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Owner Review- Victorinox camping knife- Keith

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  • keithmitch81
    Hi, the link to the test folder is here: http://tinyurl.com/bghl6r Below is the test coopy Thanks! Keith Victorinox Camping Knife Owner Review March 1,
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 5, 2009
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      Hi, the link to the test folder is here: http://tinyurl.com/bghl6r
      Below is the test coopy Thanks! Keith Victorinox "Camping"
      Knife Owner Review March 1, 2009 Name: Keith Mitchell Age: 27 Gender:
      Male Height: 6 ft (183 cm) Weight: 175 lb (79.3 kg) Email:
      RkeithATpshiftDOTcom City: Bend State: Oregon Country: United States
      Hiking Background: I grew up hiking in the Green Mountains of northern
      Vermont, Where every conceivable form of inclement weather is tolerated.
      Now I live in central Oregon and hike where the weather is nice and the
      woods relatively bug free! I'd like to be a lightweight
      backpacker...but refuse to compromise my comfort for a few pounds. I use
      a tarp/ bivy sack when backpacking solo and a Jumbo dome tent and tons
      of luxury when car camping with my wife and dog. Product Details:
      Victorinox Swiss Army Camping Knife Now sold as "Camper" knife
      Manufacturer: Victorinox Manufacturer URL: www.victorinox.com Listed
      length: 3.58 inches (91 mm) Verified Accurate Width: .875 inches (22.2
      mm) Thickness: .63 inches (16 mm) Listed Weight: N/A Measured weight: 3
      oz (85 grams) Blades and tools are stainless steel Red plastic handle is
      made of Cellidor Lifetime Warranty MSRP: N/A Description: This
      knife is a little bigger than a large BIC lighter but much heavier. It
      has an embossed logo and model name on the side of the rounded red
      handle which I find quite comfortable to hold. It has a key ring and 12
      tools sturdily packed into the body so that no tool pokes out or is
      uncomfortable to hold while not in use. The tools are as follows: large
      blade, small blade, corkscrew, can opener, small screwdriver, bottle
      opener, large screwdriver, wire stripper, punch/reamer (the camper has a
      thread hole in this blade), wood saw, tweezers and toothpick. Field
      Use: In thinking of the field conditions I've used this knife in,
      I'm reminded of the fact that I've had this knife for almost 20
      years. And as it was my very first knife, it's taken a lot of abuse.
      I grew up camping with this knife, it's been dropped in the mud,
      water, and snow. I've built childhood forts with it, and used it in
      10 below zero conditions and traveled from sea level to 11,000 ft (3,353
      m) with this knife in my pocket. Review: All the tools have been
      used thoroughly and every tool has functioned very well. The only part I
      have yet to use is the wire stripper. The blades are high quality
      stainless steel, so they hold a very sharp edge for a very long time,
      I've probably only given this knife 4 or 5 tune-ups in its 20 year
      life! The saw (the teeth resemble a mini Sierra saw in design) works
      very well but is restricted by its 2.875 in (7.3 cm) blade. The large
      straight blade is a nice size for cutting food and doing kitchen work,
      while the small 1.5 in (3.8 cm) blade is the one I use for cutting rope
      and non-kitchen stuff. At some point, I lost the toothpick which may or
      may not have been the fault of the tool. The red plastic handles have
      many superficial scratches and dings, but are otherwise undamaged. A
      friend broke the small screwdriver tip off of the can opener in an act
      of stupidity involving the use of my tool to turn a huge screw, this
      huge screw, did in fact break the tip off (take note: this tool is not
      invincible); As of now, I have not tried to send it back to Victorinox
      for repair. With no rust, no wobbling blades or broken handles this
      knife has been working for me longer than any other piece of camping
      equipment I own. A few of the blades have a bit of stiffness opening and
      closing, but otherwise the whole package functions the same today as it
      did almost 20 years ago. Summary: Durable construction, plus
      durable materials, equals durable product. Outstanding multi-tool that
      has functioned well for most of my life and looks a though it will keep
      on going. The only other tool I could want on this knife would be the
      scissors, if I ever lose this knife I will replace it with the
      Victorinox Hunstsman which has the scissors.
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