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  • AndrĂ© Corterier
    ... Hi Elizabeth, thanks for your Owner Review. My Edit, as you ve recently seen and in line with our Bylaws, takes the usual format: EDIT - something
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      > EDIT: OR - HIKING TRAILS OF THE SMOKIES - Elizabeth Davis

      Hi Elizabeth, thanks for your Owner Review. My Edit, as you've
      recently seen and in line with our Bylaws, takes the usual
      format: "EDIT" - something requiring a change due to a typo or BGT
      policy, "Edit" - something I suggest you think about changing though
      the call remains up to you, "Comment" - whatever else I felt like

      Please see below.

      --- In BackpackGearTest@yahoogroups.com, "Elizabeth Davis"
      <elizrd@...> wrote:
      > Alright, here is another one. I actually wrote it a while ago, but I
      > was waiting until I finished the pack one before I submitted it.

      #### Comment: Well, good call, as uploading this one will garner you
      a shiny new brownie point. Are brownie points shiny? Maybe let's not
      go there ...

      > Publisher: Great Smoky Mountains Association

      ### Edit: Whether a clickable hyperlink to a publisher is necessary
      is still under discussion. But as "http://www.smokiesstore.org/" is
      easy enough to provide, I suggest you include it. Saves possibly
      having to go back and redo it.

      > Copyright: 2003, 3rd edition
      > ISBN: 0-937207-15-2
      > Measured Weight: 12 oz (340 g)
      > Measured Dimensions: 4.5 in by 6 in by 1 in (11.4 cm by 15.2 cm by
      2.5 cm)
      > MSRP: US$19.99

      ### EDIT: Please put a space between "US$" and "19.99"


      > I have used this guide for all of the hikes and backpacking trips
      > of I have done in the Smokies for the last year and a half,

      ### EDIT: "that" I have done in the Smokies

      > which totals approximately 400 miles of use.

      ### Comment: Impressive.
      ### EDIT: metric conversion, please.

      > Bob Lochbaum, one of the contributors for the book, wheeled
      > each trail in the park at least twice prior to the books

      ### EDIT: book's
      ### Edit: Hm. This isn't really your own experience, is it? How
      about "The book states that Bob Lochbaum, ..."

      > publication.
      > While trail signs at either end of a trail will sometimes disagree
      > with the book (or each other!), the book is correct. The map also
      > has the correct mileage, but is not a topographic map.

      ### Edit: That part might also be rephrased. Maybe stating that when
      you've seen disagreements by signs, based on your topo maps you have
      found the book's mileage to be correct, or something similar which
      lets the reader understand the basis for your judgement call (and
      brings your affirmative statement more in line with reporting your
      own experience).

      > It has wiggly lines
      > to indicate trails, and show the mileage between intersections. Do
      > buy this book for the map. However, if, for some reason you lose the
      > map and want another one, it is available for $1.00 at most park
      > ranger stations.

      ### EDIT: US$ 1.00
      ### Edit: I assume these are "Smoky Mountain park ranger stations".
      ### Comment: Yes, I can be that nitpicky. I have a reputation to

      > Each trail description has seven sections: Length, Highlights,
      > Cautions, Map Key, Use, and Trailhead, and Narrative.

      ### Edit: I believe enumerations are supposed to use the word "and"
      only once, before the last item enumerated.

      > It is a great size and weight to throw in a backpack

      ### Comment: It weighs about as much as my cook kit. What exactly do
      you mean when you state that your pack is generally lightweight?

      Elizabeth, I hope you take the slightly teasing comments above in the
      friendly spirit I assure you they are offered. Please repost with the
      word "REPOST" substituted for my "EDIT" in the subject line above.
      Please consider taking a picture of the book, or possibly a
      representative page - this would go some way to further improve the
      accessibility of your report. Which I've found quite accessible as
      written and you see that I haven't had much to edit, let alone EDIT.

      Kind regards,

      OR Editor
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