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EDIT - TNF Aleutian Sleeping Bag - Chad Poindexter

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  • richardglyon
    Chad, Welcome to BackpackGearTest.org. This is an excellent first Owner Review, especially noteworthy for informative photos; Ray has (as usual) mentored well.
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 8, 2009
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      Chad, Welcome to BackpackGearTest.org. This is an excellent first Owner Review, especially noteworthy for informative photos; Ray has (as usual) mentored well. I use the standard format for edits: EDIT (all caps) is a required change; Edit (initial cap) a suggested change, and Comment is a comment – no change required. After you have revised your Review, please repost plain text to the list with "REPOST," the product name, and your name in the subject line, and repost the html version to the Tests/Owner Reviews folder. Cheers, Richard

      <<LOCATION: Corinth Mississipi, Alcorn County, USA>>
      EDIT: Mississippi [spelling]
      Edit: City, county, state, and country is the usual order, but up to you.

      <I started backpacking this year and have hiked a section of the Appalachian Trail in north Georgia and in a few State Parks in northeast Mississippi and Alabama.>>
      Edit: No need to capitalize "State Parks."

      <<Size: Regular
      MSRP: (US) $89.00>>
      Edit: Consider mentioning that the Aleutian is available in a Long size at (US) $99.

      <<Shoulder Circumference Listed: 62 in (157 cm)
      Hip Circumference Listed: 58 in (147 cm)
      Foot Circumference Listed: 40 in (102 cm)
      External Length Listed: 84 in (213 cm)>>
      Edit: Did you try to measure the circumferences and external length? Circumferences are very difficult to measure – who knows where the hip point is? – but you might consider adding an "External Length Measured" line.

      <<The Aleutian sleeping bag (hereafter referred to as "Aleutian" or "the bag") is a mummy shaped bag and has a "The North Face" logo screen printed on the center front of the bag just below the face opening >>
      Edit: mummy-shaped; screen-printed [each with a hyphen]

      << It also has an easy grab zipper pull which is a 2.5 in (6 cm) gray colored flat piece of nylon looped through the zipper and sewn together.>>
      Edit: gray-colored [With a hyphen.]

      << The Aleutian also features a gray colored rounded elastic drawcord that runs perpendicular from the zipper around the hood>>
      Edit: gray-colored [With a hyphen.]
      EDIT: perpendicular to

      << The bag was accompanied by one (1) 100 % nylon stuff sack and has a single handle on the bottom end for ease of removing the bag from the stuff sack.>>
      Edit: You could delete "(1)" as redundant.

      <<I have also used the Aleutian more closer to home on overnight trips to Big Hill Pond State Park>>
      EDIT: used the Aleutian closer to home [Delete "more" as redundant.]

      <<and found out that this bag was not top of the line.>>
      Edit: top-of-the-line [with hyphens]

      <<It took me quite a few nights sleeping in the bag to get used to sleeping in a mummy style sleeping bag, but I have gotten quite used to it,>>
      Comment: You are a fast learner. After almost fifty years I still haven't gotten used to it.

      << It can be done obviously, and the downside is that if a bigger stuff sack were involved then it would just take up more room, so it's just something I must (and have) get used to, >>
      EDIT: I must get (and have gotten) used to [to get correct verb tense]

      << so I just leave it attached to itself so it wont get in my way.>>
      EDIT: won't [with an apostrophe]

      << It's not an overly priced bag, in my opinion, for what it is.>>
      Comment: Indeed not; I'd call it a bargain!

      <<I have a trip planned for Thanksgiving weekend this year >>
      EDIT: Thanksgiving weekend (late November) this year [For our international readers. Many countries have a Thanksgiving holiday but not all of them are in November.]

      <<4. I wish it had a more water proof coating.>>
      EDIT: "waterproof" is one word
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