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REPOST: Gregory Z30 - Cheryl McMurray

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  • Cheryl Mcmurray
    Hi Richard, Thank you for all of your edits. I m sorry it took me so long to address this but somehow the posting never showed up in my e-mail box. I just
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      Hi Richard,
      Thank you for all of your edits. I'm sorry it took me so long to
      address this but somehow the posting never showed up in my e-mail
      box. I just found it today. I have made all of the required and
      suggested edits and here is a link to the upload.
      Thank you for your time,


      MAY 7, 2009


      Name: Cheryl McMurray
      Age: 50
      Gender: Female
      Height: 5' 8" (173 cm)
      Weight: 145 lb (66.6 kg)
      Torso Length: 18.5 in (47 cm)
      Email Address: cherylswan@...
      City, State, Country: Garden Grove, California, U.S.


      I've been backpacking and hiking for 3 years, mostly on weekends.
      Backpacks are usually 2-3 day trips in the Eastern Sierras with 38-50
      lb (17-22 kg) loads depending on the season and a distance around 30
      mi (48 km). One class 2 rock climb with a day pack is common. I am
      working towards lighter weight loads. Day hikes are 10-15 mi (16-24
      km) in the San Bernardino and San Gabriel Mountains with loads of
      15-20 lb (7-9 km). I have camped in snow, freezing temperatures,
      winds (once was gale force), but mostly fair weather encounters so far.


      Manufacturer: Gregory Mountain Products
      Manufacturer Website: www.gregorypacks.com
      Size: Medium 1800 in^3 (29.5 l)
      Listed Weight: 2 lb 12 oz (1.25 kg)
      Actual Weight: 2 lb 10 oz (1.19 kg)
      MSRP: Not Available
      Purchase Date: July 2007

      FEATURES: (taken from website)

      JetStream´┐Ż DTS Suspension
      Auto-Fit harness system
      Dual hydration ports and sleeve
      Expandable front bucket pocket
      Side and bottom compression
      Quick access waist belt pockets
      Side mesh pockets with compression pass-through
      Dual axe/tool attachment points
      210d double box ripstop


      Size Volume
      Weight Torso Length
      S 1650 in^3 (27.5 l cm^3) 2 lbs 10 oz (1.19 kg) 16-18
      in (40-46 cm)
      M 1800 in^3 (29.5 l cm^3) 2 lbs 12 oz (1.25 kg) 18-20 in
      (46-51 cm)
      L 1920 in^3 (31.5 l cm^3) 2 lbs 14 oz (1.30 kg) 20-22
      in (51-56 cm)


      This pack size is a unisex medium in a citron yellow color (no longer
      available). It has a stiff suspension frame that sits on the outside
      back of the pack but under the mesh panel that is next to my back.
      The strap adjustments include side compression straps (two on each
      side), chest strap, waist belt, shoulder straps, load lifters, and hip
      stabilizers. It has two mesh pockets with nylon covers on the hip
      belt large enough to carry sunscreen, compass, and some snacks. It
      has two side elastic pockets that will carry a one liter water bottle
      and/or thermos of coffee along with a large zip pocket in front, small
      shovel pocket, lid pocket at the front top, main compartment, two ice
      axe loops and a shock cord loop at each side for hiking poles. These
      loops can be unhooked and connected to each other for strapping
      clothing to the outside. There is a hydration sleeve inside with an
      exit port on both the right and left side. There are two hook-and-
      loop straps just above the hydration pocket that a bladder can be
      hooked to. There is also a zipper on the upper inside main
      compartment through which one can access the frame but is very small.

      Side view of Gregory Z30 Front view of Gregory
      Z30 Gregory Z30 back view


      I purchased this pack to replace my previous pack that was becoming
      uncomfortable on my shoulders. I picked the Gregory because of the
      suspension system which felt very stiff and I thought it would carry
      loads better. I tend to hike with enough gear to get me though a cold
      night if necessary so my pack weight, consequently, is a little
      heavier. I liked the idea of the mesh panel for ventilation the hip
      belt pockets and mesh side pockets. The hiking pole loops were
      another featured I liked as it is nice to be able to stash them when I
      need both hands free. The loops at the bottom are for an ice axe but
      I was not intending to use this for winter so I use them for keeping
      the poles in place when there is no room for them in the mesh side
      pockets. The material and zippers are water resistant.

      I have used this pack about 20 times in the San Gabriel Mountains, San
      Bernardino Mountains, and Santa Ana Mountains in Southern California.
      The conditions included light snow cover, drizzle and warm sunny
      days. I have used this pack on hikes ranging from 10-15 mi (16-24 km)
      distances with loads of 15-19 lb (6.8-8.6 kg). This is total weight
      including pack, food and water.


      Mt. Baldy San Gabriel Mountains April 2009

      This was a spring hike but just one day after a fresh 2 in (5 cm)
      snowfall. The temperatures were around freezing at the start but
      warmed up to the high 40s F (around 8 C). It was an 8 mi (13 km)
      hike with 4,000 ft (1200 m) of elevation gain. I used two Nalgene
      bottles, one in the side mesh pocket and one stashed inside the
      hydration sleeve. I also had a thermos of coffee in the other mesh
      pocket. I was able to fit all my snacks and lunch in the top lid
      along with some extra clothes, first aid kit, and 10 essentials bag in
      the main compartment. I strapped a sit pad, Yaktrax, and soft shell
      jacket on the outside. A locator device and GPS fit nicely on each
      shoulder strap. The total weight with the pack was 16 lb 8 oz (7.5
      kg). It sat very comfortably on my back and I never had to make any
      further adjustments. The water bottle in the side pocket fell out
      once (almost losing it down the mountainside) when I bent over to pick
      something up but was able to retrieve it. The pack performed well and
      except for almost losing the water bottle, I had no complaints.

      Gregory Z30 packed for light snow
      hike Z30 with
      14 lb (6.3 kg) of gear

      Santiago Peak, Cleveland National Forest January 2009

      This day hike was 14 mi (22.5 km) and 4,400 ft (1300 m) elevation
      gain It lasted 9 hrs in drizzle and light rain. I used a 3-liter
      Camelbak Unbottle in the hydration sleeve which barely fit but I was
      able to zip the main compartment completely shut. Due to the curved
      mesh backing of the pack, it produces a curve inside the main
      compartment that makes accessing items in the lower area difficult
      when using a 3 liter hydration bladder. I had my usual thermos of
      coffee in one of the side mesh pockets and rain gear, spare clothing
      and some essentials in the main compartment. All of my food fit into
      the top lid and I kept a supply of snacks in the hip pockets. I used
      a pack cover to keep my dry clothing dry since Gregory states that the
      pack is water resistant but not waterproof. Although the hip pockets
      have mesh on the sides, items inside remain dry. The pack was
      comfortable at a weight of 19 lb (8.6 kg) and carried everything I
      needed for a challenging day.

      Muir Peak San Gabriel Mountains, Southern California

      This was a day hike that was 10 mi (16 km) with 2900 ft (900 m) of
      elevation gain. The temperatures ranged from 70 F (21 C) in the
      morning to 97 F (36 C) during the hottest part of the day. I was
      carrying a load of 19 lb (8.6 km) including the weight of the pack. I
      had a GPS on one shoulder strap and locator beacon on the other. I
      carried my usual essentials along with a fleece pullover and sit pad
      strapped to the front of the pack, and a 3-liter hydration bladder.
      This day presented some comfort problems due to the improper
      distribution of weight in the pack. I felt the discomfort at the
      shoulder strap area but after stopping a few times to redistribute the
      weight was able to correct the problem. The mesh panel was extremely
      nice with the warm temperatures we were experiencing. The photo below
      is a typical summer load that I would carry as described above. The
      space between my back and the mesh panel can be easily seen.

      Gregory Z30 packed for summer hike


      Comfort when packed properly
      External hip and mesh side pockets
      Bowed Mesh Back (for ventilation)
      Ability to hook the two looped shock cords together


      Bowed Mesh Back (difficulty accessing gear in lower main compartment
      with a 3 liter hydration bladder in the sleeve
      Price (higher end price for day pack)


      I have used this day pack on every 3 season hike I have taken since my
      purchase in 2007. I don't use this in winter as I feel it is too
      small for extra winter clothing, ice axe, crampon, and possibly
      snowshoes. It has many nice features including the two side pockets,
      hiking pole loops that can be connected to attach a jacket to the
      outside, and hip belt pockets. The shoulder and hip belt straps are
      very comfortable when my load is distributed properly.

      I would recommend this pack.

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