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EDIT - Jetboil PCS - Adam Rochte

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  • richardglyon
    Adam, Here you go with edits. I use the standard BGT conventions: EDIT (all caps) is a required change; Edit (initial cap) is a suggested change or request for
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 13, 2010
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      Here you go with edits. I use the standard BGT conventions: EDIT (all caps) is a required change; Edit (initial cap) is a suggested change or request for clarification; and Comment is just that, with no change required.

      After revising you should repost the plain text version to this list, with REPOST, the product name, and your name in the subject line, and include a tinyurl link to the html version in the Tests/OR folder.

      Please note that all ORs other than the first, and all Test Reports require photographs; I encourage you to include them with this report.

      Cheers, Richard

      Edit: I suggest you spell this out, to discourage spammers. Most of use write it out for that reason (e g, arotche AT ….)

      <<LOCATION: Blacksburg, VA, USA>>
      EDIT: Virginia. Our non-US readers may be unfamiliar with the USPS abbreviations.

      <<WEIGHT: 145 lb (65.80 kg)>>
      Edit: I'd round to 66 kg

      General EDIT: Your bio is 110 words, above our 100-word maximum. See if you can pare it down.

      <<, and a few week long trips per year,>>
      Edit: week-long [with a hyphen]

      << though I am working up to thru-hiking the AT in a year or two.>>
      EDIT: Appalachian Trail. [Another abbreviation that may be unknown to some readers]

      Manufacturer: Jetboil
      EDIT: This should be the full legal name of the manufacturer – Jetboil, Inc.
      EDIT: The link to the manufacturer's website must be clickable.

      << The system includes a one liter cooking cup complete with a unique 'Flux Ring,' designed to increase efficiency,>>
      Edit: one-liter [with a hyphen]
      Edit: You might identify the Flux Ring as a heat exchanger.

      << To operate it, screw the burner onto a fuel canister (not
      included), >>
      EDIT: You need to identify what kind of fuel canister works with the PCS – any isobutance canister with a Lindal valve. You might mention that Jetboil sells its own branded fuel, in two sizes.

      <<FIELD USE>>
      EDIT: While you've done a good job of describing the weather conditions, you need to add what you've cooked in the PCS, and for how many people. Have you just boiled water or actually cooked food? Used for food or only hot drinks? For just yourself? That kind of information really helps the reader.

      <<Rain showers hit me throughout the day,>>
      Edit: Was there rain at mealtimes? If so I'd mention that.

      <<This really isn't the kind of thing that can be set up before walking off into the woods to dig a cat hole. >>
      Comment: No kidding. One of my first ORs was on the PCS and I made the same observation.

      <<It requires vigilance in watching the food cook. >>
      Edit: "watching the water boil" would be more accurate.

      <<The saying that 'a watched pot never boils' is complete crap,>>
      EDIT: complete nonsense [BGT is a family-oriented publication!]

      <<it's hardly bigger than a nalgene. >>
      EDIT: Nalgene [Any trademarked brand must be used exactly as its owner does – here, with a capital N.]

      <<While the flux ring technology does a great job>>
      EDIT: Flux Ring [Another trademark.]
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