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Re: [BackpackGearTest] LTR - Oboz Teton Shoes - Nathan Kettner

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      Sent to the wrong list! Should be "backpackgeartesters".


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      In the past two months, I've worn these shoes just about everywhere I've gone, which has been mostly to work and around town. I did get them out on the trail for a few short hikes, but nothing more than a mile and never in inclement weather or difficult terrain.


      Since I didn't wear the Teton shoes on any challenging terrain during this final test period, I can really only comment on the comfort they provided while wearing them for long durations, which was very much the same as during the previous test periods - very good.

      I intentionally avoided wearing the Teton shoes in any bad weather, or on a long backpacking trip when I reasonably expected to encounter bad weather, because they are not waterproof. In hind sight, I should have taken this feature into more critical consideration before selecting the Teton shoes for testing.


      The Teton shoes are well made, very sturdy, and quite comfortable. And, as an added bonus, they are apparently stylish - I've received several comments on their unique design. As I've noted before, my personal preference for a high-topped shoe and a waterproof layer or coating are the two biggest drawbacks for me when considering whether to choose the Teton shoes for a hike or backpacking trip.


      I will continue to wear the Teton shoes for as long as they last, but I will avoid wearing them on steep trails where my heel tends to slip and any time I expect to encounter rain or wet undergrowth that will soak the shoes and make them heavy and uncomfortable.

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