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EDIT: Owner Review - Lightweight Tilley Hat - Joshua Esteves

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  • Andrew Buskov
    Here are your edits for the Tilley Hat. As usual; EDIT: Change me Edit: Think about changing me Comment: Everything else Nice report. Please correct the edits
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 22, 2008
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      Here are your edits for the Tilley Hat.

      As usual;
      EDIT: Change me
      Edit: Think about changing me
      Comment: Everything else

      Nice report. Please correct the edits and upload the HTML version to the
      Owner Review TEST folder, then resubmit for more edits.


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      Blogging about BackpackGearTest.org, Firefighting, Linux, Hiking and more!

      EDIT: The website refers to this as the Lighterweight LT3. Please edit the
      title to reflect this. In addition, because Tilley makes so many styles of
      hats, please refer to your hat as the LT3 throughout your report as opposed
      to "the Tilley". You wouldn't refer to the MSR instead of the Whisperlite
      International if doing a stove report.

      > OR
      EDIT: Please either remove the OR, or spell out Owner Review so readers can
      understand what you're talking about.

      > I carried my first pack when I was two but didn't get serious with
      > backpacking until 2002. My wife and I went on an overnight trip in
      > Arkansas with extremely heavy packs. After that trip we decided to go
      > light weight. Since then we have had two boys and gone on dozens of
      > backpacking trips. We reduced pack weight to near ultralight status
      > with the addition of some homemade gear. We hike primarily in the
      > Sierra's and the Santa Cruz Mountains. Most of our hikes are only one
      > night with the children but I have gone on a few solo two night trips.
      EDIT: This backpacking background is good, but it's a bit long. Even though
      it's 103 words, that's still 3 words over the limit. Please trim it down a
      bit. In addition, we really need information on whether you tent, tarp,
      bivy, or hammock; and can you elaborate a bit on lightweight vs. ultralight
      vs. heavy packs. I'm sure gram weenie's would like to know an average amount
      of weight you carry in a pack.

      > owners manual and is guaranteed for life and insured against loss.
      EDIT: Please change owners to owner's.

      > up Hetch Hetchy. The hike started as a warm several miles up hill
      Edit: Might be nice if you elaborated to the reader what Hetch Hetchy is,
      how steep, where geographically, etc.

      > you ever lost it in the water it's nice to know that it would float.
      EDIT: Please change "you" to something else. "You" is not allowed in reports
      for various reasons. Try "the user" instead of "you"

      > The hat comes with a lifetime guarantee so I often find myself wearing
      > the hat around town to try and put some more use on it. The owners
      Edit: Do you only wear it around town simply cause it has a lifetime
      guarantee? In addition, is this hat overkill for wearing around town?

      > manual states that the hat can be easily stained by sweat and needs to
      > be frequently washed. It doesn't require any special washing but I
      > typically wash it after every long trip.
      Edit: Did you find that it's easily stained by sweat? What about stains from
      dirt or food?

      > same time it is very absorbant and does a good job wicking sweat and
      EDIT: change absorbant to absorbent.

      > Joshua L. Esteves
      EDIT: you can remove this signature section as it's really not needed in the
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