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  • chance4272
    Mr. Ripley-Duggan, My apologies to you and Mr. Caffin. I think things started off poorly due to what I felt was rude and insolent comments. ... spelling out
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2009
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      Mr. Ripley-Duggan,

      My apologies to you and Mr. Caffin. I think things started off poorly
      due to what I felt was rude and insolent comments.

      >Please do not be offended by the terse manner used in
      spelling out the edits: that's just how I find it easiest to list

      comment: It seems odd that someone would start off apologizing in
      advance to someone they never had any dialogue with.

      >Edit: I know the Units Convertor gives you two decimal places, but
      17.77 C is ridiculous.
      >Edit: similar problem here. Always try to round off appropriately.
      mL is fine.

      comment: While I agree 17.77 C is ridiculous, I also feel it is quite
      rude to state it in such a way to someone who is only following what
      the converter gives. The second Edit, minus the "similar problem
      here", is quite acceptable. It states exactly what is expected
      without being rude.

      >> Comment: comprehensible, but the granmmar is a bit rough. We also
      teach English Composition ...

      comment: I realise the grammar was poor. Why not leave it at that
      without the added "We also teach English Composition ..."?

      >>EDIT: delete 'of': it is a horrible crime.

      comment: Again just plain rude and poor manners.

      >> I often do not use the windscreen to minimize wear since it is just
      EDIT: bad grammar: fix.

      comment: Acceptable and doesn't put down the author (in this case me)
      as the comment about English composition.

      >> Fuel valve can be cleaned by shaking.
      EDIT: The control valve can be ...

      comment: BOTH of us were completely wrong here. The jet can be
      cleaned by shaking. It is not a valve at all.

      Sorry to go on so long. I think you should be able to see my point.
      We all make mistakes but being rude about it should not be one of
      them. I'm sure it can happen on occasion by accident, but when you
      start off with an apology and then continually add insulting comments
      it is beyond reason.

      It was my mistake to get into dialogue over details rather than
      addressing the real issue. For that I am again sorry and offer my

      Mr. Caffin is obviously very knowledgeable about stoves. I feel the
      technical level he possesses is intimidating to a novice, but that is
      just my opinion. I actually had some difficulty understanding a
      couple of his stove reviews. I am not an expert, but I have read a
      good deal researching stoves.

      All I ask is to be treated with a little respect instead of rudeness
      and I will gladly respond in kind.

      I hope we can proceed in a civilized manner. I have no problem making
      changes as long as they are pointed out in a fair and reasonable
      manner. Any attempt at humor that can be taken wrong should always be
      avoided until you know someone well enough to do so.

      Again, I apologize for any misunderstandings and hope things can
      continue with respect to all involved.

      Roger Ault
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