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Edit - Black Diamond Orbit Lantern - Brandon Spring

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  • richardglyon
    Hi Brandon, and welcome to BackpackGearTest.org. I ve been assigned to edit your first Owner Review. Before I can approve it, however, I need to review it in
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 6, 2010
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      Hi Brandon, and welcome to BackpackGearTest.org. I've been assigned to edit your first Owner Review. Before I can approve it, however, I need to review it in html format. You should (a) upload a copy to the Tests/Owner Reviews folder on BackpackGearTest.org (you'll need to log in to do so), and then (b) post the plain text to this list, as you have done, with a tinyurl or snipurl link to the Tests/OR folder copy.

      You have submitted an excellent first draft of an Owner Review, so I'm going ahead with edits. I use the standard BGT format: EDIT (all caps) is a required change; Edit (initial cap) is a suggested change or request for clarification; and Comment is just that, with no change required.

      After revising, repost as described above with REPOST, the product name, and your name in the subject line.

      Cheers, Richard

      <<EMAIL: ashtarothhhh@...>>
      Edit: Consider making this non-clickable, to discourage spanners. Many of use write out the symbols (AT, DOT, etc) for this reason.

      <<PERSONAL BIO>>
      Edit: This is adequate, but consider adding a bit more detail, such as the locations where you usually backpack, the type of shelter you use, and whether you usually hike solo or with others (such as your wife). Be mindful of our 100-word limit.

      <<The Black Diamond Orbit Lantern (hereafter referred to as 'Orbit Lantern' or 'Lantern') is described by the manufacturer as: a bright, non-glaring,
      pocket-sized mini lantern, ultra-lightweight and perfect for trekking and
      backpacking where gram shaving is crucial.>>
      EDIT/Edit: If any of this is a quote from BD's site, you need to add quotation marks.

      <<1. Push once to turn on the lantern (it always turns on to the brightest
      Edit: Here and several other places you use `lantern' with a lower-case l, rather than your defined `Lantern.' Please review your entire report for consistency.

      <<The Orbit Lantern body also collapses to cover the power button and to consume less pack space. >>
      Edit: It would really improve your Report if you told your readers how the user collapses and sets up the Lantern. This is perhaps the niftiest feature of the Orbit, and well worth describing in detail.

      << The base of the Lantern is not very large >>
      EDIT: How large is it? Please measure and specify.

      This little Lantern can be used on picnic tables, hanging inside the tent or igloo, on the ground next to the stove and just about anywhere else a lantern is needed.>>
      EDIT: BGT doesn't allow what we call "projection," reporting on anything not personally experienced by the reviewer. If you have used the Lantern in any of these circumstances, revise the text so to reflect (e g, "I have used . . ."). If not, please delete.

      << On the highest setting it throws light about 8 to 12 feet (2.4 to 3.7
      meters) great for static situations but not making it ideal as a primary light
      for hiking down the trail at night.>>
      EDIT: Same thing. This sentence is OK if you have tried hiking at night with it, but if not you need to revise.

      <<Although I have not been keeping precise records of the hours I have used it, the Lantern has been used for 10 nights on the trail and at least 40 nights at home for reading or night navigation through the house. So I will say that the manufacture's claim of 10 hours on the high setting is pretty accurate.>>
      EDIT: Please add something about not changing the batteries.
      EDIT: manufacturer's claim [spelling]
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