you purchased them

      ***Listed weight:Â not listed on website

      EDIT: it is listed on the site. Look at the specs

      ***Weight as delivered:Â unknownÂ

      EDIT: part of your job as a gear reviewer is to weigh each item yourself and post the results. You can take them to a post office if you don't have a scale.
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