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Thank you Don Taylor - Re: OR of MSR Whisperlite Internationale 600 Stove

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  • Jamie D.
    PLEASE READ THIS EMAIL IN FULL. IT IS MOST IMPORTANT! Thanks for your Owner s Review. It has been added to the Owner Review Queue and will be picked up by an
    Message 1 of 3 , Aug 1, 2009
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      Thanks for your Owner's Review. It has been added to the Owner Review Queue and will be picked up by an Edit Moderator soon. If you are new to BackpackGearTest.org, welcome to the community! The Editors will work with you, within their own time constraints, to get your first two Owner Reviews approved and upload in a timely manner. Do not worry if nothing happens with it for several days. All our Editors are volunteers and your report will be subject to an official edit within fourteen days. If you have not had a response from an Edit Moderator via the Yahoo Groups list within this timeframe, please let me know directly at jdeben(at)hotmail.com

      To assist in this process, if this is your first Owner Review we ask that you post only ONE Owner Review for edit at a time. Our experience is that it is more efficient for both the Editors and
      yourself, if you post your first review, have it edited, approved and uploaded before you post your second and subsequent reviews.

      Once your first two Owner Reviews have been approved and you have submitted your Tester Agreement you will be eligible to start applying for Tests. If you'd like more assistance or guidance with the process you can request a mentor by sending an email to Jenn K., the mentor coordinator, at mentor (at) backpackgeartest.org.

      You may receive edits or comments from other members of the group. These edits and comments, while not official, should be considered carefully, and if you find them substantial, revise and re-post your review. Incorporating member edits and re-submitting to the list
      will usually result in a better review, as well as making things easier for the official Editor. Please put REVISED in the subject line of your re-submitted review if you take this route or make any
      changes to your review BEFORE the review has been taken by an Edit Moderator.

      Additionally, it is important for you to monitor the Yahoo Groups list to keep track of the progress of your Owner Review. Once an Editor has taken your OR and made the necessary edits they will post their comments to the list with EDIT in the subject line. Once you have incorporated these edits into your review please use REPOST in the subject line. When your OR has been approved by the Editor they will use APPROVED in the subject line.

      If you'd like to keep track of the progress of your OR while it's in the edit queue, the entire Owner Review Queue is posted to this yahoo group list on either Thursdays or Fridays.

      If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask via the list or contact me directly.

      Jamie DeBenedetto
      Edit Administration Manager
    • rayestrella1
      Hello Don, Thank you for your Owner Review, your initial edits will follow. They will take the following format; EDIT: must be changed Edit: should be changed
      Message 2 of 3 , Aug 7, 2009
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        Hello Don,

        Thank you for your Owner Review, your initial edits will follow. They will take the following format;

        EDIT: must be changed
        Edit: should be changed but will be left to your discretion
        Comment: just that or something to think about

        When you have made the changes please repost here with REPOST added to the subject line. Include your name also please. Put a corrected HTML version in the test folder too.

        I am going to be gone hiking over the weekend, so don't be irked if you jump right on this and I do not respond. Normally I am fairly quick.

        This is a nice job on your second review. I too had one of these stoves for many years.


        *** My backpacking trips usually consist of 15 mile days

        EDIT: you need the metric conversion too

        ***Manufacturer: MSR

        EDIT: you need the full name at least once, Mountain Safety Research (MSR)

        ***MSRP: $89.95 US

        EDIT: A MSR does not list their prices this should be N/A

        ***Listed Weight: 11.5 oz (330 g)
        ***Measured Weight for Stove and Accessories (not including fuel bottle) 13.9 oz (394 g)

        EDIT: the listed weight is stove only, they have another weight complete, you should include both and label as such to go along with both your weights.

        ***The MSR Whisperlite Internationale 600 Stove

        EDIT: the correct spelling is as MSR has it, "WhisperLite". Please correct all instances of this.

        Also, where does the "600" come from? Mine was an old one (1993) and did not have the number. Was this something between then and now?

        *** In addition to the folding legs, the stove is equipped with a flexible fuel line that allows for storage in tight spaces such as your cooking pot.

        EDIT: we try to avoid the use of words like "you" and "your" to avoid projection. Keep the review in the first person by saying "my cookpot".

        *** Pump the plunger 15-20 times and insert the stove's fuel line trough the hole in the heat reflector

        EDIT: "through" the hole

        *** Next, rotate the two movable legs into there slots around the flame reflector.

        EDIT: into "their" slots

        ***To light the stove it needs primed first.

        EDIT: it needs "to" be primed first

        *** When the priming flame is down to a small flame (30-60 seconds if you did it right), slowly open the control valve. You are ready to cook. From time to time you may need to pump the bottle a few times to maintain pressure.

        EDIT: lots of "you"s here…
        Remember the Toby Keith song "I Wanna talk about Me"? Now make it "I'm Gonna Write about Me"

        I'm gonna write about me
        gonna write about I
        gonna write about number one
        Oh my me my
        What I think, where I hike, what I know, what I use, what I see
        I know it's natural saying, you you you you, usually, but at BGT,
        I'm gonna write about meeeeee
        Yeah, only write about me

        Copyright Rayby Keith…

        ***At the time I purchased the stove it came with a five year limited warranty. It reads:

        Edit: since the warranty is long expired it is not useful to have this here. In fact I used to put warranty info in all my reviews and was told by Jerry (the man) that it is not really necessary, nor desired. So now I don't.

        ***I have burned white gas and jet fuel (I work at an airport and had to give it try)

        Comment: all us red-blooded guys salute you. (Some with burn scars I am sure…)
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