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Edit/Approval - Hilleberg Nammatj 3GT - Seth Quisted

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  • richardglyon
    Seth, Excellent work, sir. Only one technical problem – if you take a look at your html version you ll see that some symbols [height, the umlauts in Zurich
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 5, 2011
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      Excellent work, sir. Only one technical problem – if you take a look at your html version you'll see that some symbols [height, the umlauts in Zurich and Froson] have been transposed by your html program. On this one I'd recommend dropping the umlauts and writing out "in" for inches. For future Reviews, consider one of the WYSIWYG programs available. I use Kompozer (free download); I'm surer there are others available.

      For the other edits, same format as last time: EDIT is a required change, Edit a suggested change or request for clarification, and Comment is a comment with no change required.

      After revising you may upload to http://tinyurl.com/3fzrue3
      After doing so, please delete your Tests folder copy.

      I think you are correct on the web address.

      Congratulations on completing your first Owner Review!

      Cheers, Richard

      <<Email address: >>
      Edit: I'd write out the punctuation – even if not clickable it's easily copied otherwise. Squisted AT hotmail DOT com. Sorry I wasn't clear on this the first time around.

      << I spend most of my backpacking time in terrain ranging
      from treks in the alps, to Mediterranean coastal trips, >>
      EDIT: Alps [capital A]

      <<Procuct Details>>
      EDIT: Product

      <<MSRP: currently USD 745/Eur 829>>
      Edit: BGT's preferred abbreviation is "$745 US"

      <<The Nammatj is a hand sewn tunnel tent. >>
      Edit: hand-sewn [with a hyphen]

      <<The outer tent fly is constructed of Kerlon 1800, and comes in red and green. >>
      Edit: I'd say "red or green, " as it's one or the other

      <<I have seen the door, and consider it to be an improvement.>>
      Edit: I have seen the new door

      <<The inner tent is suspended with a 4 inch space between the inner and outer walls, >>
      Edit: 4-inch [with a hyphen]

      <<We have woken up to snow during a five day trip in the Italian Dolomites,>>
      Edit: five-day and set it up[with a hyphen]

      <<we were admittedly sweating when we pitched it on the porch of a
      deserted house near a mosquito infested swamp in Thailand.>>
      Edit: mosquito-infested [with a hyphen]

      <<The Nammatj seems to be very stable in wind, especially when pitched in the direction of the wind.>>
      Edit: After ten years I think you can avoid "seems to be" and say "is"

      << tThe complete front entrance to the inner tent is vent-able or close-able depending on the weather and personal preference. >>
      EDIT: Delete the lower cast "t."

      EDIT: Long term [two words]
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