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  • pamwyant
    EDIT: OR - SALOMON TECHAMPHIBIAN SANDALS – Hollis Luzecky Hi Hollis, Nice job on the re-write. This is shaping up to be a very good review with a lot of
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 30, 2009
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      Hi Hollis,

      Nice job on the re-write. This is shaping up to be a very good review with a lot of useful information.

      I do have a few minor items for you to address. The convention around here pretty much goes like this:

      EDIT: required correction
      Edit: something needs changed, but you have some discretion as to how
      Comment: a suggestion for improvement, or sometimes merely a comment on something that strikes our editor's fancy.

      Once you have made the necessary corrections, load a new HTML version to the test folder on BackpackGearTest.org, and re-post a plain text version here with a link to the HTML version.
      I was going to provide a link to BGTFileUploadHelp in case you are still having photo problems, but it looks like you already have posted there. Hopefully that was enough to help. If not, please don't hesitate to post there for more help. (I am HTML illiterate – I use a program that does it all for me, so I am not much use there.)

      I look forward to seeing your revised version soon. If you get all the corrections made, I expect I can issue an approval at that time, and your first OR will be nearly done!



      I started backpacking almost 15 years ago, mostly taking weekend trips. I have done a few one to two weeks trips. I enjoy weekend and weeklong kayaking trips as well; so waterproof (or waterproofing) my gear is essential. I like my gear to be light, but I don't currently own the lightest gear and depending on the terrain I don't always carry the lightest pack. I normally hike on well-maintained trails in hilly, rocky terrain, but also across creeks and marshy terrain. I am a four-season hiker, encountering rain, snow, wind gusts, extreme heat, and freezing temperatures. I rarely hike in hard mountainous terrain, but have expanded my horizons recently with a trip up Mt. Kilimanjaro.

      ### EDIT: Your biography is several words over our 100 word limit (at 116 according to Microsoft word). You will need to tighten it up a bit to get it at or under 100 words.

      The heel is adjustable with a buckle and strap, which adds to the personal fit and it is also convertible, folding down so the shoes can be slipped on like sandals.

      ### EDIT: need a comma after "personal fit"

      Length of Ownership: 5 years

      Field Activities and Conditions:
      I have worn these shoes during a variety of activities both indoors and outdoors, including:
      • Hiking (with and without a day pack),
      • Backpacking (with a pack as heavy as 35 lb),
      • Kayaking,
      • Road and trail biking,
      • Beach bumming,
      • River cleanups,
      • Gardening,
      • Urban sightseeing,
      • Festival going,
      • Gym workouts,
      • Office work.

      I have worn these shoes on a variety of terrains, both with and without socks, including:
      • Sidewalks,
      • Urban hikes,
      • Paved trails,
      • Rocky bike paths,
      • Wood chip trails,
      • Rock scrambling trails,
      • Boulder jumping,
      • Well-maintained forest trails,
      • Overgrown forest trails,
      • Muddy trails,
      • The English country-side,
      • Sections of the Appalachian Trail,
      • Lake shores,
      • Sandy beaches,
      • Creek, stream and river crossings.

      ### Comment: When using bulleted lists, it's customary not to use punctuation (commas and periods) at the ends of the lines. This is relatively minor, and somewhat of a style issue, so I'll leave it up to you as to whether you want to change it or leave it.

      The "Quickfit" Kevlar lacing system is fantastic for tightening them down quickly and I never have to tie any laces. But, the laces tend to flop around because the Velcro fastener doesn't tuck into the tongue pocket like it is supposed to (Salomon has changed the laces on the newer styles, replacing the Velcro fastener with plastic tips that do fit into the tongue pocket).

      ### Edit/comment: Do you have confirmation that the hook and loop fastener is Velcro brand? We are pretty careful with this. If it cannot be confirmed as Velcro brand, please change to "hook and loop fastener".

      The mesh sides give excellent ventilation, making them very cool and keep my feet from sweating.

      ### Edit: you either need a comma after "cool" or change "keep" to "keeping".

      I take them with me on every trip. For easy terrain, I will wear them over 8-10 miles/day with hiking socks, and even with a 25 lb (11.34 kg) pack. On rougher or steeper terrain, I will wear them over 6-8 miles/day without a pack.

      ### EDIT: You need the distance conversions in both of these sentences.

      I can't hike in the Techamphibians with dry bare feet all day. At most, I can go about 2 miles with dry bare feet. However, in rain or water crossings I have no trouble with my feet getting sore. As long as my bare feet are wet, the shoes are comfortable.

      ### EDIT: This is a repetition of earlier information. It should be used one place or the other, but not both.

      After a stream crossing, the shoes dry in about 30 minutes, the insoles dry in about 4 hours if you remove the insole and allow it to dry separately (drying time is longer if it is humid).

      ### EDIT: …dry in about 4 hours if *I* remove the insole…

      When the insoles are wet they do not feel too soggy to continue walking, but I find it best to remove the insole before crossing water so it does not soak your socks when you put them back on after crossing.

      #### EDIT: …so it does not soak *my* socks when *I* put them back on…

      The shoes themself do not get soggy, so putting your socks on immediately after crossing does not tend to impact my hiking in the shoes.

      ### EDIT: …so putting *my* socks…

      Replacement laces are, however, available at most outdoor retailers.

      ### Edit: This skirts the border of projection (unless you visit a lot of outdoor retailers in a lot of different areas of the country and internationally). How about re-wording to: "I have noticed replacement laces available at most outdoor retailers I have visited".

      Because the heel folds down flat, you can slip them on around camp or when getting out of your tent.

      ## EDIT: *I* can slip them on around camp or when getting out of *my* tent.

      • Mesh sides are not good in sandy or thorny brush

      ### Edit: I think you mean in sandy *soil*.
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