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EDIT/APPROVAL: Repost OR Lamina 45 Zachary Huang

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  • Kathy Waters
    Zachary, Thanks for doing the edits and adding the picture. There are still a few minor edits, but I won t require a repost as you seem to be very good about
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      Thanks for doing the edits and adding the picture. There are still a few minor edits, but I won't require a repost as you seem to be very good about correcting edits given. Please upload in the new folder at: http://www.backpackgeartest.org/reviews/Sleep%20Gear/Sleeping%20Bags/Mountain%20Hardwear%20Lamina%2045%20Sleeping%20Bag/

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      For further details see:

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      everything related to Tests and Testing takes place.

      Please don't stop writing Owner Reviews. The more Owner Reviews you write, the better you will get at report writing and this won't go unnoticed when
      Test Moderators are choosing testers.


      Kathy Waters
      BGT OR Editor


      EDIT: Your personal and manufacturer's information at the top of your
      report is double spaced which doesn't look very neat and makes it hard to
      read. Please single space this information.

      MSRP (Reg) $120.00

      EDIT: You need a monetary designation - USD 120.00 or $120.00 US will work

      Fill weight - 0 lbs, 11 oz / 335.14 g

      EDIT: Delete punctuation from all measurements and you don't need the "0 lb" at all, just "11 oz" will do. (there more periods in other measurements, too)

      Being the first warm weather sleeping bag IÕve ever owned I was concerned at first with its ability to keep me warm on a brisk morning.

      EDIT: One funky character - "I've".

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      Subject: [BackpackGearTest] Repost OR Lamina 45 Zachary Huang

      Edits made and picture added.
      The weird formatting and strange characters
      are only happening once i load the html to the
      site. I'll try contacting the web help group.
      heres the new html.
      Once i get the technological glitches fixed
      I'll upload again.


      and plain text.

      Mountain Hardwear Lamina 45 Synthetic Sleeping Bag
      Owner Review
      November, 02,2009

      Zachary Huang
      Age 19
      5'10" (178 cm)
      125 lbs (57 kg)
      Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

      Backpacking Background:

      Typical pack weight: 35-45 lbs (16-21 kg)
      Pack style: Light-medium weight
      Types of travel: Extended trips abroad, 3-5 day hikes
      Shelter type: 3 season 2 man tent
      Special Activities: Black and White Film Photography

      I began backpacking and hiking 4 years ago starting with overnighters and weekend trips. I progressively moved on to weeklong trips and months abroad in foreign countries. I travel mostly in temperate climates and pack as light as possible. I currently attend school on the east coast of the US so I've encountered various terrains in all seasons

      (Picture courtesy of Mountain Hardwear)

      Product information:
      Model: Lamina 45
      MSRP (Reg) $120.00
      Manufacturer: Mountain Hardwear
      Year of Manufacturer: 2008
      URL: www.mountainhardwear.com

      MFG Measurements:
      REG Size
      Insulation: Thermic Micro
      Loft -2.36 in / 6.00 cm
      Stuffed diameter -6.00 in / 15.24 cm
      Fill weight - 0 lbs, 11 oz / 335.14 g
      Inside length -78.00 in / 198.12 cm
      Shoulder girth -62.00 in / 157.48 cm
      Foot girth -38.00 in / 96.52 cm
      Weight 1 lb. 12 oz. / 788 g.
      Actual Weight: 1lb. 11 oz. /788 g


      The Lamina 45 utilizes Mountain Hardwear's efficient mummy cut, which reduces weight and provides great thermal retention. The Lamina 45 includes in its design an Ergo Draft collar and face gasket, which can be cinched down to seal in warmth. The Lamina 45 features a full-length zipper both in right and left zip, with an insulated draft tube along the length of the zipper. The Lamina 45 comes in two colors Radiance (a gold/yellow) and ketchup which looks just like ketchup. Mountain Hardwear adorned the Lamina 45 with two small internal pockets at my shoulder level opposite of the zipper, one with a Velcro enclosure and one with a zipper. The Mountain Hardwear logo and the type of insulation fill are stitched at breast level next to the zipper and the model and temperature ratings are stitched at the foot level. The lack of seams makes the Lamina series bags truly distinct, with their welded insulation less fill is needed and a streamline look is achieved. The Lamina's shell is made of 40D Nylon Ripstop, which looks and feels like silk.

      Location and Conditions

      This sleeping bag was used extensively for a month abroad in China during the month of June. Terrains included marshy areas, riversides, mountaintops, and hostels with elevations ranging from sea level to 5,000 ft (1,524 m). Temperatures encountered ranged from 100 F-50 F (38 C- 28 C).

      Performance in the Field

      Upon receiving my Lamina 45 in the mail I was instantly impressed by the overall construction, feel, and compressibility of the sleeping bag. The sleeping bag was immensely compressible with the included compression stuff sack, compressing down to the size of a football and was easy to stuff and extract. The welded design cuts weight and aids in holding the insulation in place. The ripstop nylon is amazingly supple to sleep in and the thermic micro insulation provides great loft. Being the first warm weather sleeping bag I've ever owned I was concerned at first with its ability to keep me warm on a brisk morning. But upon getting into the bag I was instantly impressed by its heat retaining capabilities. The mummy cut provided ample space for me to shift around and even share with a companion partially zipped open. The sleeping bag has a full length zipper which can be zipped open at the foot to provide some airflow on stuffy nights. The sleeping bag comes with both a compression stuff sack and a large mesh storage sack both adorned with the Mountain Hardwear logo. The sleeping bag performed past expectations. Not only did it keep me more than comfortable on cold nights at 5,000 ft (1,524 m) but it also acted, as a plush blanket on hot windy nights zipped open. The weight of the sleeping bag went unnoticed in the pack over the month of backpacking and was extremely handy as a blanket, sleeping bag, jacket, and regained its loft easily upon removal from the stuff sack. The bag was highly water resistant and dried extremely fast after being washed.

      The Lamina 45 is a lightweight, warm, roomy sleeping bag both intelligently and practically designed

      Things I Like:
      1. The mummy cut provided ample room for my stature
      2. Great insulating capabilities
      3. Light pack weight and high compressibility

      Things I don't like:
      1. none. I was highly impressed

      Zachary Huang

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