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OWNER REVIEW - Rocky 8” AlphaForce Zipper Boots

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  • Zach
    Rocky 8” AlphaForce Zipper Boots - Biographical Information Name: Zach Wahrer Age: 25 Gender: Male Height: 5 10” (1.78m) Weight: 155 lbs. (70kg) Email
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 26, 2009
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      Rocky 8” AlphaForce Zipper Boots

      - Biographical Information

      Name: Zach Wahrer
      Age: 25
      Gender: Male
      Height: 5' 10” (1.78m)
      Weight: 155 lbs. (70kg)
      Email address: wolfstamme@...
      City, State, Country: Dublin, TX, USA
      Date: July 25, 2009

      Backpacking Background:
      I have been hiking and camping ever since I was a young child, seriously
      backpacking for over a year and growing increasingly interested in
      mountaineering. I also rock climb. Right now I mostly do three day, two
      night weekend trips with my wife and two dogs for conditioning with a
      bigger climb thrown in every so often. I generally carry a heavy pack
      and seek the steepest terrain possible in order to train for trips to
      big mountains. I have mostly been backpacking in hot weather, but am
      also seeking some cold weather experience.

      - Product Information:

      Manufacturer: Rocky
      Year Purchased: 2007
      Manufacturer's Website: http://www.rockyboots.com
      Manufacturer's Listed Weight: Not listed on website
      Measured Weight: 3.4 lbs. (1.54kg) for the pair
      Size tested: 10M
      Widths Available: Medium, Wide
      Sizes Available: Men's 7-11 w/ ½ sizes, 12-14.
      Colors Available: Black
      MSRP: $99.99

      - Product Description:

      Men's waterproof Rocky 8" Zipper AlphaForce Boots, made in China.
      Full-grain leather and lightweight 1,000-denier nylon combination
      uppers; Oil and slip resistant RigiTrac, non-marking outsole; Terra
      Suspension footbed. It has a heavy duty 7” (17.8cm) zipper on the inner
      side of the boot with a double snap flap that keeps the zipper from
      unzipping while you wear them.

      - Field Information:

      I originally bought the Rocky AlphaForce boots to use them for training
      in preparation to enlisting in the military, hoping to get something
      close to the boots currently in use by the Army. As such, my initial use
      was road and trail marching (of which I did probably close to 75 miles
      (121km.) with a 60lb. (27kg.) pack over the span of three months. My
      longest trip was 10 mile (16km) road march (Logan Co., Ohio) with a 30
      lb. (13.6kg) pack on hilly terrain in sunny conditions of about 80
      degrees F (26 degrees C). I also used the boots in cold conditions for a
      6 mile (9.6km) winter training hike (Old Mans Cave, Ohio) with a 50 lb.
      (22.6kg) pack over hilly, hard pack trails in temperatures around 30
      degrees F (-1 degrees C). Comfort during these uses was excellent, even
      with the quick marching on hard surfaces (roads, hard pack trails,

      After my plan for joining the Army fell through, I became more
      interested in backpacking and mountaineering. I continued using these
      boots for backpacking and general hiking, finding them an excellent
      choice for both. I use them on every climb we take.

      11 miles (17.7km) on the Lonestar Trail in Sam Houston National Forest,
      mainly flat, well established trail with temperatures in the 70 degree F
      (21 degree C) range with some rain and a 51 lb. (23kg) pack.

      9 miles (14.5km) over 3 days in Dinosaur Valley State Park, TX, on
      rocky, steep trails with temperatures in the 90 degree F (32 degree C)
      range with a 50 lb. (22.7kg) pack. On this trip we crossed a river a few
      times and the waterproofing kept the water out all the way up to the
      8” (20cm) mark.

      14 miles (22.5km) over 3 days at Colorado Bend State Park, TX on rocky,
      steep trails and some off trail hiking through scrub and cactus with
      temperatures in the 90 degree F (32 degree C) range and a 42 lb. (19kg)
      pack. Never got stuck by any of the cactus (prickly pear) plus the
      8” (20cm) height came in nice when not on trail in the form of at least
      some protection from possible snakes and tough plants.

      5 miles (8k) over 2 days at Wichita Mountains National Wildlife Refuge,
      OK, on steep, rocky trails and also scrambling and bouldering with
      temperatures in the 90 degree F (32 degree C) range and a 42 lb. (19kg)
      pack. We climbed Elk Mountain (2270 ft., 692m) which has approximately
      600 ft. (183m) of vertical gain on a mile (1.6km) long trail. The boots
      did very well, giving me excellent traction on steep boulders and hills.

      I haven't used the boots extensively in snow, but have walked around in
      a few Ohio winters in them with excellent results. The waterproofing
      keeps you dry and the tread pattern on the sole seems to work well. With
      a good pair of socks they seem to be decently insulated. I wouldn't want
      to wear them in sub-zero weather, but I think they would be fine for
      more temperate conditions.

      - Summary

      Overall, these have been excellent boots for hiking and climbing, even
      though I don't think they were designed with that use in mind. They
      broke in fairly quick, with only minimal blistering (probably more from
      wearing cotton socks than the boots themselves). They have held up very
      well over the two years I have owned them and they seem like they will
      give me many more years of use. They are extremely comfortable on long,
      rocky hikes and the waterproofing allows you to slog through anything
      less than 8” (20cm) deep without worrying you're gonna get squishy feet.
      The zipper makes taking them off after a tiring day of hiking a quick
      and easy affair. The one downfall of this boot is the fact that they
      don't breath well. I don't have excessively sweaty feet, but the boots
      seem to hold in all the moisture. Wool socks seem to help keep the
      moisture away from your feet a bit better, but its still not ideal.
      Other than that (and it's something I can deal with), they are excellent
      boots for traction, comfort, durability, and style.


      Doesn't breath as much as I would like

      Leather seems to scuff easily (probably just natural to leather)

      Could be cooler for hot summer hiking, warmer for colder winter hiking


      Extremely comfortable


      Excellent traction on almost any terrain

      Great Price
    • Jamie D.
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