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Edit - Deuter Kid Carrier II - Suzi Gibson

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  • richardglyon
    Hi Suzi, thanks for the Owner Review. You know the drill – EDIT(all caps) is a required change, Edit (initial cap) a suggested change, and Comment a comment
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 7, 2009
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      Hi Suzi, thanks for the Owner Review. You know the drill – EDIT(all caps) is a required change, Edit (initial cap) a suggested change, and Comment a comment with no change required. After revising please repost to the list, with Repost followed by the product name and your name in the Subject line, and repost the revised html to the Tests/Owner Reviews folder. Very instructive photos, by the way. Cheers, Richard

      <Deuter Kid Comfort II
      Owner Review May 28, 2009><Title>
      EDIT: Add "by Suzi Gibson" after "Owner Review," and move the date to a third line.
      EDIT: Add "Child Carrier Pack" after "Kid Comfort II"
      Edit: Consider solid caps or larger font size for the product name.

      <Listed weight: 6 lbs (2.7 kg) 1 oz (28 g)
      Actual Weight: 6 lbs (2.7 kg) 6 oz (170 g)>
      EDIT: lb [not "lbs']
      EDIT: Combine the weights – 6 lb 1 oz (2.7 kg); 6 lb 6 oz (2.9 kg)

      <Pack Volume: 1000 cubic inches (16387 cubic cm)>
      EDIT: The standard metric measurement of pack volume is liters, here 16.4 L

      <Maximum Load: 48.5 lbs (22 kg)>
      Edit: Consider "Maximum Load, listed:"

      MSRP: US$218.95>
      EDIT: I found no MSRP on the website. If you have a tag from Deuter (and not a retailer), please indicate that as the source. If not, change to "Not available." We don't allow retailer's prices.

      <I purchased this pack in May 2008 so I could hit the trail again and take my then infant, now toddler daughter with me.>
      Edit: then-infant [with a hyphen]

      < Its been used nearly every week since then.>
      EDIT: It's [with an apostrophe – contraction for "it has"]

      <All hikes ranged from 3-6 miles (4.8 – 9.7 km). It has also been used on my neighborhood walks (~3 miles, 4.8 km),>
      Edit: Consider rounding off the metric conversions – 5-10 km and 5 km.

      <The carrier is the Storm Anthrocite color, which is a slate blue like color with grey and black trim.>
      EDIT: Anthracite [spelling]
      Edit: blue-like [with a hyphen]

      <The hexlite 210 is "a lightweight nylon with a 210 denier rating>
      EDIT: Hexlite [A trademark that must be capitalized.]

      <The kickstand has two soft plastic pads the minimize scuffing and absorb impacts from setting the carrier down.>
      EDIT: pads that minimize [or "pads to minimize"]

      <This is done by un-velcroing the Velcro closure, removing it from the ladder systems and reinserting it into the ladder the best fits and re-securing the Velcro.The number of straps on the ladder makes it easy to get a very good fit.>
      EDIT: Velcro is a trademarked product whose owner jealously protects its mark. Unless the pack or something from Deuter (not a retailer) indicates that the pack uses this brand, change Velcro to "hook-and-loop" and un-velcroing to "unhooking." If indeed it's Velcro, then change un-velcroing to un-Velcroing, with a capital "V." Here and elsewhere in your report.

      < Deuter's `air contact' system is a padding system designed to effectively circulate air in and around the padding and thus helping to dissipate heat from underneath the pack as well as the back padding in the child carrier section.>
      EDIT/Edit: If 'air contact' is capitalized when described by Deuter you should capitalize the term as well. I couldn't find this feature on the product page, but perhaps it's elsewhere on the site.

      <In addition, there are small (approximately 0.75 in/ 1.9 cm) loops on pack that allow for the rain/sun shade and the full rain cover to be attached.>
      EDIT: The product page describes a "Sun and Rain Cover" as an optional feature. If you are referring to that, you should capitalize it as Sun and Rain Cover, as Deuter does. If not, change to "a full rain cover."

      <This compartment measures approximately 8.0 x 9.0 x 11.0 in (20 x 23 x 28 cm) and has a zipper closer.>
      Edit: Consider deleting "closer" as redundant.

      < The carrier has seen approximately 100 miles (161km) on the trail and easily over 200 miles (322 km) on local and neighborhood walks.>
      EDIT: Add a space before "km" in the first parenthetical.
      Edit: Consider rounding the conversions to 160 and 320 km

      <Having a somewhat short torso, I also appreciate how well this carrier fits and seems to mould to my back.>
      Edit: My dictionary lists "mold" as the American spelling.
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