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Additional EDIT: OR: ThermoJet MicroLite Stove-Cheryl McMurray

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  • Kathy Waters
    Cheryl, Thanks for graciously accepting my edits. I just checked your uploaded OR and the captions on the pictures are showing up kinda funky. Checking your
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      Thanks for graciously accepting my edits. I just checked your uploaded OR and the captions on the pictures are showing up kinda funky. Checking your source code, I see you manually tried to place them by using the HTML command ";nbsp". That's a very chance-y way of spacing. Since you use ReportWriter, the easiest way to correcting place a caption with the proper picture is to actually type in the caption in the "Caption" field under the image. When you select an image, you have (under the image) the ability to add the "Alt", border attributes and a caption.

      Let me know if you need additional assistance.


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      Subject: [BackpackGearTest] EDIT: OR: ThermoJet MicroLite Stove-Cheryl McMurray


      Very conprehensive Review! Your pictures and HTML are fine. You know the drill. When you have made the corrections, please delete the test file and upload to the brand new folder at:

      OR Editor
      I've been backpacking and hiking for four years, mostly on weekends
      year around. Overnight trips are usually three day, two night trips
      in the Eastern Sierras with 32 lb to 40 lb (15 kg to 18 kg) loads
      depending on the season. One class two rock climb with a day pack is
      common. Day hikes are 10-15 mi (16 km to 24 km) in the San
      Bernardino and San Gabriel Mountains with loads of 15 lb to 20 lb (7
      km to 9 km). I'm a tent style camper and have experienced snow,
      freezing temperatures, winds (once was gale force), light rain, but
      mostly fair weather so far.
      Edit: I know this is an issue with some editors, so I will point out that you are 8 words over the 100 word bio limit. You might want to re-word before someone gets their shorts in a bunch (or panties in a twist, as gender dictates).

      The ThermoJet MicroLite Stove is a full featured three season
      lightweight backpackers alcohol stove.
      EDIT: Change to "backpackers'" with an apostrophe at the end to show possessive.

      See the website for more information.
      COMMENT: Just my opinion, but I think you should leave this sentence out rather than directing the reader to leave your review.

      This stove can use a variety of alcohol fuels: denatured alcohol,
      methanol based gas line antifreeze, grain alcohol, 91% isopropyl
      (rubbing alcohol), and even 151 proof rum.
      COMMENT: "151 proof rum"? Captain Morgan and I are both horrified!!! <g>

      What is included Stove, Nalgene bottle, burner, simmer band Stove
      inside a 1.3 liter pan

      Stove set up In full cooking mode In simmer mode
      COMMENT: I just checked your HTML and the above two sentences are in your "ALT" tag. You might want to add them to the appropriate "Caption" fields so as to have descriptions under the pictures. Just a though!

      I do not keep the fuel with the stove but
      instead store it separately so I usually fill that end with a rolled
      up trash bag that I always bring with.
      EDIT: I think you are missing "me" at the end of this sentence.

      1.3 liter pan on the stove.
      COMMENT: Ditto my previous comment about picture captions and all other pictures below.

      I have used this stove on seven backpacking trips since April for a
      total of fourteen times heating water for breakfast and forteen times
      cooking one pot dinners in a 44 oz (1.3 l) non-stick titanium pot.
      EDIT: Correct the spelling of the second "fourteen".

      The website states that the flame can be extinguished by removing the
      combustion chamber and setting the pot directly on the burner and then
      blowing the flame out but I have not been able to successfully to
      EDIT: Change the last "to" to "do".

      .75 oz (.2 ml) fuel (measurement lines are drawn on my bottle with
      squirt spout)
      EDIT: Conventionally (and BGT standards) a leading zero is added before any decimal point. So, please add zeros to all measurements, here and elsewhere in the review, such as "0.75 oz (0.2 ml)".

      The website states that 16 oz of water
      will boil in 3 min 45 sec using .5 oz (.1 ml) of denatured alcohol
      which is more optimistic than my findings stated above however their
      findings might be based on the regular size stove.
      EDIT: Need metric conversion for 16 oz.

      1/2 package Knorr sides with 3 oz dehydrated chicken added
      EDIT: Need metric conversion for 3 oz.

      With the type of cooking that do, I can cook enough breakfasts (two 14
      oz cups of coffee) and dinners for a three day, two night backpacking
      trip with a total of 5 oz (1.4 ml) of fuel which will fit into a 4 oz
      (1.1 ml) container.
      EDIT: Need metric conversion for 14 oz.

      I have lowered the simmer band once the dinner begins to boil but have
      not noticed a difference in flame size thus questioning it's claim
      that it has a simmer mode.
      EDIT: Change "it's" to "its" to show possessive not contraction.

      The epoxy
      sealer on the burner has remained unaffected and the jets have not
      clogged yet and still performs like new.
      EDIT: Change to "perform" (plural as are "jets").

      Although I don't think that the ThermoJet MicroLite stove lives up to
      all of it's claims on it's website, specifically cooking time, fuel
      amount and ability to simmer, I do think that it is a well designed
      alcohol stove that works well in cold temperatures, breezy conditions
      and has an efficient enough cooking design to do a two night three day
      backpacking trip on just 5 oz (1.4 ml) of fuel. It's total weight
      still comes in lighter than my lightweight canister stove comparing
      equivalent parts needed by 2 oz (.6 ml), and for lighter weight
      backpacking every ounce counts.
      EDIT: Change the three instances of "it's" to "its".
      COMMENT: The first sentence is a real mouthful! If you could re-word to maybe 2 sentences, I think it would be much easier to read.

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