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Slim Woodruff Please Read - Re: Owner Review: macabi skirt review

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  • Jamie D.
    PLEASE READ THIS EMAIL IN FULL. IT IS MOST IMPORTANT! Thanks for your Owner s Review. It has been added to the Owner Review Queue and will be picked up by an
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      Thanks for your Owner's Review. It has been added to the Owner Review Queue and will be picked up by an Edit Moderator soon. If you are new to BackpackGearTest.org, welcome to the community! The Editors will work with you, within their own time constraints, to get your first two Owner Reviews approved and upload in a timely manner. Do not worry if nothing happens with it for several days. All our Editors are volunteers and your report will be subject to an official edit within fourteen days. If you have not had a response from an Edit Moderator via the Yahoo Groups list within this timeframe, please let me know directly at jdeben(at)hotmail.com

      To assist in this process, if this is your first Owner Review we ask that you post only ONE Owner Review for edit at a time. Our experience is that it is more efficient for both the Editors and
      yourself, if you post your first review, have it edited, approved and uploaded before you post your second and subsequent reviews.

      Once your first two Owner Reviews have been approved and you have submitted your Tester Agreement you will be eligible to start applying for Tests. If you'd like more assistance or guidance with the process you can request a mentor by sending an email to Jenn K., the mentor coordinator, at mentor (at) backpackgeartest.org.

      You may receive edits or comments from other members of the group. These edits and comments, while not official, should be considered carefully, and if you find them substantial, revise and re-post your review. Incorporating member edits and re-submitting to the list
      will usually result in a better review, as well as making things easier for the official Editor. Please put REVISED in the subject line of your re-submitted review if you take this route or make any
      changes to your review BEFORE the review has been taken by an Edit Moderator.

      Additionally, it is important for you to monitor the Yahoo Groups list to keep track of the progress of your Owner Review. Once an Editor has taken your OR and made the necessary edits they will post their comments to the list with EDIT in the subject line. Once you have incorporated these edits into your review please use REPOST in the subject line. When your OR has been approved by the Editor they will use APPROVED in the subject line.

      If you'd like to keep track of the progress of your OR while it's in the edit queue, the entire Owner Review Queue is posted to this yahoo group list on either Thursdays or Fridays.

      If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask via the list or contact me directly.

      Jamie DeBenedetto
      Edit Administration Manager
    • André Corterier
      ... Welcome to BackpackGearTest.org, Slim! My name is André, I m an Editor here at BackpackGearTest.org and this is the official Edit of your Macabi Skirt
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        > EDIT: Owner Review: macabi skirt review : Slim Woodruff

        Welcome to BackpackGearTest.org, Slim! My name is André, I'm an Editor here at BackpackGearTest.org and this is the official Edit of your Macabi Skirt Owner Review.

        The Edit will take the following format, as described in the Survival Guide at http://www.backpackgeartest.org/requirements.php (Chapter 8): "EDIT" indicates something that needs to be changed, owing to a typo or BGT policy, an "Edit" is something I suggest you think about changing though I leave the call to you, and a "Comment" is really just that.

        You can email me about any questions that come up regarding this Edit. We also have a Mentor program here at BackpackGearTest.org, one can request a Mentor by emailing Mentor@...

        Without further ado - please see below for your very first edit.

        --- In BackpackGearTest@yahoogroups.com, "canyongoddess1948" <canyongoddess1948@...> wrote:
        > Macabi Skirt
        > Tester bio
        > Name: Slim Woodruff
        > Age: 60
        > Gender: Female
        > Height: 6'
        > Weight: 160 pounds

        ### EDIT: Here and throughout the report, please include metric measurements to make reports easier to understand for foreigners like myself. A handy tool is our very own conversion chart which (at the bottom) also spells out how we like measurements and units to be used, at http://www.backpackgeartest.org/convert.html

        > Email address: canyongoddess1948@yahooDOTcom
        > City, State, Country: Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA
        > Date: February 11, 2009
        > Backpacking background: I have been backpacking for 42 years, mostly
        > in Arizona but a little in every western state. I have worked in
        > outdoor education/recreation for over 30 years, including 14 years as
        > a professional guide. I hike mostly in the desert, and I like as
        > light a pack as possible while still being prepared for emergencies.

        ### Edit: That's a nice and informative bio. Seeing that you're well below our 100 word limit, you might make it even more informative (for curious people like myself) by mentioning something along the lines of typical dayly mileage, the type of shelter you prefer, a guesstimated pack weight, or things like that. Up to you.

        > Product information:
        > Manufacturer: Macabi
        > Year of manufacture: 2008
        > URL of website: http://www.macabiskirt.com/
        > Listed weight: N/A
        > Weight as delivered: 12 ounces

        ### EDIT: again, metric conversion, please

        > Days used: 90+
        > Product description: Hiking skirt

        ### Edit: You've got that heading a bit further down again, followed by the actual descriptive text. I think it isn't really necessary here.

        > Field Information:
        > Locations: Grand Canyon, Rocky Mountains
        > Description of location: Desert, high mountains
        > Weather conditions: Hot and dry through cold and windy

        ### Edit: We like to see a range delineated a bit more clearly, with (guesstimated, if you don't know) temperature range at least.

        > Product description:
        > The Macabi skirt is a nylon travel skirt originally designed for
        > outdoor pursuits or travel in areas where women wearing trousers are
        > frowned upon. It comes in three lengths: short, medium and long. An
        > elastic waist with a drawstring makes for a versatile fit.

        ### EDIT: You're not (quite) done yet. You mention issues with a zipper further down in your text. That zipper should appear in the product description. What's it do?
        Including a picture with the product description tends to help a great deal. A picture of your own is preferred, but you can take a picture off the manufacturer's website as long as you give proper credit. You can submit this first Owner Review without a picture, but on your second Owner Review and all reports, pictures are mandatory, so I like to think it makes sense getting it right from the start. If you don't know how to include pictures, our folks at
        http://groups.yahoo.com/group/BGTFileUploadHelp stand by to help. Also, there's the Report Writer to help with pictures and the production of an HTML version of your report. You can find it here:
        It's a good resource, particularly if you don't know how to create an HTML version of your report.

        > Hiking in a skirt is extremely cool in summer.

        ### EDIT: Your sentence above brings us to an issue of BGT policy, which is that of projection. I am guilty of projection when I state my own experience as though it would necessarily be true for others. Such is the case with your sentence above. We don't know if *I* were to find hiking in a skirt to be extremely cool in summer. We *do* know that *you* found hiking to be extremely cool in summer. The solution, then, is to carefully phrase all your experience with the product as *your* experience. An example for the sentence above would be "I have found hiking in (a/this) skirt to be extremely cool in summer". (Given the fact that "cool" is a colloquial term indicating high esteem as well as a less colloquial expression for low temperatures, I'd also suggest to elaborate on that statment). ;-)

        It provides protection
        > from the sun while allowing a free flow of air.

        ### EDIT: can you spot the projection? (example: "It has provided my legs with protection from the sun while allowing a free flow of air")

        In winter, I wear
        > wool tights under the skirt. The skirt then provides a wind block,
        > but when I start hiking hard, I can cool down by either abandoning the
        > tights or pulling them up so my calves are exposed. Wearing a skirt
        > eliminates chafing, particularly when one is hot and sweaty.

        ### EDIT: projection (when *I* am hot and sweaty)

        > As a woman, I appreciate the privacy provided by a skirt. If nature
        > calls, I can answer without hiking a mile off trail to get out of
        > sight. Kind of like a guy! I can change clothes right in camp under
        > the skirt.
        > The Macabi has snaps on the side to allow one to shorten the hem and
        > wear it as a mini skirt. It has a strap which one can attach to loops
        > at the front and back to fashion a pair of loose trousers.

        ### Edit: The above is borderline projection (using the word "one" instead of "you" is still projection, just less easily seen. Use the word "I" as you do further down).

        It has a
        > zippered pocket for things I don't want to lose. There are two huge
        > side pockets: large enough to hold two cans of Pepsi each, if one
        > happens across some unattended cans of Pepsi. At this point, the
        > drawstring in the waistband becomes important, as heavy pockets tend
        > to draw the skirt down!

        ### Edit: Can you elaborate? What kind of things have you found you can comfortably carry, what kind of weights start being annoying? Do you use the pockets or are they usually empty?

        > I own a short version and a medium version. The medium is almost too
        > long for rough trails, and I really can't imagine wearing a longer
        > skirt for hiking. I'm afraid I would step on it while going uphill.
        > The short one is my favorite. It comes to just below my knees. The
        > medium is about halfway down my calves, and I reserve it for winter
        > when I want more wind protection.
        > I have worn this on day hikes and on week long overnights for the past
        > year and more. It washes easily and dries quickly.

        ### Edit: How's it deal with rain? Has it ever encountered any?

        > The only real complaint I have is the zipper pocket. The zipper tab
        > is at the top of the pocket near the waist, and it makes a lump under
        > my pack waist belt. Consequently I have to hitch the skirt low, or
        > unzip the pocket when I wear a heavy pack. The zipper should have
        > been sewn in the opposite way, with the tab down.
        > I would also like more color choices. I understand that the company
        > wants to appeal to as many people as possible, and so they stick to
        > neutral colors such as browns, grays, blacks, and royals. I like
        > brighter colors. I would also like an alternative in a waterproof,
        > breathable fabric.
        > I have met a number of women on the trail who applauded wearing a
        > skirt and vowed to find their own. One Mennonite hiker, who was
        > wearing a long denim skirt, yelled "Way to go, sister!" One British
        > male hiker lamented that he had not brought his hiking kilt, and a
        > local male friend has purchased a kilt to wear on the trail. Even my
        > husband has been wondering if a skirt worn over tights would be more
        > versatile than wind pants.
        > Summary
        > The Macabi is a flexible part of my hiking wardrobe. It is well
        > thought out and well made.
        > Things I like:
        > 1. Durable
        > 2. Light
        > 3. Versatile
        > Things I don't like:
        > 1. Zipper pocket interferes with pack belt
        > 2. Colors are boring

        Slim, this is an excellent start. Particularly for a first OR, I am much impressed. Once you've got the hang of metric conversions and projection, it looks like you're golden.

        One thing I would like to see more of is details (I mentioned some questions in relation to the pockets). Other questions might be at what types of temperatures you add other layers, whether you've had issues with static electricity because of the skirt rubbing on other layers, chafing underneath the waistbelt, etc.

        Please be so kind as to look at the above and, once you've taken care of them, repost it to this list as a reply to my edit with "REPOST:" substituted for my "EDIT:" and I will take it from there.

        If you can, it would be great if you could upload an HTML version to our test folder (accessible from the BackpackGearTest.org website once you're logged in) and include a shortlink (snipurl or tinyurl) to it with your posted text version here. If not, don't sweat it - we'll get there (although Mentors are a great help with that sort of thing as well).

        I like your writing style, I think you'll do well here. Welcome to BackpackGearTest.org!


        OR Editor
      • André Corterier
        Slim, please apologize for the snafu. Your OR is okay as it stands (now that I ve found it in the test folder), please upload to its new home here:
        Message 3 of 4 , Jul 4, 2009
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          please apologize for the snafu. Your OR is okay as it stands (now that I've found it in the test folder), please upload to its new home here: http://tinyurl.com/npw4se

          I hope the waiting time hasn't put you off BGT.org for good - For your next Owner Review, I'm sure things will move much quicker. You can help hustle it along by posting your Owner Review with a shortlink to the test folder version (which is actually a requirement on posting reports to the group).\

          I'd be happy to see more reports from you. I should also state that most testers (myself included) find the first OR to be the toughest. The second is faster to write, usually faster to edit (invariably so in your case) and then you're set to test gear. So you're halfway there already.


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