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EDIT - Jetboil PCS - Jeremy Laporte

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  • richardglyon
    Hello again, Jeremy, Here are your edits for your OR on the Jetboil PCS. First let me commend you for filing another OR so soon after qualifying as a tester
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 24, 2009
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      Hello again, Jeremy, Here are your edits for your OR on the Jetboil
      PCS. First let me commend you for filing another OR so soon after
      qualifying as a tester and being selected for a test. This shows us
      that you wrote the first two not merely to get in line for free
      gear. And another good report. I think the photos illustrate the
      product very well.
      Same format as before: EDIT (capital letters) means a required
      change; Edit means a suggested change; and a Comment is just that –
      no change required.
      When you have revised, please repost in this space, with REPOST –
      Owner Review Jetboil PCS and your name in the Subject line. Richard

      <Year of Manufacture: 2004>
      EDIT/Edit : Is this the year you bought it? If that's the basis for
      this entry, change the heading to "Year of Purchase"

      <Measured Weight: 15 oz (425 g) without gas canister and accesories>
      EDIT: accessories (spelling)

      <Manufacturer description:
      The Personal Cooking System (PCS) is a complete food and beverage
      multi-tool you can hold in your hand and weighs about a pound. Lights
      with the click of a button, and within two minutes you've got two
      cups of boiling water ready for coffee or a quick meal. Pack
      components, fuel and accessories into the Nalgene-sized cup for
      convenient transport.

      •1.0 Liter FluxRing® cooking cup with insulating Cargo Cozy
      •Adjustable burner with push-button igniter
      •Insulating drink-through lid
      •Insulating measuring cup bottom Fuel sold separately
      Edit: Particularly as you've put this in the same section as your own
      description, consider putting all this text in quotation marks, to
      distinguish your writing from Jetboil's.

      Burner Base: The burner itself which is attached to a proprietary
      Isobutane/Propane gas can. It has a Piezo igniter to start the stove
      without matches or a lighter. A button to regulate the flow of gas
      and the cooking.>
      Edit: No need to capitalize "Isobutane/Propane"
      EDIT: No need to capitalize "Piezo" either, and elsewhere you don't.
      Strive to be consistent.

      <exterior dimensions are 4.1 in dia. x 7.1 in>
      EDIT: diameter

      <(10.4 x 18 cm). Neoprene (black) Cozy sleeve for insulation>
      EDIT: No need to capitalize "Cozy"

      <Lid: made of plastic, has a hole to let the steam get out and a
      drinking spout.>
      EDIT: I wouldn't call the sipper hole a "spout." (A spout has raised
      sides.) How about "and a sipper hole"

      <Cup: This item has two uses. during storage it goes at the bottom of
      the cooking cup to protect the FluxRing™ while during cooking it can
      be use as a drinking / measuring cup with a 1 cup level graduation
      inside (250 ml) >
      EDIT: can be used as a drinking cup
      Edit: I'd make this three sentences for clarity: "This item has two
      uses. During storage it goes at the bottom of the cooking cup to
      protect the FluxRing™. During cooking it can be used as a drinking /
      measuring cup as it has a 1 cup level graduation inside (250 ml)."

      <For storage the burner base and the gas canister goes inside the
      cooking cup>
      EDIT: go inside

      <Location description: Mountain, snow, forrest>
      EDIT: forest (spelling)

      <Weather condition: snow storm -30 F (-17 C) to summer weather 90 F
      (50 C)>
      EDIT: Your temperatures are inaccurate somewhere. If it really is -30
      to 90 F, the conversions -34 C and 32 C.

      <Because of the cup the PCS is mostly use to boil water.>
      EDIT: mostly used

      <It does it really fast and according to the manufacturer consumes
      less gas than other stove.>
      EDIT: other stoves
      Edit: Consider changing "it" to "this"

      <I use the stove whenever I go on day hikes or longer. It is great to
      prepare a hot drink or to boil water for a freeze dried meal.>
      Edit: freeze-dried (with a hyphen). Here and one other place.

      <Currently JetBoil is having a partnership with Mountain House and
      most of their product needs two cups of water so I just have to pour
      the water in the cooking cup up to the 2 cup line, boil it and then
      pour it in the metal pouch, and put the pouch in the cooking cup to
      get a hot meal quickly and without burning my fingers.>
      EDIT: need two cups
      Edit: Consider "foil pouch" instead of "metal pouch"
      Edit: Consider deleting the reference to Mountain House. We
      discourage mentioning names of manufacturers whose gear isn't the
      subject of the review, and I don't think the reference adds anything
      to your report. I'd start the sentence "Many freeze-dried or
      dehydrated meals call for two cups of water"

      <I tried once to cook on a metal plate which is not normally possible
      because the piezo igniter prevents putting a flat plate on top of it
      but my plate had a weird shape so I was able to put it on the stove.>
      Edit: Nothing needs changing here, but this is the first place in
      your report where you use "cook" to mean any form of cooking other
      than boiling. Boiling is a form of cooking, at least in English
      usage. Keep this in mind when you see some of the comments below.

      <The heat may have crack the plastic even more>
      EDIT: have cracked

      < Back in town I bought a repair kit (which included piezo and o
      ring) and
      replaced the piezo.>
      EDIT: O-ring (capital letter and hyphen)
      EDIT: If this was Jetboil's repair kit, as I think it was, you should
      mention that fact ("I bought "Jetboil's PCS repair kit")

      <I also bought a pot support and stabilizer: it includes a plastic
      stabilizer which clips at the bottom of the gas canister and a pot
      support in aluminum which goes over the burner so pots and other mugs
      can be used like a regular stove.>
      EDIT: Same as above: bought Jetboil's pot support and stabilizer
      EDIT: pots and other mugs can be used as cooking vessels, as on a
      regular stove [Needed for clarity]

      <PCS with some accesories"> [picture caption]
      EDIT: accessories (spelling)>

      <Sometime the stove is noisy with a loud roar.>
      Comment: It's called Jetboil for a reason!

      < I ended up having to hold the whole PCS by the sleeve and
      surprisingly by holding the stove in the wind without protection from
      the elements I was able to boil a total of 6 cups of water in a short
      amount of time.>
      Comment: Interesting! Canister fuel's performance declines with cold
      temperatures. I wonder if when you picked it up you cradled the fuel
      canister (adding warmth) or perhaps tilted the PCS (aiding gas flow).

      The stove is not really made for anything else than liquids so
      accessories need to be purchased separately to use this option but I
      don't really use my PCS that way.>
      Edit: "anything other than liquids" reads better
      Edit: "to use this option" is unclear. I think you mean that
      accessories are needed for anything except boiling water. How
      about "The stove is not really made for anything other than liquids.
      Accessories that must be purchased separately are needed to use the
      PCS for anything except boiling liquids. I rarely use my PCS that

      <Their is more lightweight stoves if I want to go light, if I want to
      really cook food the cup is not appropriate and needs to have
      accessories or a bigger stove.>
      EDIT: There are lighter weight stoves

      <But if I just want to boil water extremely fast, that I care for the
      room in my pack but not too much on the weight, then the PCS is the
      Comment: Indeed it is. Great product!

      <Not made for cooking>
      EDIT: "Not made for frying" or "Not made for any kind of cooking
      except boiling"
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