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Re: [BackpackGearTest] Edit - Wild Things Gear EPIC Windshirt - Carolyn Hayes

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  • Kathy Waters
    Walter, Hi, welcome and thank you for asking for clarification. When you submit your Owner Review to the list in text form, you also post a link to the
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      Hi, welcome and thank you for asking for clarification. When you submit your Owner Review to the list in text form, you also post a link to the uploaded HTML file of your OR in the Test Folder under Owner Reviews. You have to login to the BGT website to be able to see the "test" link within all the other categories of ORs/reports. It is near the bottom on the right.

      Once you upload your OR to the test folder, copy the URL and include it in your text posting to the list.

      Is that clear as mud?


      ----- Original Message -----
      From: Walter Leicher
      To: BackpackGearTest@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Sunday, December 06, 2009 4:33 PM
      Subject: RE: [BackpackGearTest] Edit - Wild Things Gear EPIC Windshirt - Carolyn Hayes


      Like Carolyn, I have submitted my first OR recently and read the survival
      guide several times. As I understand it, you can only submit the HTML
      version on the editor has created the folder for it. Am I missing


      From: richardglyon [mailto:rlyon@...]
      Sent: Thursday, December 03, 2009 12:21 PM
      To: BackpackGearTest@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: [BackpackGearTest] Edit - Wild Things Gear EPIC Windshirt - Carolyn

      Welcome to BackpackGearTest.org, and thanks for your Owner Review. This is a
      good first cut at an OR, though I think you should again review the Survival
      Guide regarding a couple of BGT protocols. First, we require photographs in
      all Owner Reviews except your first, and we encourage them in the first.
      Consider adding a picture or two. Second, before I can approve an OR I need
      to review an html version. That should be posted in the Tests/Owner Reviews
      folder on BackpackGearTest.org, and you should include a tinyurl link to
      that copy in your message to the list that includes the plain text of your

      If you need technical assistance, the BGTWeb group can help.
      You might also request a mentor by posting a note to this list with "MENTOR
      REQUEST" in the title. A mentor is a veteran tester who can help with our
      conventions and do's and don'ts. Many of our best testers are graduates of
      the mentor program.

      Your report has most of the required information, so I am going to proceed
      with my specific edits. For these I use the standard BGT conventions: EDIT
      (all caps) is a required change, Edit (initial cap) a suggested change or
      something that needs re-working, and Comment a comment, with no change

      When you have revised as directed, please repost the plain text to this list
      with "REPOST," the product name, and your name in the title, and post the
      html version (hopefully with photographs) in the Tests/Owner Reviews folder.
      Cheers, Richard

      << Owners Review: Wild Things Gear Epic Windshirt - Carolyn Hayes Owners
      Review>> EDIT: Owner Review
      EDIT: EPIC [See comment below.]

      <<Email address:>>
      Edit: you may wish to write this out (carolynhayes AT .) to discourage

      <<City, State, Country: Baltimore MD USA>>
      EDIT: Maryland. [We have international readers who may not be familiar with
      the USPS abbreviations.]

      <<Date: November 18, 2009>>
      EDIT: This should be moved so that it's immediately below your name in the
      title. [This is an example of a BGT convention - something where a mentor
      might help.]

      <<Backpacking Background: I started out on Sierra Club Base Camp trips when
      I was 4. Have backpacked all my life though more active some years than
      others. I also ski, snowshoe, and took up mountaineering again when I turned
      50. While I prefer big mountains and glaciers, I do lots of shorter hikes on
      the east coast. I often have kids with me on those treks.>>
      EDIT: You need to add something about your backpacking style. Take a look at
      some of the bios in other reviews for examples; pack weight, type of
      shelter, average distance per day are often helpful in giving the reader a
      sense of your perspective on backpacking and backpacking gear.

      <<c. WildThingsGear.com>>
      EDIT: This needs a clickable hyperlink.

      <<d. Listed weight: 6 oz.
      e. Weight as delivered: 5.7oz>>
      Edit: Add the size here. If Wild Things doesn't indicate the size it uses
      for its weights, say "(size not specified)"
      EDIT: Another requirement pegged to our international audience: all
      measurements must include both Imperial and metric units. There's a
      conversion table at BGT to help. E.g., "6 oz (170 g)
      EDIT: Delete the period after "oz" and add a space between "5.7" and "oz."
      [Two more conventions.]

      <<f. Product description.: this is a ½ zip windshirt made of Epic by Nextec
      EDIT: Whenever you use a trademarked brand you are required to use the
      manufacturer's capitalization exactly. "EPIC by Nextec," with all caps, here
      and one other place.

      EDIT: I couldn't get to the website to check if this is still the case, but
      under this product name Wild Things used to have two versions: one with a
      zipper and a hood, the other a pullover with no hood. You should indicate
      that you have the pullover version and that the product is also available in
      the other style.

      <<2. Field information>>
      EDIT: You need to do some re-arranging, as (a) your section 2 includes some
      commentary and (b) your sections 3-6 include some Field information. You
      also need an overall temperature range for your use. [Again, a mentor can
      help with this.]

      <<b. Description of location : in mountains, places where you're exposed>>
      EDIT: BGT prohibits what we call "projection," reporting on what others
      might experience. A red flag goes up every time an editor sees "you" or
      "your." Try to avoid this. "places where I'm exposed"

      <<4. Skiing in Utah -low 30's to 20's>>
      EDIT: - Need Centigrade conversions - low 30s to 20s F (0 to -7 C)

      << If colder I can add fleece, a vest, or my primaloft sweater underneath or
      throw the primaloft or vest on the outside going up a lift.>>
      EDIT: Another brand - PrimaLoft

      << Depending on location and weather expectations I have made this my main
      rain gear.>>
      Edit: We like specifics. When is this your only rain gear and when don't you
      trust it?

      << It feels good on my skin protects my arms (the body is under the life
      EDIT: There's a garble here. Maybe add "and" after "skin"?

      <<7. Summary : At 6 oz this goes everywhere with me.>>
      EDIT: Need metric conversion.

      << I'll wear a Tshirt, pack a light midlayer >>
      EDIT: tee shirt or t-shirt

      << 4. It is as close to waterproof as water-resistant can get.>>
      Comment: I agree completely. Nextec is too conservative.

      <<I would not trust it to be my bombproof mountaineering rain gear but it
      handles drizzles, light rains, short thunderbursts, and splashes canoeing
      with aplomb.>>
      Edit: "with aplomb" is what English teachers call a dangling modifier.
      Consider moving to immediately after "it handles."
      Edit: "splashes when canoeing" or "canoeing splashes" would read better.

      << I have bought many of their mountaineering gear (either on sale or on
      EDIT: Two more conventions - we don't mention retailers or price actually
      paid. Delete the parenthetical phrase.

      << I had WTG measure the XLarge for me and the sleeves will hopefully be the
      same with the body a touch larger.>>
      EDIT: You don't use the WTG abbreviation anywhere else, so for consistency
      I'd change it to "Wild Things."
      Edit: This brings up another convention: it is customary to include
      individual measurements that are pertinent to the gear under review. For a
      windshirt that would include sleeve and torso length. As this is your first
      Review it's not required, but adding these would assist your readers.

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