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Re: Hello! (My intro)

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  • deannep1
    Kelly, thanks for the warning, but I m all too aware of what you mention. Argus is quite large at over 110 lbs, and has already had surgery on both front
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 2, 2002
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      Kelly, thanks for the warning, but I'm all too aware of what you
      mention. Argus is quite large at over 110 lbs, and has already had
      surgery on both front shoulders. His vet monitors his progress
      closely and has given us the go-ahead to hike as keeping the joints
      active helps maintain the necessary muscular development needed by
      any active dog. Argus' hikes are limited in length; his longest hike
      even before surgery was 5 miles. Our Summer backpack trip will be 1
      or 2 nights and only 5 miles down the trail. I'll likely carry his
      supplies on that trip. We've borrowed dog packs for hikes, just to
      get the feel on Argus' back. But, he's only carried clean-up bags and
      a few treats.

      Because of the early shoulder problems, I've had all his other joints
      x-rayed for signs of trouble. I'm happy to say that after his
      shoulders are 100%, there should be no other joint problems until his
      old age.


      --- In BackpackGearTest@y..., Asyndeton Canaan Dogs <asyndeton@e...>
      > You need to be careful if you have a 10 mo old large breed puppy.
      > hikes can stress the joints and growth plates and contribute to hip
      > dysplasia and degenerative joint disease when he should be entering
      > prime years. Large breed dogs' growth plates don't close until they
      > around 2 yrs old. They shouldn't jump or do any sustained activity
      > hiking, biking, LD walking and the like until they are close to 2.
      > Just something to keep in mind.
      > Kelly Riggs
      > deannep1 wrote:
      > >
      > > I'm really glad that Carolyn recently posted about BGT to another
      > > yahoo group. I would have never known this group existed! I've
      > > wanted to be a gear tester for several years, but just didn't know
      > > where to make the right connections.
      > >
      > > My name is Deanne. I'm a petite female at 5'1", 120lbs; 36 years
      > > I've been an alpine snow skier for 32 years, a nordic skier for 3
      > > years, a hiker for at least 10 years, and a backpacker for
      > > approximately 3 years. I've been car-camping for as long as I can
      > > remember. I guess that being a Californian has many advantages in
      > > choice of outdoor activities.
      > >
      > > I now have a 10 month old puppy that I've been starting to take
      out on
      > > the trails as often as possible. He's been hiking, and camping
      > > me already. His first real backpack trip is scheduled for this
      > > Summer.
      > >
      > > I would like to test and review gear because I think that I'll be
      > > to contribute a viewpoint that many of the companies seem to be
      > > overlooking: the smaller-sized adult female. Just because I'm
      > > does not mean that I don't participate in serious outdoor
      > > It also doesn't mean that kids' gear will meet my needs.
      > >
      > > Additionally, with a very large dog at my side, I've been
      > > for gear appropriate to his needs and how those choices will meet
      > > demands.
      > >
      > > I look forward to submitting my 2 owner reviews and with the
      > > blessings, moving onto gear testing.
      > >
      > >
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