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RE: [BackpackGearTest] EDIT: REPOST: Owner Review Tarptent Squall 2 - Brad Banker

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  • Brad Banker
    Thanks for the help so foar Hollis. I m going to take some more pictures and reword a few things before I repost. I understand what you mean by that section.
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      Thanks for the help so foar Hollis. I'm going to take some more pictures and reword a few things before I repost. I understand what you mean by that section.

      To: BackpackGearTest@yahoogroups.comFrom: easter@...: Sun, 2 Nov 2008 19:55:10 -0800Subject: [BackpackGearTest] EDIT: REPOST: Owner Review Tarptent Squall 2 - Brad Banker

      Hi Brad,Thanks for your work on this review! I appreciate your quick response.A few small spelling edits this time, along with some questions aboutthe Tarptent's setup method and design. Please REPOST the text and HTMLonce you've gotten the chance to make the edits.There are several places in your review where I get confused because ofvery long paragraphs or sections that run together. I think it wouldmake a big difference just to add a few line breaks; my eye might havean easier time reading that way. Best,HollisBGT Editor> Product details mostly as listed on manufacturer website, with some > explaination or expansion by me:EDIT: explanationEdit: I'd put some white space above the "Product details" line.> Dual trekking poles support; front poles available.EDIT: If you're adding your own explanation of things, I'd like somehere. I still get hung up on the "Dual trekking poles support" thing. Howabout "Tarptent is supported by one or two trekking poles; additional frontpoles are also available." ?> sleeps cold at temperatures several degrees warmer than it's rating. EDIT: its> morning. My dog was no worse for wear in the morning. I have since > used this tent for all different types of weather from summer heat to Edit: I would place a paragraph break before "I have since used ..."> difficulty. I summer conditions with the humidity in the south, it EDIT: _In_ summer conditions (missing n)> took some some practice pitching the tarp to get maximal ventilation > and reduce condensation. In heavy rain with warmer temperatures, I > have to pitch the tarp high for maximal ventilation, but adjust the > floor higher to decrease splash and mist accumulation on my gear. > Fall and spring temparatures are where in my opinion, this setup EDIT: temperatures> shines. No condensation, light weight, quick and easy to set up and > take down.Comment: Thank you for adding this section. It's acceptable for anOwner Review as it stands, so I'm not going to ask for furtherinformation. However, since you're soon going to be a Tester (!), Iwanted to share a piece of information.When testing gear for BGT (as opposed to writing about your own gear),there are some different rules. Most of them are detailed in theSurvival Guide. One of our conventions for gear testing is that we explainwhere we test our gear and what the conditions were like. It's worthcultivating the habit of doing this even in ORs, because it will make youstand out among the other Testers.So, for example: I'm going to be sleeping out in my backyard tonight,testing a new insulation system for my hammock. I might write that as "November 2, 2008: Potsdam, NY. I slept out in my backyard while testingthe _____. The temperature was about 28 F (-2 C) when I went out, withan overnight low of 20 F (-7 C). Wind speed was about 5 mph (8 kph)."> Tent setup:> The Tarptent is a single-walled design with a single curved pole that > is inserted into the rear part of the tent for a hoop style support.> The rear of the tent is anchored by an ingenious method of one > guyline loop across the back, and another with another line attached > to the primary line tied together. To erect the tent, anchor the > longer loop with the stake and pull the tent forward to create even > tension from back to front. There is a front guyline that is staked > to the ground to maintain tension in the front, and two guylines off > the front lateral corners that are staked into the ground as well. > The Tarptent webpage shows several other ways to set up the Tarptent.EDIT: Now that I've seen the photographs, I need to ask you to clarifysome things here. To a veteran Tarptent user like you, your descriptionof the setup method probably makes a lot of sense; tyros like me areleft struggling.I'm not sure how many guylines come from where and attach to whatthings, and how that holds anything together--I'm even unsure aboutwhich end of the tent is the "rear" and which the "front". Again, thisprobably makes sense, but I'm not getting it. In this situation, it's often helpful to include a photograph thatidentifies the pieces you're talking about. If you annotated the firstTarptent.com photo to show where the primary line, guyline loop, etc.,are, that might be an easy solution. Even if you include a photo, thetext will need some revision, but the photo might make it easier.If my request isn't clear, please tell me so I can try to fix it.Comment: I like the first photo you include from Tarptent.com, althoughit's a bit too distant to make out much detail. The other stockphotographs tell me more about the beautiful landscape than about theTarptent, and they're very similar to each other. For future reviews,then, you might also include photographs that specifically depict interestingthings about the piece of gear.> There is also an detached floor option and one may also purchase the EDIT: a detached> also recommeneded pitch the tarp as close to the ground as possible EDIT: recommended to (two edits)> I have used 1 and 2 trekking poles to set up my tent. There are 3 > grommets in a row along the top bar of the tent over the entrance > with which to insert the pole ends This allows for two different > setups. Two poles on the outside, or one pole in the center. I > assume one could use all three grommets and do three poles, but it > would be difficult to enter the tent. I do notice a significant > difference in stability in using two poles on the outer two grommets. Comment: This is so much clearer now! Your comment about the differencein stability is _exactly_ the reason people come to BackpackGearTest:real-world information about how it works. Great work.> tent. She prefers a tent with double walls and doors on either EDIT: remove extra space before 'tent'> tent floor. I would rather replace the Tryvek. I have had no rips, EDIT: Tyvek> tears of signs of abrasion on the tent, but I tend to take care of my EDIT: tears or signs (not tears of signs)> General observations: This is my first single-wall tent, so learning > to manage, minimize or eliminate condensation in the main compartment > was something to get used to. The better I get with estimating Comment: You did a really nice job of altering this statement to make itclearer. Thank you.Nice work on this. We're getting really close!Best,HollisBGT Editor

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