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Owner Review - Gregory Tarne 36 Pack

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  • Mark Thompson
    OWNER REVIEW - GREGORY TARNE 36 PACK BY MARK THOMPSON December 28, 2010   TESTER INFORMATION   NAME: Mark Thompson EMAIL: markthompson 242 at gmail dot com
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      December 28, 2010
      NAME: Mark Thompson
      EMAIL: markthompson 242 at gmail dot com
      AGE: 46
      LOCATION: Castle Rock, CO
      GENDER: M
      HEIGHT: 6' 0" (1.80 m)
      WEIGHT: 190 lb (86.20 kg)
      Outdoor adventures started for me at a very early age, undoubtedly the result of
      adventurous parents.  Over the years, my passions have bounced around from one
      sport to another, but being in the mountains has always made me feel at home,
      whether it's the Sierras, Rockies, Appalachians, Adirondacks or the Alps, I am
      always planning my next adventure.  After a 24 year separation, I am finally
      back home in the Rockies.  My near term goals include climbing the Colorado
      14ers (7 down, 47 to go), which includes a significant increase in climbing
      skill level (presently I am comfortable to Class 3, but need/want to get to
      Manufacturer: Gregory
      Year of Manufacture: 2010
      Manufacturer's Website: <<www.gregorypacks.com>>
      MSRP: US$135
      Listed Weight: 3lb 5oz (1.50kg)
      Measured Weight: ?? oz (?? g)
      Other details:
      Pack size:  2319 cu in, (38L)
      Tester Pack Color: Obsidian
      The Gregory Tarne 36 Pack is hydration compatible and designed for the longer
      day hike or in colder temperatures.  It's weight is healthy, but lends to it's
      large capacity and comfort.
      The Tarne 36 has one main zippered compartment (with hydration bladder sleeve),
      two smaller zippered compartments, two non-zippered mesh pockets (designed for
      water bottles) and a small zippered compartment on the waist belt.  To improve
      load stability, the pack has four compression straps with two small guide loops,
      and to increase versatility, the pack has four gear loops (for ice axe or
      similar equipment).
      The hydration sleeve is designed to accommodate a variety of bladders, and
      includes two hooks (for hydrapak style) and a single center loop (for CamelBak
      style).  There is a central exit point between the shoulder straps for the port
      The uppermost compartment makes for easy access and I have designated it to
      carry my first aid kit, map and compass and the 11th essential.  The second
      smaller compartment runs along the back of the pack and provides easy access if
      you are not attaching additional gear to the outside of the pack.  This is not
      how I use the pack, thus, this compartment becomes a vital storage compartment
      for the 10 essentials and gear that requires infrequent access.  The upper two
      compression straps are paired with elastic shock cords to aid in affixing gear
      to the outside of the pack.  The two small guide loops accommodating these
      straps (large enough to hold a carabiner) provide a place to attach additional
      gear such as snowshoes or trekking poles.
      The shoulder straps are especially well designed, featuring a floating
      adjustment strap (for superb maneuverability and comfort) a chest strap (to keep
      it all together) and a padded waist strap which ensures comfort while evenly
      distributing the load.  The pack frame is covered with a solid pad (vice mesh)
      which prevents snow accumulation.  The bottom of the pack features a reinforced
      bottom (for all the times you set the pack down in the dirt).

      I purchased this pack to serve as my winter day pack and wanted the following
      features: hydration compatible (I drink a lot of water), sufficient storage for
      extra clothes, ability to carry an ice axe, trekking poles and snowshoes.  The
      most important factor, though, was comfort, it absolutely had to fit!  My
      initial impressions are that this is a well designed and manufactured pack. 
      With a long torso, I tend to have difficulty finding equipment that fits
      properly, this pack is exceptionally comfortable due to it's superb suspension
      After two failed attempts to summit Mt. Sherman (kept off the mountain due to
      weather), I finally had the opportunity to test the pack on the Colorado Trail. 
      I started my hike at Kenosha Pass (elev. 10,000'/3,048m) and headed west.  The
      route covered 10 miles (6.2km) and appx 1,000' (304m) of elevation change.  The
      temperature was 28 deg F (-2 deg C) with 4 - 6 inches (10 - 15cm) of snow on the
      ground.  The pack was loaded internally with a 100 oz (3.0L) bladder, the 10
      essentials and lots of extra clothes.  Externally, I attached an ice axe,
      trekking poles and snowshoes.
      Other than repeated stops to remove layers due to overheating, the first 4 miles
      of the hike were calm and quiet.  The next six miles showed that mother-nature
      was still in control, the winds picked up (10-15 mph/  16 - 24 kph) and snow
      began to fall significantly (over 1"/2.5cm per hour).  With the snow depth
      increasing along the trail (aided by the ongoing precipitation) I reluctantly
      donned the snow shoes, removed another layer (down to my base now) and added my
      shell.   The expanding main compartment easily took in all of my additional
      clothing with room to spare.
      Throughout the blowing snow and multiple trips to the ground (while I was
      removing layers and packing them away) the pack provided comfort, stability,
      weight distribution and excellent resistance to the elements.  There was no
      noticeable weather penetration into the pack (although, it was below freezing so
      no water) and the snow brushed easily off the exterior.
      I have been quite pleased with the pack, especially it's comfort and stability.
          - The design and utilization of the 4 straps comprising the external
      compression system work very well and kept the pack load firmly in place.
          - Suspension system (shoulder straps and waist belt) provide superb comfort
      and make the pack easily adjustable.

          - The pack could certainly benefit from the addition of more external
      attaching points for gear.  The pack is marketed as a winter pack for hiking,
      skiing etc.  I had to use the same mounting points for all my gear, which, with
      the addition of two carabiners, this worked well, but more would be better.
      There are several things I like about this pack:
         - it fits!  Being a rather difficult person to fit, this is huge!
         - hydration compatible.  I tend to drink about 2 - 3 times the amount of
      water consumed by friends during the same trip.  This becomes a big factor when
      selecting gear.
         - Reinforced bottom.  The "ballistic" bottom sewn to the bottom of the pack
      eases concerns over setting the pack down in the back-country.
      Again, I would like to have more external points for mounting gear.  Having gear
      loops along the sides of the pack (attached to the frame or structure) would
      significantly improve the versatility and ease of adding more gear.
      Mark Thompson
      markthompson 242 at gmail dot com
      "CDR242" on 14ers dot com
      "Horse" on bikejournal dot com
      This report was created with the BGT Report Generator.
      Copyright 2010.  All rights reserved.

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    • Jamie D.
      Welcome to BGT Mark. Before I can accept your Owner Review you will need to clarify the number of days and/or nights you have used this product in the field.
      Message 2 of 2 , Dec 31, 2010
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        Welcome to BGT Mark.

        Before I can accept your Owner Review you will need to clarify the number of days and/or nights you have used this product in the field. Please add an estimate of how many times you have used it to your report and then repost the REVISED version to the yahoo group.

        I will take a look and if it meets our requirements I'll add the report to our edit queue and you will be on your way to getting an official edit.

        Thank you,
        Jamie DeBenedetto
        Edit Admin Manager
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