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EDIT - OR - Gerber Gator Combo Axe - Ryn Ellis

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  • Andrew Buskov
    Ryan, Please remember when you submit your report that you alter the subject line. Things have been busy and I m sure I just missed your report because you
    Message 1 of 2 , May 31, 2011
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      Please remember when you submit your report that you alter the subject line.
      Things have been busy and I'm sure I just missed your report because you
      left the EDIT tag in the subject. This tag will only be used by Editors to
      indicate that a post has been edited by them. I still feel that a mentor
      would help you greatly through the initial phase of writing owner reviews.
      Contact mentor@... and request one. They are invaluable and
      helped me greatly during my initial year.

      Please fix the edits below, then upload the HTML section to this folder

      You will need to login to the backpackgeartest.org website to get to the
      owner reviews folder. After uploading this HTML, resubmit the text version
      to the yahoo group for re-edit.


      Backpacking Background:
      ####EDIT: You need a title like above.

      Started hiking when I was ten, but due to an injury, haven't been hiking in
      last fifteen years. My son and I plan on easing back into hiking this spring
      hiking some local Crown Land. This summer we have a few trips planned in the
      Algonqiun Interior and Northern Ontario's Crown Land. We can't wait.
      #### EDIT: I think you missed my original edit. While this is a good start,
      you really need some additional
      information about your backpacking background. Are you a lightweight packer,
      or heavy hauler. What type of shelter do you use most, tarp, tent, or
      shelter? What kind of terrain are you used to hiking? In short... talk about
      how you hike and where you hike as the reader can then relate that
      information to how they hike. Remember the 100 word limit though.

      Other details:
      -Gator printed grip on handles. 
      -Comes with small nylon carrying case with belt lope.
      ####EDIT: It looks as if you added some information from the website, but
      didn't follow with the original edit.
      More details are needed about the item. Think of the "Product
      Information' section as where you talk about what you "see". Discuss the
      construction of the item, the materials, the sharpness, the quality. Also
      talk about the function, features, and so forth. The 'Field Use' section is
      where you talk about how you "feel" about an item.


      Axe cut limbs from the dead tree I was using as a test dummy much quicker
      cleaner. Handle was proper length for swinging without feeling like you were
      #### EDIT: Make sure to write complete sentences. 'The' handle was 'the'
      proper... Also, 'you' statements are not allowed in reports. You (the
      writer) really have no clue how I (the reader) will feel about the item. As
      such, you (the writer) can only discuss how you feel about the item. Please
      rephrase this sentence.

      under or over doing your swings. No wobbling sensation to axe either.
      #### EDIT: When is there no wobbling sensation? Be more descriptive.

      following week, I took it on a week-long camping trip with my son. Both
      and my son utilized this axe frequently during the day, whether it was
      collecting timber off dead fallen trees, or splitting branches and small
      for the fire.
      ####EDIT: you talk about using it, but don't talk about how it performed.
      Please elaborate on this.

      For striking the fire, I used the backside of the knife. The knife is very
      to hold and operate with little worry of your hand slipping. The following
      when I took the combo camping, I utilized the knife in the same way I had at
      home by cutting rope as needed, scrapping both sticks and magnesium, as well
      using the knife to cut open plastic/paper food packages that we were using.
      ####EDIT: your last few sentences you described what you used the knife for,
      but not how it functioned. Please be more descriptive.

      Total testing time in controlled environment: 6 days.
      Total testing time in field: 7 days.

      Total estimated times combo was used in controlled environment: 30
      Total estimated times combo was used in field: 100 (easily)
      ####EDIT: I don't at all understand the difference in these numbers. Your
      review is based on your use of the product. Also, as this is an owner
      review, and not a test report, please remove any reference to 'testing' and
      rephrase the above.
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