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EDIT - GearPods Backcountry - Erin Hedden

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  • richardglyon
    Hi Erin, Thanks for this Owner Review, as I ve never heard of Gearpods and I find their products intriguing. I have a few minor edits in the usual format
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 14, 2011
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      Hi Erin,

      Thanks for this Owner Review, as I've never heard of Gearpods and I find their products intriguing. I have a few minor edits in the usual format below, but I want to ask you to make some structural revisions as well. First, before listing the details in the Product Information section, please add a paragraph about what this product is. You have the necessary information in the Review (most of it is in the first paragraph in the Summary section), but it would greatly aid readers (like me) who are unfamiliar with the product to furnish a brief description, in your own words, of what the product is.

      Second, could you add some detail on the unit items that you've actually used. I like your comments about the peace of mind that having something available should you need it brings – that is useful information – but we need some examples of how some of the items work.

      When you've revised, please repost to this list with "REPOST," the product name, and your name in the subject line, and a tinyurl link to the Test /OR Folder copy.

      Cheers, Richard

      <<I have been backpacking since 4 years of age, taking week long trips into the mountains with my family. >>
      Edit: My dictionary has "weeklong" as one word. And if you make this change you get your bio down to 100 words.

      <<Manufacturer: GearPods>>
      EDIT: Here it should be the full, legal name of the manufacturer: GearPods Corporation

      <<Manufacturer's Website: GearPods>>
      EDIT: Need it written out: www.gearpods.com

      <<Medical Tape (1), Tweezers (1), Alcohold Prep Pads (2),>>
      EDIT: Alcohol Prep [spelling]

      <<I have carried the GearPods Backcountry at the bottom of my day pack numerous times in Picketwire Canyon on 12.6 mile (20 km) hikes>>
      EDIT: Need a state after "Picketwire Canyon"

      <<Dealing with anything from removing simple enough cactus spines in the palm of my hand using the included fresnel lens to see and tweezers, down to using the moleskin patches to remedy the blisters from long, hard trails is easy enough to accomplish using this comprehensive little pod.>>
      EDIT: Fresnal lens [capital F; here and one other place.]
      Edit/Comment: This is one example of a section that would read much better if you were reporting on actual use, rather than a description of what these items might do.

      <<8. I like that it included with it waterproof stationary as well as a pencil which most survival kits fail to include.>>
      EDIT: stationery [spelling]

      <<9. I like that it is designed to add or subtract Pods which can be purchased separately as well.>>
      Edit: pods [lower case]
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