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Edit - Hilleberg Nammatj 3GT - Seth Quisted

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  • richardglyon
    Hi Seth, I m an editor as well, and yours was the next one in line. This is a great start on a first Owner Review, even though you selected a relatively
    Message 1 of 1 , May 30, 2011
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      Hi Seth, I'm an editor as well, and yours was the next one in line. This is a great start on a first Owner Review, even though you selected a relatively complex piece of equipment to review.

      Before proceeding to specific edits, I want to raise some BGT protocol issues:

      1. Before I can approve this for posting to BGT's site I'll need to see the html version of the Review. If you know how to handle this, please upload your draft to the Tests/Owner Reviews folder at BGT. When you repost this Review (see below), include a link to the Tests/OR version in your post to the list.

      2. Photographs are required in all ORs after the first, and all Test Reports. I encourage you to include some, as they are especially useful with a tent.

      3. If you click on the Comparison Table on BGT's site, at the bottom is a table of abbreviations that we use. You'll need to use these in any Owner Review or Test Report. Kindly revise before reposting.

      4. I'm not sure it's mandatory but it's standard practice to list or summarize your use of the product immediately after the product details. With ten years' use you needn't list every outing, but a summary is required: which seasons, where, what weather conditions, and the like. A temperature range is required. A few representative trips would be helpful.

      Now to specific edits. I use BGT's standard format:

      EDIT (all caps) – a required change
      Edit(initial cap) – a suggested change or request for clarification
      Comment – just that. My observation, with no change required.

      After revising, please repost the plain text version to this list, with REPOST, the product name, and your name in the subject line and a tinyurl link to the html version in the body of the post (see message #80281 for an example).

      Thanks for joining us!

      Cheers, Richard

      General EDIT: You need a heading, with the product name, your name, and the date:

      Hilleberg Nammatj 3GT
      Owner Review by Seth Quisted
      May 22, 2011

      <<Height: 6' 2" (1.88 Meters)
      Weight: 176 Pounds (80 Kilograms>>
      EDIT: One example of issue 3 above (and the only one I'm going to note). Should be 6'2" (1.88 m) and 176 lb (80 kg)

      <<Email address: squistad@...>>
      Edit: I'd make this non-clickable, to discourage spammers.

      <<Date: May 22, 2011>>
      EDIT: Delete this, as it belongs in your heading.

      << I spend most of my backpacking time in terrain ranging
      from high altitude treks in the alps,
      EDIT: treks in the Alps

      <<Websites: www.hilleberg.com >>
      EDIT: There are two: <www.hilleberg.se> for Europe and the one you've listed for the rest of the world.

      << MSRP: currently USD 745, I paid less>>
      EDIT: Need to add the European MSRP.
      EDIT: Delete "I paid less." BGT forbids listing any price but the manufacturer's MSRP.

      << I was looking for a tent that would provide the highest amount of livable space and all weather scenario protection for the lowest weight for our family of three (at that time only 2 and a twinkle). I wanted something light, but solid enough that I would not be afraid of a toddler bouncing off the walls. There were at the time lighter tents, and today this is even more so, but nothing in this weight category for real four season protection and indestructible design.>>
      Comment: An exceptionally lucid and helpful paragraph.

      << My model is the red version, and while I prefer the quality of light in the interior of the tent, it is less discreet, which may be an issue for some. >>
      Comment: Another BGT prohibition is projection, reporting on anything but the reviewer's own experience. This isn't projection, but it's close. Beware of this in future.

      <<It has one side entrance, which has been updated recently to allow increased venting and opening possibilities. >>
      EDIT: You need to describe what you have, then describe the upgrade. Include the source of your information on the upgrade (e g, Hilleberg's website).

      << The inner tent is constructed of an interesting material that breathes very well, but claims to be waterproof. >>
      EDIT: I know what this means, but someone unfamiliar with Hilleberg tents won't. Could you provide a brief description of the Hilleberg inner tent/outer tent design? At the risk of tooting my own horn, take a look at my review of the Unna on BGT's website.
      EDIT: but Hilleberg claims [tents can't claim anything]

      As stated earlier, the Nammatj is a tunnel design, meaning that it will not
      stand on its own, >>
      EDIT: Delete the extra space after "that it"

      <<but requires a minimum of 4 attachment points (normally stakes, but i have also used rocks, trees and even the leg of a picnic table) >>
      EDIT: but I

      <<When guyed out to it's maximum of 20 stake points,>>
      EDIT: its maximum [no apostrophe]

      <<The Nammatj has two large vents, one on the front and one on the back.>>
      Edit: Where are the vents? Same Edit on the triangular vent.

      << For our family of three it is perfect. The end of the sleeping area does
      angle down,leading to occasional problems of a wet sleeping bag foot>>
      EDIT: Add a space after the comma.

      << I have at one point seated 7 people comfortably inside, and cooked dinner for them all in the center with room to spare. >>
      Comment: Wow! Consider indicating how many were inside the tent body and how many in the vestibule.

      <<The tent looks and functions pretty much like it does when I first received it.>>
      EDIT: like it did

      <<It has made a good shelter for a week in the Tetons, in Thailand, as a base for exploring Italy's coastal regions, >>
      EDIT: Not everyone knows where the Tetons are. "Tetons (Wyoming USA)"

      <<The all waether protection>>
      EDIT: weather [spelling]
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