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Owner Review: LaCrosse Quad Comfort Work Boots: Michael Pacheco

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  • orkstomppa@rocketmail.com
    LACROSSE QUAD COMFORT 4x8 HD Steel Toe Work Boots BY MICHAEL PACHECO March 17, 2011 TESTER INFORMATION NAME: Michael Pacheco EMAIL: orkstomppa@rocketmail.com
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      LACROSSE QUAD COMFORT 4x8 HD Steel Toe Work Boots
      March 17, 2011


      NAME: Michael Pacheco
      EMAIL: orkstomppa@...
      AGE: 18
      LOCATION: Lake Cormorant, MS, US
      GENDER: M
      HEIGHT: 5' 8" (1.73 m)
      WEIGHT: 115 lb (52.20 kg)

      I am an active Eagle Scout and Venture Scout in my area. I have been hiking for seven years and have consistently enjoyed it. I usually hike with a 18 kg (40 lb) pack (includes water and food). I typically spend 35 nights in the outdoors per year. I am quasi-frugal seeing as that I am on a college student's budget.


      Manufacturer: LaCrosse
      Year of Manufacture: 2008
      Manufacturer's Website: http://www.lacrossefootwear.com/
      MSRP: US$150
      Listed Weight: 91 decigrams (2 lbs.) per boot or 182 decigrams for the pair (4 lbs.).
      Actual Weight: they are really close to 182 decigrams.

      Four layers of cushioning and a Hyper-Dri® barrier provide comfortable waterproof protection. The all-leather upper has an extra wide padded collar. The outsole is oil and slip resistant, and the safety toe meets or exceeds ASTM standards F2413-05 M I/75 C/75 EH.

      Hyper-Dri® is our highly engineered, waterproof barrier that lines the entire boot for 100% protection that allows moisture to escape without letting water in, keeping you dry and comfortable all day long
      Full-grain leather upper with a padded collar for a classic design, rugged durability and comfort.
      Quad Comfort® technology is four layers of cushioning under foot for all day comfort and reduced foot fatigue
      Oil and slip resistant Quad outsole features a low lug design for improved traction both indoors and out
      Nylon shank
      8" height (203 mm)
      Steel safety toe meets or exceeds ASTM standard F2413-05 I/75 C/75 EH. Electrical hazard (EH) footwear is manufactured with non-conductive electrical shock resistant soles and heels.

      Initial Impressions

      I bought the Quad Comfort boots at Sportman's Warehouse when it were closing down. They look good and rugged. I tried the boots on and they fit well. The fit is snugger than what I am used to but is comfortable. The speed lacing system is standard albeit secure and strong. The stiffness is reminiscent of forced entry combat boots. They restrict lateral ankle movement which is their job. This provides the ankle with good support on all dimensions. These will be good for hiking and everyday use.

      Field Description

      I bought these to replace a old pair of cheap boots that went FUBAR. I am going to NW District Chickasaw Camporee, a scout campout and competition. It will be a good test of short hiking and durability. It rained two days before the event starts so it will be slightly muddy. It will be in the highs of 70 and lows of 50. The terrain is developed by in the woods is very hilly and mostly deciduous trees. It is also located in the delta so the soil is loamy and slick. The roads are made of compacted gravel. I've used these on at least four campouts and dozens of Scout meetings. This concludes my Field Report. The Long-Term Report should be completed by 3/17/2011. Please check back then for further information.


      The speed lacing was very convient and easy. The boots are really comfortable, especially compared to the ones I used to wear. I haven't gotten any blisters and I've been running around in them all day wet. The boots don't have great traction, but they don't slip on slick liquids (water and oil). The treads are easy to clean. The factory waterproofing worked well but I always suggest to seal it again yourself. The only damage is cosmetics. The leather has darkened to a rich mahogany. The nylon inners have not developed odor which pretty surprising to me. I washed the soles by dangling my feet off a dock and using a stick to push out rocks. To clean the leather, I took a bandanna and washed the mud and dust off.


      The grip on slippery surfaces is really good.
      The support of the uppers is exceptional.
      The tab is a better way for me to pull on the boots.

      Things You Don't Like

      The lugs are too small. They don't grip the soil as well as a slightly larger lug.
      There needs to be a way to loosen the entrance instead of being like a forced-entry.

      Long Term Experience

      I wore these boots on a family hike in Shiloh National Military Park. We planned to hike 45 miles. The temperature was in the 80's and no rain forecast. On the first day, I wore midweight hiking socks and did not get any blisters. The boots are holding up well. I've put at least 50 miles on them, excluding this trip. By now the leather sections are now a rich chocolate hue mottled with mahogany. The second day, I wore a different pair of socks and still no blisters. The hikes have been averaging 15 miles per day. Third day, I was forced to hike with cheap cotton socks and got a small blister. I am pretty sure that the boot was not at fault but the sock. We finished up the hikes and the blister did not worsen after proper care and clothing. The boots have been through a lot. They hold up well and did not have any problems except for leather darkening. The only thing I had to get used to was the limited range of motion and less traction.

      This report was created with the BGT Report Generator.
      Copyright 2011. All rights reserved.
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