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EDIT: OWNER REVIEW: Titanium Goat 'Ptarmigan' bivy sack

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  • a_henrichs
    Hi David, Welcome to BGT! Below are your edits for this OR. As an FYI, edits usually take on one of 3 forms. EDITS=must change, Edits=think about changing,
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      Hi David,

      Welcome to BGT! Below are your edits for this OR. As an FYI, edits usually take on one of 3 forms. EDITS=must change, Edits=think about changing, Comments=just that.

      You have a very good review here. I have a bunch of edits for you, but most are minor and some may be due to what we lovingly call Yahooisms. Basically, some strange code translation in the post. After these edits are made, there are a couple of things you must do. First, create an html version of your review and upload it to test/Owner Review category of backpackgeartest.org. This category is only available after you log in. Once that is done, repost your review here with a tinyurl link to your html file. Since this is your first OR, it's not required, but HIGHLY ENCOURAGED that you include a picture of the product in your html file. This is required for all future reviews.

      This can be a very daunting process, but you have a great start. Keep plugging away and I look forward to reading your edited report.



      > Height: 5’9”
      EDIT: some funny characters popped up. It's probably best to use ft and in for height. Also, metric conversions are needed here.

      > Weight: 160
      EDIT: add lb as well as metric conversions

      > Tester’s hiking background:
      EDIT: another funny character that needs fixing.

      > I have hiked about 11,000 miles on and off trail throughout North America
      EDIT: conversion needed

      > I increasingly prefer routes and ‘do-it-yourself” hikes...
      EDIT: more funny characters.

      > My base weight is usually between 8 and 10 lbs.
      EDIT: metric conversions needed

      > Claimed weight: 5.8 ounces for bivy, stuff sack adds 0.2 oz
      EDIT: conversions needed

      > Product description
      EDIT: There is some info missing from this section. Are there zippers? If so, where? Also, how long is it? Are there various sizes available? How wide is it? It would be helpful to include the girth measurements from the TiGoat website. You give a general idea of size later in the OR but more specific sizing info would be useful for readers.

      > Both hoods have guy-out loops to hold the hood off the occupants face.
      EDIT: Where are these loops found on the hood? How many are there

      > Locations/Conditions of use
      EDIT: Good section, but there is some needed info missing. How easy is it to get into and out of the bivy?

      > I’ve used the Titanium Goat...
      EDIT: funny characters

      > I estimate that the bivy has been carried for approximately 1,200 trail miles...
      EDIT: conversions needed

      > About 50% of the time, the bivy was used in conjunction with my tarp shelter (modified Golite Lair 1 tarp) for the remainder it was used by itself while “cowboy” camping...
      I would either put a ; after "tarp)" or else a . and start a new sentence with "For" Also, more funny characters around cowboy.

      > I have used the bivy at elevations from 600 to 10,000 feet, night time temperatures from 30-70 degrees...
      EDIT: Conversions needed

      > and cannot vouch for it’s performance for winter use.
      EDIT: funny characters

      > Performance

      > For an ultra light product, the bivy is highly durable and shows few signs of wear.
      Comment: Are there any signs of wear? If so, a brief mention would be helpful.

      > costing significantly (sometimes half as much) less than functionally equivalent products with comparable weights.
      Edit: I would move the info in parenthesis after "less"
    • David Loome
      http://www.backpackgeartest.org/reviews/test/OWNER%20REVIEWS/Owner%20review-%20Titanium%20Goat%20Ptarmigan%20bivy%20sack/ [Non-text portions of this message
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