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Owner Review - Lightweight Tilley Hat - Joshua Esteves

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  • Josh E.
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 14 6:47 PM
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      July 15, 2008


      NAME: Joshua L. Esteves
      EMAIL: jandk1800@...
      AGE: 27
      LOCATION: Modesto, CA
      GENDER: m
      HEIGHT: 6' 3" (1.91 m)
      WEIGHT: 270 lb (123.00 kg)

      I carried my first pack when I was two but didn't get serious with
      backpacking until 2002. My wife and I went on an overnight trip in
      Arkansas with extremely heavy packs. After that trip we decided to go
      light weight. Since then we have had two boys and gone on dozens of
      backpacking trips. We reduced pack weight to near ultralight status
      with the addition of some homemade gear. We hike primarily in the
      Sierra's and the Santa Cruz Mountains. Most of our hikes are only one
      night with the children but I have gone on a few solo two night trips.


      Manufacturer: Tilley
      Year of Manufacture: 2007
      Manufacturer's Website: <<http://www.tilley.com/>>
      MSRP: US$69.00
      Listed Weight: 4 oz (113 g)
      Measured Weight: 3.7 oz (105 g)
      Other details: The Tilley LT3 hat is a medium brimmed water resistant
      hat. It comes in a khaki color with an olive underbrim. The hat has
      two straps to keep the hat on in windy weather and offers a UPF 50+
      sun protection. It also floats and has a pocket to store some cash or
      an ID. It also has a strap to hold glasses and snaps to fold either
      or both sides of the brim up. The Tilley hat also comes with a 4 page
      owners manual and is guaranteed for life and insured against loss.


      I have worn the Tilley on multiple trips with various uses and
      conditions. Primarily I have used the Tilley in warm weather to block
      the sun. On my most recent trip with the hat I did a 15 mile day hike
      up Hetch Hetchy. The hike started as a warm several miles up hill
      where I dipped the hat in snow melt to keep myself cool. At higher
      altitude hiking above snowline I felt the hat kept my head warm.
      However, I find that whatever keeps the head warm in cool weather also
      keeps it hot in warm weather. I found myself taking the hat off in
      the shade to let my head cool off. The hat does a good job of
      repelling rain and yet allows the head to breathe in humid conditions.
      I use the rear hat strap almost all the time I wear the hat. I find
      it keeps the hat on in almost all conditions. On the few conditions
      I've needed the two straps I felt confident not even a gale could take
      the hat off. The straps adjust easily to get a comfortable fit.
      There is also a strap on the inside of the hat that holds sunglasses.
      I have only used this feature a few times but find it great in
      situations hiking on terrain that changes from dense woods to no
      coverage. It has allowed me to take glasses where I normally wouldn't
      due to fear of breaking them. I have also worn the hat on several
      kayaking trips and verified that the hat does float but never needed
      to rely on it floating. The straps have always kept the hat on but if
      you ever lost it in the water it's nice to know that it would float.
      The hat comes with a lifetime guarantee so I often find myself wearing
      the hat around town to try and put some more use on it. The owners
      manual states that the hat can be easily stained by sweat and needs to
      be frequently washed. It doesn't require any special washing but I
      typically wash it after every long trip.


      After over a year of wear the hat still looks and performs like new.
      The hat has performed well in every application. The only negative is
      that the hat band is warm and can cause more sweating, yet, at the
      same time it is very absorbant and does a good job wicking sweat and
      keeping it from getting in the eyes. The hat is easy to pack, wash,
      and reshape. I plan on wearing the hat well into the future and I
      plan on seeing if it can truly last as long as its guaranteed.


      Great sun protection
      Water resistant
      Straps on tight for windy conditions
      Packs easily
      Easy to care for
      Holds money or ID
      Holds sunglasses
      Lifetime guarantee
      Insured for loss
      Warm in cool weather
      Looks good


      Hot in warm weather
      Needs to be washed regularly


      Joshua L. Esteves

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      Copyright 2008. All rights reserved.
    • Jamie D.
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