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OR: Smith Threshold Slider Sunglasses - David Tagnani

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  • tagnanidavid
    Here ya go, just in time for the June OR call to end. The HTML version can be found
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 30, 2008
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      Here ya go, just in time for the June OR call to end.

      The HTML version can be found

      Sorry, I don't know how to do the "tinyurl" thing.

      Dave Tagnani

      June 30, 2008


      NAME: David Tagnani
      EMAIL: dtagnani@...
      AGE: 32
      LOCATION: Spokane, Washington
      GENDER: m
      HEIGHT: 5' 10" (1.78 m)
      WEIGHT: 160 lb (72.60 kg)

      Backpacking Background: I have been camping and hiking for as long as
      I can remember, but I've really only been backpacking for eight years
      or so. I started off in the hills of northeastern and central
      Pennsylvania, have hiked trails from Maine to Georgia, and now I am
      exploring the incredible terrain of the inland northwest. I seldom do
      trips longer than three days, with most trips being overnighters. I do
      not own crampons, an ice axe, or a climbing harness, so if the route
      is technical enough to require them, you won't find me there. I simply
      like to walk in the woods.


      Manufacturer: Smith Optics<<IMAGE GOES HERE. ALT TEXT = "IMAGE 4"
      IMAGE CAPTION = "Case and lens insert">>
      Year of Manufacture: 2007
      Manufacturer's Website: <<HYPERLINK GOES HERE -
      "http://www.smithoptics.com/index.html" LINK TEXT = "Smith Optics">>
      MSRP: $119
      Listed Weight: Unavailable
      Measured Weight: 1.0 oz (28.4 g)
      Hinges: Metal
      Frame Material: Grilamid nylon
      Lens Material: Carbonic
      Frame / lens color: Graphite / Brown

      The Smith Threshold Slider sunglasses came with a semi-rigid case and
      three pairs of lenses: Brown, Rose Copper, and Clear. The case
      includes an insert that holds three pairs of lenses. I purchased the
      Polarized Platinum Mirror lenses for an additional $50.


      Since I purchased them in April of 2007, these have been the only
      sunglasses I've worn. So I have worn them in every season during a
      variety of activities.

      During the spring, summer, and fall, I hike, backpack, and fish
      frequently in the dry, hot, sunny climate of the Inland Northwest. Sun
      protection is a important consideration when recreating in the
      outdoors around here. I've worn these sunglasses on several
      backpacking trips, including such diverse terrain as the rainforests
      of Olympic National Part to the hot and dry alpine lakes of Idaho's
      Selkirk Mountains. The Threshold have been on my face during long
      dayhikes in Montana's Glacier National Park, the Alpine Lakes region
      of the Cascade Mountains, and the Columbia Highlands of northeastern

      These are also the glasses I use for my fairly frequent fishing
      excursions along the Spokane River and on the many alpine lakes I hike
      to in the surrounding mountains. This is the main reason why I decided
      to shell out the additional $50 for polarized lenses to go with the
      three pairs of non-polarized lenses that were included.

      Though I hike in winter less frequently than I would like, these have
      been my glasses in those few winter trips that I have been on, both
      with and without snowshoes. Additionally, in the high mountains of
      Washington and Idaho, spring and early summer hiking often means
      hiking on snow.


      Smith's website designates the Thresholds as a medium / large fit, and
      I find that to be accurate. I have a large head, and these sunglasses
      work for me. The megol rubber at the nose and temples offer a
      comfortable, secure fit. They do not pinch or squeeze, yet they
      maintain a solid and secure grip, so much so that I do not feel the
      need to use a strap in case they slip off. It has not happened yet,
      and I cannot imagine that it will. They really feel that secure on my

      They also work as far as appearance goes. They are not too large for
      my face, yet they offer complete coverage, only allowing a bit of
      light to sneak in the tops if the sun is at a certain angle. Any hat
      will solve this problem. But I think the problem exists in the first
      place because the Threshold are a roomy pair of sunglasses. By "roomy"
      I mean that I don't find my eyelashes scraping the insides of the
      lenses, and the frames allow enough air circulation that condensation
      is almost never a problem. A few extreme circumstances have produced
      some fog on the lens, but it quickly disperses and is never a major issue.

      The Threshold was my first foray into high-end, specialty sunglasses.
      Before purchasing the Smiths, I would buy cheap sunglasses every few
      weeks. I had major reservations about spending good money on a product
      that I essentially viewed as disposable, but after tiring of the
      endless search for cheap sunglasses that were durable, I relented and
      bought the Smith Thresholds. They seemed to me to be more reasonably
      priced than other comparable brands and models.

      I have not been disappointed by that decision at all. The nylon frames
      flexible and comfortable, but at the same time they feel sturdy and
      durable. The metal hinges operate smoothly. The lenses have proved to
      be quite durable, surviving bugs, branches, thorns, snow, and rain
      without a scratch. I am, however, awfully careful about cleaning and
      storing them, which has likely contributed to their longevity.
      clear, brown, platinum, rose copper">>
      Changing the lenses was easy for me to get the hang of. I primarily
      use only two sets of lenses: the brown and the polarized platinum. I
      use the polarized platinum lenses all summer long, whether near water
      or deep in the forest. They are dark lenses, transmitting only 12% of
      visible light. But for me, they work in all but the darkest
      situations. The elimination of glare is invaluable when scanning the
      water for fish and suitable cover, not to mention looking out for
      obstructions when on a boat.

      The brown lenses I use in winter and the shoulder seasons when it is
      cloudy. But even in winter when it is sunny, the polarized lenses come
      in handy.

      The rose copper lenses are designed to increase depth perception,
      something that is rarely an issue for me. Theses lenses distort color
      too much for my tastes, so I never use them.

      The clear lenses are listed on Smith's website as designed for
      nighttime use. Huh? I don't get why you would want to wear clear
      glasses at night, unless flying debris was an issue for some reason.
      Perhaps these lenses could be of use for turning the Thresholds into
      safety glasses, but though they are shatter-resistant, the
      informational materials that come with the glasses specifically state
      that Smith sunglasses are NOT safety glasses. Anyway, I can't find any
      conceivable use for the clear lenses.


      Reasonable price


      Includes lenses I don't want or use


      Dave Tagnani

      This report was created with the BGT Report Generator.
      Copyright 2008. All rights reserved.
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        Hi Dave, Your edits are below. When you re ready, please upload your OR here: http://www.backpackgeartest.org/reviews/Eye%20Protection/Sun%20Glasses/Smith%20Th
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          Hi Dave,

          Your edits are below. When you're ready, please upload your OR here:




          BGT OR Editor

          > Sorry, I don't know how to do the "tinyurl" thing.

          Copy the web address you want to make tiny, go to tinyurl.com, plug it in to the box for it
          there, and they'll give you a little tiny address.

          > MSRP: $119
          EDIT: US
          Comment: I was confused for a second looking this up. After your MSRP, you might want
          to put "($109 to $149, depending on lens type)" or something like that.

          > Frame / lens color: Graphite / Brown
          Comment: It's not required, but it would be nice to have the list of other colors available.

          > The Smith Threshold Slider sunglasses came with a semi-rigid case and
          > three pairs of lenses: Brown, Rose Copper, and Clear.
          Comment/Edit: Do they all come with these lenses? Or do other color frames come with
          different lenses?

          EDIT: Where's your product description?
          Does the manufacturer make any claims about the Grilamid frames (I don't know what that
          is, by the way) or the carbonic lenses? Who are these glasses intended to fit? Can you
          describe the frames? It looks like they don't go all the way around the top. Is these any
          ventilation? What are the megol nose pads? Oh, I see now you put a lot of this information
          in the summary. You didn't mention it before, so it should really be moved out of the
          summary and up into a description section.

          > By "roomy"
          > I mean that I don't find my eyelashes scraping the insides of the
          > lenses,
          Comment: Ooh, good description. That happens to me with most sunglasses and I hate it!

          > Anyway, I can't find any
          > conceivable use for the clear lenses.
          Comment: Keeping bugs out during evening bike rides or maybe keeping the ash away
          when walking around California at night during fire season.

          > THINGS I LIKE
          Edit: The pros you listed are pretty generic, while you really had a number of good things
          to say about the glasses in your review. Can you add some more of your pros/cons here
          from your report? Maybe the looks of the glasses, that they fit snugly and don't fall off,
          they're roomy enough for eyelashes, etc.
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