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EDIT: Owner review - Exped Alpine 140 trekking poles -Quistad

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  • Michael
    Seth, Good review and very nice second effort. There are a few technical / content items that we need to address as well as a few standard edits that could be
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      Good review and very nice second effort. There are a few technical / content items that we need to address as well as a few standard edits that could be caught using a grammar / spell checker before you upload. One item is that your HTML version did not have any captions for your pictures in them. I know that they are there becuase they were sporadically inserted at random in your text version that you uploaded. So let's take a second stab at the picture references / captions.

      The edits below will be in the following format:

      EDIT (all caps) – a required change
      Edit(initial cap) – a suggested change or request for clarification
      Comment – just that. My observation, with no change required.

      Once you have addressed these edits, please repost to the board with the subject of
      REPOST: Owner review - Exped Alpine 140 trekking poles -Quistad

      As well as upload a new HTML version. Once that is complete, I'll take a second look to make sure everything is good.

      Your close to becoming an official tester, so if you have any questions - let me know and lets knock this out as soon as possible.


      >> US Handler: Outdoor Research
      Website: www.exped.com www.outdoorresearch.com

      EDIT: Outdoor Research no longer has an affiliation with Expend – Any reference to OR needs to be removed.

      >> MSRP: $115 US/CHF 126

      EDIT: I don't see anywhere on the manufactures website that identifies an MSRP for this. Unless it is stated somewhere on the website (in both currencies) this should be removed or you can reference MSRP as unavailable.

      >> Included Basekts: 2.2" / 55 mm summer, 3.1" / 80 mm all round and 4.3" / 110 mm winter powder basket

      EDIT: Spelling of Basket

      >>I have used the Alpine 140 in several day hikes in the Swiss alps, and most
      notably on a five day coastal hike along the Amalfi Coast just south of Naples,

      EDIT: Alps should be capitalized.

      >>In a country that is dominated by the Alps, that should be tesitmony enough.

      EDIT / Comment: Check your spelling on testimony. My comment is - Testimony to what? That they are used a lot… that they are helpful… important… I know that it sounds nit picky, but you should clarify that statement. What you are saying is "that is testimony to the benefits of using poles", but you need to make sure your reader understands what you are saying. Never take for granted that your reader should be able to infer what you want to say, sometimes we have to spell it out.

      >>Also a word to parents: children love having hiking poles, and seem to walk much better and more rhythmically with them. However, walking with heavy poles, or worse yet, carrying heavy poles when not in use, is a very big nuisance.

      EDIT: This section has one of the deadly sins of Gear Testing – PROJECTION. Basically what we don't want to do is assume that the product will work for everyone. So in this statement it could be interpreted that you are saying all children love using hiking poles or that heavy poles are a nuisance to everyone. It is easily corrected by saying "My 7 year old loves…" and "In my experience, I find walking with heavy poles…."

      >>My wife, who owns the Alpine 125's, can walk the whole day without getting tired arms, a problem with her earlier, old-school trekking poles.

      EDIT: I know, nit picky, but you can only speak to how the product worked for you. The only time we are allowed to speak to how a product worked for someone other than ourselves is when we are testing Children's Gear (from a parents perspective). So this needs to go.

      >>I have also consulted several local dealers, and none of them have reported any problems of any sort with the pole.

      EDIT: This is another statement that is close to projection. Just because you haven't heard of any issues doesn't mean there are any out there. It would be best to omit this from your report.

      >>They also extend down the body of the Alpine 140's to facilitate different had
      positions without having to readjust the lenght of the pole.

      EDIT: Check spelling of length

      >>I especially like the comfort of the wrist straps. They are lined with neoprene, and very

      EDIT: Check spelling of accommodating

      >>The baskets provided with the the Alpine 140 (and with all Exped poles) provide
      a solution for all occasions.

      EDIT / Comment: Extra the… My comment is that you may want to re-inform the reader that 3 separate baskets are included which is why they suit "most" occasions. Using "all" is a pretty strong statement and leans towards projection again.

      >>I have been very happy with all aspects of these poles overall, and would
      recommend them to anyone interested in lightening their load while saving their

      EDIT: Along the lines of projection – we generally don't recommend a product. I would restate this sentence in the following manner (it will make the same point without recommending). "I have been very happy with all aspects of these poles; I was interested in finding a pole that lightened my load while saving my knees and the Expend 140 Trekking Poles accomplished that."
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