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Re: [BackpackGearTest] Temperture affects on Pristine

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  • Robert Stanley
    From the instructions on the packaging page (http://www.pristine.ca/packages.html) So... it sounds very similar to iodine based treatments. If the water is
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      From the instructions on the "packaging" page

      So... it sounds very similar to iodine based treatments. If the water
      is cold or suspect, its going to take longer to be affective.

      Also, in reading the directions, I noticed that the A&B solutions
      must be "pre-mixed" and allowed to react for 5 minutes before adding
      to the water. For those who end up testing this product, I'd like
      to know the convenience factor. This seems like it would be a pain
      if you are hiking along and need a quick refill. The "let stand"
      for 15-30 minutes is tolerable because you can hike while you are
      waiting for the process to complete.

      David Robinson

      Thanks David,

      Somehow I totally missed that whole page on their site.... Sheesh....

      Also yes the time thing does sound like the time factor could get to be a
      pain, I guess the testers will find out : )

      It might not be too bad for me, as I currently use a SWA Bottle for my
      filtering (mainly while on the move, I refill when possible), and I use
      iodine for bulk treatments of platy's usually in camp or at nearest water
      source to camp. So the time factor wont bother me too much as I can always
      take a quick drink from my SWA, unless the water source is highly
      questionable then I wont mind the wait - 20 to 35 mins has never killed me

      Rob Stanley

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      Rob Stanley wrote:
      > One question for anyone who might know - I read through the entire
      > site, and found no mention of how temperature affects its use and

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