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EDIT: OWNER REVIEW: Thermarest NeoAir Sleeping Pad-Cheryl McMurray

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  • Andrew Buskov
    Hello Cheryl, your edits are as follows; EDIT: Change Me Edit: Think about changing me Comment: Everything else This is a very detailed report with good
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      Hello Cheryl, your edits are as follows;

      EDIT: Change Me
      Edit: Think about changing me
      Comment: Everything else

      This is a very detailed report with good information. A lot of this
      information is something I've questioned myself when looking into possibly
      purchasing this pad. One thing to note though is the flow; related
      information is spread throughout the report making it a difficult read. I'd
      like to suggest a different setup.

      Your Product Description section is good, and just needs a bit of gussying
      up. I think it might be easier for the reader though if you move your Field
      Conditions section up above your Impressions section. This way, you can
      discuss your trip information (location, temp, altitude, weather, etc) only
      in the Field Conditions section and put all the pad related information in
      the Impressions section instead of spreading it out over trip reports. Take
      a look at Pam and Ray's report here http://tinyurl.com/ngor6r

      Please resubmit the report for additional edits. If you have any questions
      or need additional help, please feel free to contact me direct. I'd be happy
      to help however I can.


      EDIT: ALL references to "Therm-a-rest" need to be spelled as such. It's a
      registered name. Please check over the entire document.

      EDIT: You have an extra space between Review & By

      > Email Address: cherylswan@...
      Comment: Something to think about. We allow a naming convention that such
      as cherylswan(at)earthlink(dot)net if you choose. This helps a lot with
      the spam. Especially when you have a lot of reports submitted to BGT with
      your email address.

      > I've been backpacking and hiking for four years, mostly on weekends
      > year around. Backpacks are usually 3 day, 2 night trips in the
      Edit: Reads a bit weird... You might consider changing "Backpacks are" to
      "Overnight trips", or "Multi-night excursions usually consist of". Just a

      EDIT: Nice background, but you need to talk about your overnight
      Are you a tent, tarp, or Hammock style camper? Shorten it just a bit and
      add the required information.

      > The NeoAir is a bright yellow (silver underneath) inflatable mattress
      > pad from Thermarest's "Fast & Light Series". The material is very
      > thin and light with a crinkly sound and air chambers that run
      > horizontal across the pad. It comes with a generic set of
      > instructions that is for all Thermarests but also includes a "NeoAir
      > Mattress Pro Tips" sheet. There is no insulation inside to dampen
      > when inflated rather it claims to keep one warm with the silver
      > reflective barrier that returns warmth to the body, reducing heat loss
      > to the ground. The valve is made of plastic that opens and closes by
      > turning it.
      Edit: A bit more information would be helpful. Remember, the Product
      Description is where you talk about what you see. Tell me about the packing
      size, the difference between the top and the bottom material, The shape of
      the air chambers, etc. Basically, what sets this pad apart from other
      inflatable air mattresses.

      > I immediately noticed how light and delicate the material feels making
      > me wonder about its durability. The color is quite bright but in the
      > dark with a sleeping bag on top of it, it is obviously not
      > noticeable. I like how the surface feel has a grip and hope that it
      > will cure one of my problems with other pads which is to start out
      > sleeping in one spot in the tent and waking up in another after
      > sliding off the pad or having the pad slide around. I have owned a
      > few sleeping pads and all have come with stuff sacks and repair kit
      > but this pad did not. They are sold separately, increasing the price
      > more.
      Edit: A bit more information here would be good too. The Impressions section
      is where you talk about how you feel about the product. Your statement about
      durability and the delicate material is GREAT. Talk more about your use of
      the product. Were you able to get it as small as the wide mouthed bottle in
      the picture after using it? Talk about the packability of the pad, was there
      any Velcro strap or is the rubber band the only thing provided to keep the
      pad rolled, talk about the grip of the fabric, and tell whether you noticed
      any damage so far, etc.

      > We set up camp and got the NeoAir
      > inflated all the way. After a 2 1/2 hr day hike we returned and I
      > remembered that Thermarest recommended not inflating the pad all the
      > way if the temperatures were warm. I headed to the tent and promptly
      > let some air out and although it sat there for a while fully inflated,
      > the pad was fine.
      Comment: This is GREAT information! Very useful to the reader.

      > 50s F to 70s F (10 D to 21 C) with a camping elevation of 9000 ft
      EDIT: Change 10 D to 10 C

      > After unrolling and unfolding the pad, it quickly
      > inflates in under a minute.
      Edit: Your statement makes it sound like the pad is self inflating like a
      standard therm-a-rest. Is this the case?

      > the morning temperatures were in the low 50s F I had no problems
      EDIT: Missing conversion for 50s F

      > was ready to pack up, I rolled it up unfolded, pushing most of the
      EDIT: You have an extra space after "unfolded,"

      > air out of the valve and then fold it in half, rerolling it again.
      EDIT: Change fold to folded.

      > I am careful to be sure that the pad is packed in such a way
      > that the valve is protected from possible damage in the pack.
      Comment: Does the valve feel flimsy enough to warrant this? If so, document
      this please

      > to 70s (21 C) F during the day. We had afternoon rain and
      EDIT: The rest of your report lists # F. Please change "70s (21 C) F" to
      "70s F (21 C)" to keep with this convention.

      > asleep due to it's surface grip. It has not developed any leaks yet
      EDIT: Please change it's to its.

      Edit: You have a lot of white space after your last line. You might want to
      remove some of this in your final report.

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