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  • Jamie D.
    Hi David, Some of your report did not come through in the yahoo version. Please repost with your Tester Info. and product name listed. Thanks heap. Jamie D
    Message 1 of 4 , Jan 12, 2009
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      Hi David,

      Some of your report did not come through in the yahoo version. Please
      repost with your Tester Info. and product name listed. Thanks heap.

      Jamie D
      Edit Admin Manager
    • amatbrewer
      Below is a repost of the text portion of my OR (complete this time, not sure what I was thinking when I originally posted it). You will find the HTML version
      Message 2 of 4 , Jan 13, 2009
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        Below is a repost of the text portion of my OR (complete this time,
        not sure what I was thinking when I originally posted it). You will
        find the HTML version in the OR folder @

        or http://tinyurl.com/735lln


        Owner Review by David Wilkes
        OR - Under Armour Armourstretch Gloves - Men's
        Jan 10 2008

        Tester Information
        Name: David Wilkes
        E-Mail: amatbrewer@...
        Age: 42
        Location: Yakima Washington USA
        Gender: M
        Height: 5'11" (1.80 m)
        Weight: 197 lb (89.40 kg)
        Torso: 19"( cm)

        I started backpacking in 1995 when I moved to Washington State. Since
        then, I have backpacked in all seasons and conditions. I have usually
        only managed time for 1-3 trips a year averaging 2-5 days, and as many
        day hikes as I can. I am currently getting into condition to summit
        some of the higher peaks in Washington, Oregon, and California. I
        prefer trips on rugged trails with plenty of elevation gain. While I
        continuously strive to lighten my load, comfort and safety are most
        important to me. My current pack is around 30 lbs (14 kg), not
        including consumables.

        Product Information
        Manufacturer: Under Armor
        Year of Manufacture: 2007
        Manufacturer's Website: www.underarmour.com

        MSRP: US$29.99
        SIZE: Medium

        Product Description:
        Lighweight water resistant insulated gloves intended for cool weather
        athletic activites. Includes sticky honecomb pattern on palm and
        fingers to enhance grip and reflective logo on the back.
        This version of the Armorstretch Glove is no longer available directly
        from the manufacturer but it is avalible from a number of retailors.

        Owner Review
        From the manufacturer's website:
        • For when it's cold. Keeping athletes warm, dry, and light. Ideal
        use: Temperatures under 55 degrees F. ColdGear® features a
        double-sided fabric that wicks moisture from the skin and circulates
        body heat. It accomplishes the impossible by keeping athletes warm
        without weighing them down.
        • Highly water-resistant, breathable fleece glove.
        • Durable nylon face and fleece back combine with grippy palm for
        maximum warmth and grip.
        • Rain Resistant
        • Durable Water Replellent (DWR) finished garments resist rain and
        water to keep you protected for the life of the garment.
        • ColdGear
        • Starts with a brushed inner layer that traps body heat for warmth
        and pulls moisture away from the skin with a fast drying outerlayer so
        you stay warm and dry.

        I would like to provide a detailed list the times and locations I have
        worn these gloves but quite frankly I can't. I put these on anytime my
        hands get cold and anytime I expect they might. So as a result, I have
        worn them quite often and without thinking about it. I also have taken
        them with me for just about every trip I have been on since purchasing
        them, and worn them at least a short while for most of the trips. I
        can say that I have worn these gloves while backpacking for a total of
        at least 9 nights plus some day hikes. I have worn them in
        temperatures ranging from about 70 F (21 C) to a little below
        freezing. I have worn them in wind, light rain, freezing rain, and
        snow (on one trip all three in a single morning!). I wore them to
        about 12500'(3800 m) climb Mt Shasta (California) in June where the
        weather was calm but temperatures were below freezing, and to climb Mt
        Addams (Washington) 12,281 ft (3,743 m) where again the weather was
        calm and temperatures ranged from around 70F (21 C) to just below

        I like to wear thin liner gloves throughout the winter months and
        carry a pair for hiking year round to keep my hands from becoming
        chilled. What attracted me to these, besides the fact that I have
        other Under Armor products that I like, is the fit and the rubber
        grip. Since I use the gloves for a wide range of activities including
        driving, the rubber on the palms and fingers is very important.
        I often wear the gloves for driving on cold mornings. They are easy to
        slip on and very comfortable. They work quite well at keeping my hands
        warm on chilly mornings in my area (frequently around freezing) and
        are effective against light wind. I use them while brushing the snow
        off my vehicle and scraping the ice off the windows. They work quite
        well at repelling the snow and ice. On warmer days when I just need
        something to keep the chill off my hands until my vehicle warms up,
        these gloves are ideal. They are quite comfortable and my hands never
        seem to overheat.
        I have used these gloves on a number of hikes in temperatures ranging
        from just a bit chilly to below freezing. The gloves provided
        excellent grip when using my trekking poles as well as my ice axe. The
        gloves kept my hands warm and comfortable during rest stops and while
        glissading, but did not get hot even during the more difficult parts
        of my trips. During some of the steeper parts of my climbs, I would
        often remove most of my outerwear to avoid overheating, but found it
        quite comfortable to leave the Under Armor gloves on. Even after
        extended wear, they remain very comfortable. While backpacking with
        trekking poles and/or an ice axe for 8hrs or more, I have experienced
        no problems with rubbing or hot spots.
        On one trip, I experienced some weather I was not fully prepared for
        and ended up spending a very cold night followed by hiking along an
        exposed ridge in wind and rain that changed into freezing rain, and
        finally snow. One of the pieces of gear I was thankful for was my
        Under Armor gloves. They were comfortable and did not restrict my
        movement, they repelled the wind, rain and snow, and they provided
        enough dexterity for me to perform normal functions like digging out
        and eating my lunch and basic body functions.
        These gloves work quite well at keeping the chill of my hands and do
        not overheat when I am working hard. However, on a short hike with my
        daughter in a very cold rain, my fingers did get a bit cold. It was
        clear that these might not be the best choice for cold and wet
        weather, especially at low activity levels.

        I have used these gloves while performing many activities. I have worn
        them to keep my hands warm while filtering water from lakes and
        streams (they do not keep your hands from getting wet, but they do dry
        quickly). I have worn them while preparing and eating meals. And I
        have even worn them while sleeping. I have found these gloves to
        provide exceptional dexterity, and a level of `feeling' that I have
        found only in much thinner glove liners. My primary concern about
        these was how rugged they would be. The knit outer material appears as
        if it could be susceptible to snagging and likely to pick up dirt
        readily. However, in using them, I have found them to be surprisingly
        durable and they seem to resist dirt and do not collect items like
        small twigs and leaf litter that I would have expected to snag the
        material. I was concerned with getting them soiled with food while
        using them to cook and eat, but again they seem to repel even damp
        materials (like oatmeal). In most cases, just a quick brushing is
        enough to remove most of the debris and dirt that get on them. After
        some wear, they can pick up body odor. I have rinsed them out with a
        bit of soap and the odor goes away. I have tossed them into the washer
        (but not the dryer) and with my regular laundry a few times, and they
        continue to look almost new.
        Despite quite a bit of use they are showing very little wear. About
        the only sign of wear is that the rubber grip on the fingers is
        starting to rub smooth and no longer provides much grip. However, from
        looking at them you could hardly tell that I have used them much.

        If I were to find any faults with these, it would be with the seams. I
        would really love it if the seams of these were finished such that
        they were flat. I think it would make them fit a bit better and
        provide just a bit more dexterity. This is not a fault with the
        gloves; just something that I think might make a terrific product even

        • Comfortable
        • Durable
        • Dries quickly
        • Does not retain odors
        • Easy to maintain

        • Not very wind resistant
        • Won't keep your hands dry

        I would definitely recommend these to friends and family.
      • Jamie D.
        PLEASE READ THIS EMAIL IN FULL. IT IS MOST IMPORTANT! Thanks for your Owner s Review. It has been added to the Owner Review Queue and will be picked up by an
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