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OWNER REVIEW- (rocky ridge top boots)

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  • branson
    Owner Review of the Rocky All Leather Ridge Top 869 Hiking Boots Name:  Branson Langley Age:  28 Gender:  Male Height:  5’ 10” (1.8M) Weight:  200 
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 3, 2010
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      Owner Review of the Rocky All Leather Ridge Top 869 Hiking Boots

      Name:  Branson Langley
      Age:  28
      Gender:  Male
      Height:  5’ 10” (1.8M)
      Weight:  200  (91Kg)
      Email:  brass_eagle_2000@...
      City, State, Country:  Staley, NC, USA
      Date:  2/3/2010
      Backpacking Background:  I started camping and hiking as a kid and loved the outdoors.  I am starting to backpack local places in NC and weekends in the woods behind the house.  Nothing to strenuous, no 50 milers or anything like that…yet. My wife camps and hikes with me and I hope to get her backpacking in the future.

      Manufacturer:      Rocky
      Link:            www.Rockyboots.com
      Manufacture year:     various
      MSRP:         $94.95 on website, I picked it up for about $85US
      Size tested:         10M USA
      Weight:         3 pounds per pair (1.36kg)
      Widths Available:     medium and wide
      Sizes Available:    online only has these available medium 8.5-9.5, wide 9-9.5 I                 got mine at a outlet store
      Colors Available:     website has copper but its really a nice light to medium brown

      Description:  These boots are under the work section of the website.  This style is also available in gore-tex waterproof.  The all leather version 869 is about 6 inches from bottom to the curved part of the top opening.  The lower lace holes are metal d-rings and the top two are metal fast clips.  These boots are waterproof and I usually spray them with waterproofed anyway.  The last pair I had I didn’t spray them and they are still waterproof.  The tongue is attached on the side all the way to the next to top clip.  This helps with the waterproofing.  They have an eva midsole and have a nice tread pattern.

      Environment and background:  I have no arches and have had surgery to create arches which later fell. Most pairs of shoes last me between 3-6 months. My feet tend to roll toward the inside of my shoes which flattens the curved part of the sides (I mean the inward part of the side of the shoe).  I have had about three pairs of this model of shoe.  Each one has lasted me 7-9 months which is excellent for me.  I used to do landscape maintained which basically means I stood and pruned a lot, chased mowers and aerators, pushed fertilizer spreaders.  I was on my feet a lot and these shoes fit the bill.  I have put many miles on each pair.

      Performance:  These are comfortable boots that are very waterproof.  They hold up well but do scuff and scrape easily and are still durable.  My feet tend to sweat in these which may come from them being so waterproof. I think the gore-tex version may breath better.  The soles don’t seem to scuff up floors very badly.

      Good price
      Clean up pretty easily

      A little on the heavy side

      Overall I do recommend these boots to anyone.  If I can keep a pair for 7-9 months then most people could probably get more than a year.

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