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EDIT - Tilley T3 Hat - Don Taylor

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  • richardglyon
    Don, Welcome to BackpackGearTest.org, and thanks for your Owner Review. This is a good start on an Owner Review, and I hope that you will take my edits as
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 20, 2009
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      Don, Welcome to BackpackGearTest.org, and thanks for your Owner Review. This is a good start on an Owner Review, and I hope that you will take my edits as direction toward conforming to BGT protocols and constructive suggestions. If you'd like some help with the OR process I encourage you to request a mentor by contacting Jenn AT Backpackgeartest DOT org. One of our veteran testers will be assigned to guide you. I don't consider that necessary, however, and so am proceeding to your edits.

      I use our standard format for edits:

      EDIT (all caps) is a required change
      Edit (initial cap) is a suggested change, or request for clarification. Up to you.
      Comment is just that, with no change needed.

      When you have revised your report please repost to this list, with "Repost," the product name, and your name in the subject line. Delete your current draft from the Test/Owner Review folder, repost your revised report there, and include a link (preferably in Tinyurl or Snipurl format) in your repost to the list.

      Cheers, Richard

      EDIT: Delete "Owner Review" in the top line (it's only needed once, under your name. Or "Owner Review by Don Taylor")
      EDIT: The title should reflect the manufacturer's name for the product: Tilley T3 Hat. There are many Tilley hats but only one T3. Also see the EDIT below about the model.

      <EMAIL: drt2769@... <mailto:drt2769@...>
      Edit: I suggest you spell this out, to deter copying by spammers. (E.g., drt2769 AT hotmail DOT com)

      <WAIST 36 inches (914mm)
      BOOT SIZE 10 US
      INSEAM 30 Inches (762mm)>
      EDIT: Waist, inseam, and boot size are irrelevant to a hat review. (They would be very useful if you were reviewing pants or trail runners.) Please delete these lines and replace with your hat size.
      Comment: Good for you in adding more than the minimum in your Personal Details. Including pertinent details can really help a reader understand a point a reviewer is making.

      <For the past 12 years I have been camping/backpacking primarily in Ohio, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Virginia with the Allegheny National Forest as the most frequented location. My trips are generally long weekends and I try to camp or hike at least once in all 4 seasons with the fall being my favorite. My backpacking trips usually consist of 15 mile days and a group of 2-3 other hikers in forested, moderately hilly areas. I consider myself a lightweight, slow and steady hiker. The winter hikes often involve heavy snow and freezing temperatures.>
      Comment: Very good job on your bio, and it's under the 100-word limit.

      <Year of Manufacture: 1998 (Presumed)>
      EDIT: Replace this line with "Year of Purchase: 1998"

      <Manufacturer's Website: www.tilley.com <http://www.tilley.com>
      EDIT: This needs to be clickable.

      EDIT: We need more details here, such as brim width (see below), crown height, colors (yours and others that are available), and size (yours and Tilley's range). This last item is especially important in light of your observation about a great fit. One reason Tilleys fit so well is that they are sized in one-eighth inch increments, rather than the more common S, M, L, XL.

      <MSRP: US$60>
      EDIT: $65 US

      <The preshrunk hat is made from 11 oz (312g) of Hemp and is resistant to rain and mildew in addition to providing protection against UVA/UVB radiation with its UPF 50+ rating.>
      EDIT: The T3 isn't made of hemp; the TH4 and TH5 are but don't have snaps. Please verify your model and make the necessary corrections. Note that if it is a hemp hat, the hemp is 11 oz hemp (the weight of a square yard of the fabric), not 11 oz of hemp. That's more than the hat weighs! And "hemp" shouldn't be capitalized.

      <The hat offers a wide brim which helps shield the eyes from rain and sunlight.>
      EDIT: How wide? This is the sort of thing on which a mentor can advise. We usually include measurement of a noteworthy feature. It's required when the manufacturer has a listed measurement for it, as does Tilley. You could add these data under product details if you wish.

      <Located in the inside of the hat is a hidden pocket that is closed with Velcro.>
      EDIT: closed with a hook-and-loop patch. [Velcro is a trademark and its owner jealously guards against improper use. Unless Tilley says it's Velcro, a change is required.]

      <Care instructions that come with that hat are very straight forward and easy to follow.>
      Edit: straightforward [one word]

      < The materials and construction appeared to be better than other comparable hats.>
      Edit: At BGT we don't do "shootouts" – comparisons with other specific products. You haven't done so here, but you are close to the line. Consider rephrasing to something like "The materials and construction are first-rate, better than comparable hats I have seen." This avoids a comparison to all and limits your observation to what you personally have seen.

      EDIT: This section needs a bit more detail. As you've worn the hat for more than a decade details of every trip aren't needed, but some temperature ranges (perhaps highest and lowest) and locations would enhance your point. Consider describing one particular trip on which something out of the ordinary occurred to or because of the hat.

      < Although the Tilley Hat comes with a lifetime guarantee, I would guess that Tilley Endurables get very few returns to deal with.>
      EDIT: Although the Tilley Hat came with a lifetime guarantee when I bought it, [So did mine when I bought mine. But no more: "If you ever succeed in wearing out your Tilley Hat (and some have), send us the remains and we will replace it free. If you want to keep your faithful, old, worn-out friend, tell us and we`ll return it to you. We understand. Remember: Upon purchase, your Hat is covered by a two-year, all-peril, 50% deductible, Hat Insurance Policy to take the pain out of loss or irreparable damage." You should note the current warranty (perhaps in the Product Details section) and modify this text to indicate that it was a lifetime warranty once upon a time. OK to keep it as a "Like" as yours has the longer warranty.]
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