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EDIT: REPOST Owner Review - Benchmade Mini Griptilian 556

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    Hi Sam, This OR looks good. I have more edits following the same EDIT (must do), Edit (should do) and Comment (just that) convention you ve already seen. Once
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 27, 2008
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      Hi Sam,

      This OR looks good. I have more edits following the same EDIT (must do), Edit (should do)
      and Comment (just that) convention you've already seen. Once you have made these edits,
      please upload your OR to the test folder again and REPOST here to the list.

      I noticed that you already uploaded your review to the BGT website. I deleted the file. In
      the future, please do not upload to the website (except the test folder) until the review has
      been given approval.

      BGT OR Editor

      > 6000-12,000 ft (1800 m -3658 m) and on the Northern California Coast.
      Edit: make the dash spacing consistent

      > pack weighs between 40-50 pounds (18-22kg).
      Edit: use lb for pounds
      EDIT: put a space before kg

      > Manufacturer's Website: <<www.benchmade.com>>
      EDIT: This needs to be a clickable link in your HTML. Please make sure this is working
      when you upload your report. It isn't now.

      > in many different colors and two blade configurations; plain edge and partially serrated
      EDIT: colon not semi-colon

      > of blade is a modified drop point,  a blade with convex curve in the tip of the knife,
      EDIT: cut the extra space before "a blade with convex"

      > providing enough belly for slicing and spreading of mustard, jelly, etc.
      Edit: cut the extra "of" (or say "the slicing and spreading of")

      > These are small metal "buttons" ,
      EDIT: cut the extra space before the comma

      > attached to the blade where a thumb naturally rest,
      EDIT: where my thumb naturally rests

      > which create a positive pushing location for a thumb
      EDIT: creates
      EDIT: I don't know what you mean by "positive pushing location". Ideal?
      EDIT: for my thumb

      > A person can easily open the knife with one hand
      EDIT: Instead say, "I can easily...".

      > AXIS mechanism which  locks
      EDIT: cut the extra space before locks

      > handle near where a thumb and forefinger
      EDIT: where my thumb...

      > Close the blade by using either a thumb,
      EDIT: I close the blade...

      >The clip is made out of metal and very strong.
      EDIT: ...and is very strong.

      > Benchmade has made it clear with thier packaging
      EDIT: their

      > Inside the sturdy box  I found the knife
      EDIT: cut the extra space after box

      > I carried  this knife daily  for about the last six months
      EDIT: cut the extra space after daily -- please do a search and replace for these double
      spaces, they're showing up all over the place

      > preparing tender for the fire
      EDIT: tinder not tender

      > around a campsite. the bright yellow handle has saved
      EDIT: The bright...

      > the AXIS lock shows not sign of wear
      EDIT: no sign

      > The finish on the blade is a satin finish from the factory,. Very shiny and smooth.
      EDIT: There's an extra comma before the period
      EDIT: Make this one sentence, perhaps something like, "The satin finish on the blade is
      very shiny and smooth."

      > Weather it is fish, paper, cotton or food,
      EDIT: Whether

      > more effort  and as a result I spend more time
      EDIT: cut the extra space after effort
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