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REPOST: Owner Review - Marmot Precip Full Zip Pants - Andy Winz

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  • andywinz
    Kathleen, I have also uploaded the HTML to the test folder. Thanks in advance. MARMOT PRECIP FULL ZIP RAIN PANTS BY ANDY WINZ OR September 19, 2008 TESTER
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      Kathleen, I have also uploaded the HTML to the test folder. Thanks
      in advance.

      September 19, 2008


      NAME: Andy Winz
      EMAIL: ehcalum@...
      AGE: 27
      LOCATION: Chesapeake, VA
      GENDER: m
      HEIGHT: 5' 11" (1.80 m)
      WEIGHT: 186 lb (84.40 kg)

      I have been a backpacker for over 10 years, having worked as a Ranger
      for the Fish and Wildlife Service, Guide for Mt. Rogers Outfitters,
      and member of the Potomac and Mt Rogers Appalachian Trail Clubs. I'm
      a Geographer and a freelance photographer. I have hiked the Triple
      Crown of the Appalachian Trail, Continental Divide Trail and Pacific
      Crest Trail. I would consider myself a lightweight but not ultra-
      lightweight backpacker as my pack weights hovers in the 10-15 lbs
      without food and water. I can do a 20 plus mile day without problem
      or a slow and relaxing 5 miler. I am an avid photographer. My trail
      name is Winz Factor.


      Manufacturer: Marmot
      Year of Manufacture: 2001
      Manufacturer's Website: <<http://marmot.com>>
      MSRP: US$ 90.00
      Listed Weight: 10 oz (238 g)
      Measured Weight: 10.4 oz (295 g)
      Other details: From the manufacturer's website:
      100% Seam Taped For Full Waterproofness
      Back Zip Pocket To Secure Small Items
      Elastic Snap Cuff
      Full Side Zips For Ventilation and Easy On/Off
      PreCipĀ® Dry Touch Technology, Waterproof/Breathable Waterproof /

      These these pants are 7 years old, the fabric, materials and
      functionality remain the same as the current model. Minor styling
      differences are the inclusion of font pockets and a drawcord rather
      than an elastic cuff in the current version. <<IMAGE GOES HERE. ALT
      TEXT = "IMAGE 1">>

      The pants are of a coated black ripstop nylon coated with Marmots
      proprietary Precip material. The material on the inside is a
      creamish white color with black checks that mirror the ripstop
      pattern on the face of the pants. There is no mesh liner or micro
      dots as found in Goretex raingear. Seams are fully taped with YKK
      two way zippers running the length of each leg on the outside seam.
      They have a gusseted crotch and articulated knees for improved
      movement and fit. Ankles are held with elastic and a metal snap with
      the Marmot logo. "Marmot" is embrodidered at knee level on the right
      leg in a dark grey thread. I find the fit snug. The rain pants
      include a mesh rear pocket that can be used as a stuff sack. In
      order to use the back pocket as a stuff sack, I have to turn the
      pants inside out and gingerly stuff each leg into the pocket. The
      pocket can be zipped closed or left open. Stuffed, the pants are
      about the size of an soda can. The waist band does not contain a fly
      and is held in place by dual velcro strips. The best way to describe
      this is a diaper. To secure the waist band I follow the steps below:
      1. Zip the legs all the way to the waist
      2. Secure the inner flap (fuzzy velcro side) with one hand
      3. Attach the outer flap (hook side) to the inner flap at the
      preferred snugness.
      4. Repeat for other leg.


      I have worn these pants for 7 years. They have seen use as stand
      alone trail pants, wind pants, rain pants, and a life vest ( I would
      prefer not to go into details). The pants are very durable, with
      only suffering one major rip during a cycling trip that resulted in a
      3 inch long tear near lower leg on the inside of the right leg. This
      was repaired by the kind folks from Granite Gear at Trail Days in

      I have worn these pants in 13 F (-10.55 C) snowstorms while
      snowshoeing the rim of Crater Lake, Oregon. They are very
      comfortable in the Virginia summers where the average humidity is 90%-
      100% and temperature hovers in the 80 F (26.67 C) - 106 F ( 41.11 C)
      range. They have survived rock scrambles, sand, being submerged in
      rivers and lakes, frozen and thorny bush.

      I generally store my rain gear either stuffed in my pack or in my
      gear closet at home on a hanger. They have been cleaned according to
      instructions on the label using mild detergent about 6 times and do
      not hold any odors. The Durable Waterproof Coating (DWR) has been
      recharged about once a year with a quick run through the dryer for
      about 20 minutes on medium heat. There is no wear and tear on the
      seams, the tape is still intact and the color has yet to fade.


      I love these pants. They may be old, but their good. The have
      survived everything I have tossed at them and then some. The nylon
      becomes more supple with age and wear. The fit is snug, which
      doesn't bother me.

      The pants are durable. Minus the repair on the leg, and a few small
      scruffs, they look as good as new. I have yet to pop a zipper,
      unravel a seam or peel away any of the taping. the Velcro still
      holds tight and there is plenty of spring in the elastic. The Precip
      material is still waterproof and breathable after 7 years. Water
      beads well off the legs, and the DWR coating has been recharged in
      the dryer 6 times and replaced once with a wash in solution.

      Precip fabric works for me. I have a naturally high temperature and
      I rarely do not get a hot or clammy feeling when wearing these over a
      pair of shorts or as my only pants. The lack of dots or mesh feels
      great against the skin. The articulated knees allow me to have a
      full range of movement. As a wind garment, they block the wind well
      and are snug enough that I don't turn my legs into a sail.

      Wahoos! (Things I Like)

      Breathability: My legs do not feel clammy wether it was with the
      pants alone or as a layer.
      Fit: Very form fitting, no loose fabric blowing in the wind. This is
      very important for cycling.
      Cost: For $90.00 I have received a very nice, long lasting pair of
      rain pants.
      Color: Black, goes with everything.
      Full zips: Sure it add weight but their more versatile in ventilation.

      Wammies (Things I don't like)

      Wammies are those little animated monkeys from Press Your Luck that
      steal your money.
      Waist fastening: the diaper system is kind of a pain to use.
      Lack of front pockets: I generally have to unzip the tops of the
      pants a few inches to use my shorts pockets. This has been fixed in
      newer models.
      Weak Velcro: I find that the velcro pops out if pulled too tight or
      in high moving situations.


      Andy Winz
      Thanks Backpack Gear Test!

      This report was created with the BGT Report Generator.
      Copyright 2008. All rights reserved.
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