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OWNER REVIEW- Petzl Tikka Headlamp

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  • Steven Smith
    PETZL TIKKA HEADLAMP BY STEVEN SMITH OR June 02, 2011 TESTER INFORMATION NAME: Steven Smith EMAIL: averageoutdoors@gmail.com AGE: 24 LOCATION: Penndel, Bucks
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      June 02, 2011


      NAME: Steven Smith
      EMAIL: averageoutdoors@...
      AGE: 24
      LOCATION: Penndel, Bucks County, Pennsylvania
      GENDER: M
      HEIGHT: 5' 11" (1.80 m)
      WEIGHT: 229 lb (104.00 kg)

      I have been active in the outdoors all my life, but it has not been until
      recent years that I have started to turn the outdoors from a hobby into a
      passion. I purchased gear without really doing any research and am having
      to re-purchase some things because of it. I backpack, fish, and hunt. I
      need equipment that is going to hold up to a multitude of different
      environments. Most of the outdoor activities take place all over
      Pennsylvania, Missouri, and a little in Arkansas.


      Manufacturer: Petzl
      Website: <<HYPERLINK GOES HERE - "http://www.petzl.com" LINK TEXT = "
      Estimated battery life: 120 hours
      Bulbs: 3 LED Bulbs
      Range: 67 feet
      Headband: Adjustable, elastic headband
      Weight: 78 gm. (2.75ounces) (includes battery weight)

      <<IMAGE GOES HERE. ALT TEXT = "IMAGE 1" IMAGE CAPTION = "Front of Lamp">>

      Ratchet style tilt option with molded light block to minimize glare
      Water resistant for all-weather use
      Includes three AAA batteries
      On and Off sliding switch



      I have used this headlamp since first purchasing it in 2007. I did not know
      anything about headlamps or backpacking gear but knew I was going on my
      first overnight trip and needed some sort of light. I picked it out of the
      bunch and I must say that I have been pleased. I have used it in while
      backpacking, hunting, fishing, and even when the electric has gone out in
      storms. I have fallen in love with this thing that whenever (if it ever
      does) die I am replacing it. I t has worked flawlessly in pouring rain,
      freezing temperatures, and hot sunny days. It gets moved around from pack
      to pack because I use it so much for everything.


      This headlamp is not the brightest by far, but it does the job well. All I
      use this for when hiking is to look around my tent or campsite. The only
      time I have ever wished it was brighter is when I am trying to find my way
      in the dark on the trail. If I was going to be hiking much after dark I
      might want to invest in a brighter light, but for just bumming around camp
      (which is what I do) it works great.

      Light Out of Your Eyes">>

      Elasic Band

      The elastic band on this headlamp has a width of one inch. It is fairly
      easy to adjust and is actually pretty comfortable. I have sometimes forgot
      that it was even on my head until I took my hat off and it came flying off.
      I have not noticed any slipping on my head even after years of use.

      Battery Replacement

      This is the only thing that I think could have been better. It is kind of
      difficult to replace the batteries in this headlamp. It takes some effort
      to open the lamp up, and some effort to close it. This is not that big of a
      deal because I do not have to change the batteries all that often. It
      really does last forever.

      <<IMAGE GOES HERE. ALT TEXT = "IMAGE 3" IMAGE CAPTION = "Battery Release">>

      End of Life

      You can easily tell when it is time to replace the batteries. It starts to
      get very dim. The good thing is that it takes it forever to get to the
      point where you need to change batteries. I never take batteries with me on
      a trip. I usually will change the batteries before I leave if I think they
      are dying, or will die on the trail.


      Holds up to rain like a champ. I have been in some pretty serious
      thunderstorms and this thing kept on shining. It has never been completely
      submerged though. Works the same in the cold as it does when it is warm.
      The batteries will die a little quicker than normal, but that is about the
      only difference.


      This is a great, simple to use headlamp. It holds up to the elements very
      well and can be used for any number of activities. It has been very
      reliable and plenty bright.

      Things I Like and Don't LIke

      The switch
      The headband
      Have had no problems
      The weight

      The battery compartment (minor complaint


      Steven Smith
      Check out www.averageoutdoors.com for more reviews.

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      Copyright 2011. All rights reserved.

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    • Jamie D.
      Welcome to BGT Steven, Before I can accept your Owner Review you will need to clarify the number of days and/or nights you have used this product in the field.
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        Welcome to BGT Steven,

        Before I can accept your Owner Review you will need to clarify the number of days and/or nights you have used this product in the field. Please add an estimate of how many times you have used it to your report and then repost the REVISED version to the yahoo group.

        I will take a look and if it meets our requirements I'll add the report to our edit queue and you will be on your way to getting an official edit.

        Thank you,
        Jamie DeBenedetto
        Edit Admin Manager
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