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Owner Review: Goal Zero Nomad 7m Solar Charger - Denver Allen

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  • denverbauter123
    GOAL Zero SOLAR CHARGER BY DENVER ALLEN OR October 27, 2010 TESTER INFORMATION NAME: Denver Allen EMAIL: DenverallenRDH@gmail.com AGE: 22 LOCATION: Ogden,
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      October 27, 2010


      NAME: Denver Allen
      EMAIL: DenverallenRDH@...
      AGE: 22
      LOCATION: Ogden, Utah, USA
      GENDER: f
      HEIGHT: 5' 9" (1.75 m)
      WEIGHT: 125 lb (56.70 kg)

      My husband has been backpacking for his whole life and has been getting me turned on to it over the last year and a half. We've done many local over night trips up in the mountains as well as a couple of week long backpacking trips in the Uintas with our dog. I usually carry the lighter pack mostly clothes, food, and water while my husband carries the bulk necessities (ie tent etc...) I'm really loving it even though it still kicks my butt each time I go.


      Manufacturer: Goal-Zero
      Year of Manufacture:
      Manufacturer's Website: www.GOAL0.com
      MSRP: $99.99
      Listed Weight: 0.8lbs (0.36kg)
      Measured Weight: 0.8lbs (0.36kg)
      Other details: Nomad 7m Solar Panel
      Charges small electronics in 1-4 hours.


      I have had this for only 2 months now but I already love it. I've played with it around the house and taken it with me to the Uintas (elevation nearing 11,000ft) where it's pretty rocky and forrested with small hidden lakes and sporadic weather. It's usually pretty sunny but it can rain in a flash which means you need to keep your electronics nearby so you can protect them from harsh weather. Since I like to bring music and GPS with me everywhere I go, it's important to me to have a way to recharge them as needed. I generally rely more on maps than GPS so I haven't had much experience using it to charge my Garmin, but for the mp3 player it's been great.


      When out in the back country, I love to listen to music with our little mp3 and speaker set up. I've always made sure to buy systems that run on regular alkaline batteries so I could replace the batteries when they died. Being so keen on the outdoors is unfortunately hard on electronics so I recently had to replace my mp3 and I could not find an affordable mp3 that ran on alkaline so I settled for a cheaper rechargeable one, originally thinking I would just have to enjoy the music until the battery was empty and I would just go without after that. Not so, since receiving my Goal Zero Nomad 7m solar charger, I can have music to enjoy for my entire trip... as long as its sunny! I do have the smaller version which isn't powerful enough to charge an entire computer like some of the larger versions but in good light it will actually fully charge my mp3 in just a couple of hours as long as I have a USB cord for it which most mp3 devices come with anyway. I absolutely love the charger as it is light and although it is about the size of a book, it's only about 1/2" (0.01m) thick and is therefore easy to slide into the back of your pack.


      1- It's Packable
      2- light and small
      3- easy to use
      4- fast.
      5- You can hang it up for better access to sunlight
      6- It has a pocket in which you can store your electronic device.


      Haven't found any yet, other than the obvious fact that if you're stuck in bad weather, you're stuck without power too but sometimes being without power isn't exactly a bad thing.


      Denver Allen

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