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EDIT: REPOST: Owner Review - Marmot Precip Full Zip Pants - Andy Winz

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  • theMiddleSister@usaring.com
    Andy, Thanks for the quick REPOST and for taking my edits so graciously. Of course, I have more! We ll call this round two. Please make the below listed
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      Thanks for the quick REPOST and for taking my edits so graciously. Of
      course, I have more! <g> We'll call this round two. Please make the below
      listed edits and re-upload your corrected HTML. When you are done, REPOST
      as you did previously.

      We are getting there!


      First, your bio tells me a lot more about you now. Good! However, you are
      now 11 words over the 100 word limit. You can get it down to 100 words just
      by cutting out the last two sentences. Since you mention you are a
      freelance photographer in the beginning of the paragraph, no harm done
      deleting the one sentence and the sentence with your trail name can be
      easily deleted but the information still retained by adding it into your
      "Tester Information" section. (I bet you didn't realize you can add fields
      there in ReportWriter!) If you can't figure that out, let me know. You can
      also add it to the end of your report as part of your "signature".

      You will still need to pare down the bio a bit because you left out all the
      metric conversions. You always need to have both metric and imperial
      measurements no matter where they are in your ORs and test reports. Good
      luck but I don't think you'll find it too hard to fit.

      Manufacturer's Website: <<http://marmot.com>>
      EDIT: On your uploaded HTML page in the test folder, your link doesn't show

      These these pants are 7 years old, the fabric, materials and functionality
      remain the same as the current model.
      EDIT: Delete the second "these"

      The pants are of a coated black ripstop nylon coated with Marmots
      proprietary Precip material.
      EDIT: You need an apostrophe for "Marmot's". Also, you need to use
      "PreCip" as that is Marmot's brand name.

      There is no mesh liner or micro dots as found in Goretex raingear.
      EDIT: Change "is" to "are".

      "Marmot" is embrodidered at knee level on the right leg in a dark grey
      EDIT: Correct spelling is "embroidered".

      Stuffed, the pants are about the size of an soda can.
      EDIT: Change "an" to "a".

      The waist band does not contain a fly and is held in place by dual velcro
      EDIT: If you are certain the strips are "Velcro" brand, just capitalize the
      word. If you are not certain the strips are Velcro, change to "hook and
      loop closures" - that is pretty much the standard way of describing them.

      2. Secure the inner flap (fuzzy velcro side) with one hand
      EDIT: Ditto above edit.

      ( I would prefer not to go into details).
      EDIT: Delete the extra space before "I".

      The pants are very durable, with only suffering one major rip during a
      cycling trip that resulted in a 3 inch long tear near lower leg on the
      inside of the right leg.
      EDIT: You need the metric conversion for "3 inch".

      I have worn these pants in 13 F (-10.55 C) snowstorms while snowshoeing the
      rim of Crater Lake, Oregon. They are very comfortable in the Virginia
      summers where the average humidity is 90%-100% and temperature hovers in the
      80 F (26.67 C) - 106 F ( 41.11 C) range.
      EDIT: You don't need such precise temps in the metric conversions. Round
      up. If you were talking some lengths and weights, perhaps one decimal place
      would be applicable, but here with temps, no. Also, delete the extra space
      before "41".

      They may be old, but their good.
      EDIT: Change "their" either to "they are" or "they're".

      The have survived everything I have tossed at them and then some.
      EDIT: Change "The" to "They".

      the Velcro still holds tight and there is plenty of spring in the elastic.
      EDIT: Capitalize the first "the". Change "Velcro" to "hook and loop

      The Precip material is still waterproof and breathable after 7 years.
      Precip fabric works for me.
      EDIT: Change to "PreCip".

      I have a naturally high temperature and I rarely do not get a hot or clammy
      feeling when wearing these over a pair of shorts or as my only pants.
      EDIT: I might be reading this sentence wrong, but are you saying that you
      are almost always hot and clammy? If so, your first "Wahoo" doesn't make
      sense. If not, you need to reword.

      Breathability: My legs do not feel clammy wether it was with the pants alone
      or as a layer.

      EDIT: Correct spelling is "whether".

      Full zips: Sure it add weight but their more versatile in ventilation.

      EDIT: Change to "adds" and change "their" to either "they are" or "they're".

      Wammies are those little animated monkeys from Press Your Luck that
      steal your money.
      EDIT: You can delete this sentence - I get it now, I think.

      Weak Velcro: I find that the velcro pops out if pulled too tight or in high
      moving situations.
      EDIT: Ditto, the previous "Velcro" edits.

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      Subject: [BackpackGearTest] REPOST: Owner Review - Marmot Precip Full Zip
      Pants - Andy Winz

      Kathleen, I have also uploaded the HTML to the test folder. Thanks
      in advance.

      September 19, 2008
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