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  • Darren Brittain
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 4, 2009
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      SUREFIRE E1L OUTDOORSMAN FLASHLIGHTBY DARREN C BRITTAINORJanuary 04, 2009 TESTER INFORMATION NAME: Darren C BrittainEMAIL: dcbrittain@...: 30LOCATION: Rock Hill, S.C.GENDER: mHEIGHT: 5' 11" (1.80 m)WEIGHT: 185 lb (83.90 kg) My backpacking career began when I joined the Boy Scouts and continues on through today almost 21 years later. My style has changed over the years, as I have gotten older. I used to see how much stuff I could fit into my pack which would tip the scales at 45 or so pounds. Now I weigh each piece of gear and decide if it is really worth it. I am a soloist with a quasi-minimalist type attitude typically carrying a 15-19lb pack for a 4 day hike. I have spent my backpacking career in the states of South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, and Tennessee from the coastal regions to mountains in every season. PRODUCT INFORMATION Manufacturer: SureFireYear of Manufacture: 2007Manufacturer's Website: <<http://www.surefire.com/E1L-Outdoorsman>>MSRP: US$129.00Listed Weight: 2.8oz (79 g) including batteriesMeasured Weight: 2.8 oz (79 g) including batteriesOther details:Details taken from Manufacturers Website: Ultra compact (finger length), dual-output mini LED flashlight with extended runtime. Its virtually indestructible, two-stage light-emitting diode (LED) light source produces a smooth, pre-focused beam that, at maximum output, is over twice as bright as that of a big two-D-cell flashlight. At its low setting it produces a useful three lumens of light and continues producing useful light levels for 40 hours on a single lithium battery. Small size (it's lightweight enough to clip to hat brim for hands-free operation), dual output, extended runtime, and 10-year battery shelf life make the E1L perfect for camping, backpacking, travel, emergency/disaster preparedness kits, or as an everyday-carry for general use. Manufacturers stock picture.
      <<IMAGE GOES HERE. ALT TEXT = "IMAGE 1" IMAGE CAPTION = "SureFire E1L Outdoorsman">>
      Max Output:High: 45 lumensLow: 3 lumens ImprovedPerformanceRuntime:High: 8.5 hoursLow: 48 hours ImprovedPerformanceBezel Diameter: 1.0 inch (2.54cm)Length: 4.0 inches (10.16cm)Weight: 2.8 ounces (79g)
      FIELD USE This flashlight is an essential piece of gear due to the weight being only 2.8 ounces including batteries. It lends itself to perform dual duties in the wilderness. It can be used as a handheld flashlight when around camp or one could clip it to a hat brim (with the provided clip) when cooking or performing a task requiring both hands. One good feature is the dual beam intensities which allow for minimal battery consumption on the low power setting, but offers an almost blinding intensity on the high power setting. The tailcap switch provides a momentary on-off feature or a constant on-off feature. This is really useful for conserving battery power. The tailcap switch provides a lockout to prevent accidental activation during transport or storageThe flashlight has been used on a variety of trips some of which include:1. North Carolina Mountains- -weekend backpacking trip-3 days/ 2 nights -season: Winter (January): temperatures- night-low 30's daytime-mid 50's -climate- dry2.Charleston Coastal/ Inland Area -weekend backpacking trip- 3 days/ 2 nights -season: Summer (August): temperatures- night- low 80's daytime- high 90's -climate: humid- overnight rain storms
      SUMMARY This is a great little bombproof light that should be a welcome addition to any backpacker's essential gear list. The versitility of the SureFire E1L is staggering as is the high power brightness. Combined with the ruggedness and low weight it makes for a complete package for any backpacker especially one looking to save weight. THINGS I LIKE Light Weight- at 2.8 oz including the batteries you won't even know it is there.High Intensity- So bright you will be amazed!Rugged aerospace-grade aluminum bodySwitch lockout prevents accidental activation during transport or storage THINGS I DON'T LIKE Battery Failure-This flashlight does not "wind down" like most incandescent lights thereby letting the user know the battery is getting weak. When the E1L gets near the end of battery life it simply shuts off.Always carry a spare battery.
      Non-Focusable Beam SIGNATURE Darren C Brittain This report was created with the BGT Report Generator.Copyright 2009. All rights reserved.
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