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Edit - Angela Bosevich-REI Merino Wool Light Hiker II Socks, Women's

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  • richardglyon
    Angela, thanks. The Survival Guide states that all reports except a first Owner Review must contain photographs of the product, so you need to add at least
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      Angela, thanks. The Survival Guide states that all reports except a first Owner Review must contain photographs of the product, so you need to add at least one. If you are new to digital photography or are having difficulty uploading, join the BGT Web list and good help will be available.

      I am going ahead with your edits so that you can address them too. I follow the usual BGT format: EDIT (all caps) means a required change, Edit (initial cap) a suggested change, and a Comment is just that – no change required. After you have revised, please re-post the plain text to this list with a tinyurl link to the html version (with at least one photograph) that you should post in the Tests/Owner Reviews folder. Cheers, Richard

      <REI Merino Wool Light Hiker II Socks - Women's [Title]>
      EDIT: Make your title three lines:
      REI Merino Wool Light Hiker II Socks - Women's
      Owner Review by Angela Bosevich
      May 18, 2009

      <Shoe Size: Women's US 7.5>
      Comment: Good on you for including this; many newbies forget to include pertinent sizes and measurements.

      <E-mail address: angelabosevich@...>
      Edit: You might want to write this out (angelabosevich AT …) to discourage spammers.

      <Date: 05/18/2009>
      EDIT: Delete this line as the date should be in the title of your review. Whenever you use a date, write out the month, as our European and Australian readers follow a different convention on abbreviations – day first, not month.

      <Listed weight: N/A>
      Edit: There's no need for this line; consider deleting it.

      <Measured weight: 2.25 oz (64 g)>
      EDIT: Indicate whether this is per sock or per pair.
      Edit: Consider adding a line "Related Products: REI also offers a men's version of these socks, in different colors." [Great socks – I have a couple pairs, though not in pink.]

      <The REI Women's Merino Wool Light Hiker II Socks are soft, plush socks that are just the right height to wear with hiking boots.>
      EDIT: This sentence is projection – making a statement about the product that applies to people other than you. Many people hike in shorter or longer socks and presumably consider them "just the right height;" and many people wear boots of many different heights. BGT doesn't allow projection, so you need to revise this. You might make it personal "just the right height for me to wear with my hiking boots." Or you might make modify the "right height" by describing the socks as (for example) "riding just above the cuffs of a mid-height hiking boots." Either way be sure to indicate which height boots you are talking about.

      <Merino wool has natural wicking capabilities and is known for its ability to keep you warm even if it gets wet.>
      EDIT: Anytime the second person (you or your) appears there's a risk of projection. Change to "keep me warm."

      <Out and about>
      EDIT: You need a bit more information about the weather and hiking conditions you've encountered when wearing the socks. No need to list details of every hike, but describe some of the trail conditions (paved, dirt, established trail, bushwhacking, etc), length of a typical trail day, and weather (rain, humidity, dust, etc). Here or above you should indicate the type of hiking boots you usually wear; if more than one type, indicate those that you've worn when wearing the socks.

      <I bought these socks in May, 2008.>
      Edit: You might delete the comma.

      <temperatures ranging from 25°-90°F (-4-32 C)>
      EDIT: (-4 to 32 C) [Avoids confusion.]

      <The appearance of the socks is a nice change from all of the earth toned hiker's gear I tend to see in stores.>
      Edit: earth-toned [with a hyphen]

      < I wear a US Women's Shoe Size 7.5 and these Medium size socks fit me perfectly.>
      EDIT: shoe size [all lower case]
      Edit: "size Medium" would be clearer, avoiding confusion with medium-sized. "Medium" should be capitalized, as you have done.]

      < My feet over pronate and I need all the help I can get!>
      Edit: over-pronate [with a hyphen]

      --- In BackpackGearTest@yahoogroups.com, "ballangiegrrl" <angelabosevich@...> wrote:
      > Richard, here is the link to my html version of my 2nd Owner's Review. Sorry, I completely forgot that step.
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